Fatal Accident

Mr. Wright, son of Judge F. P. Wright, brought news from Clinton, on Sunday morning of the death of Mr. J. W. Shilling, a carpenter of this place, on Saturday night. The particulars, as near we could learn, are as follows:

Mr. Shilling left here on the 10th, for Clinton, to dispose of some property he had in that city. He was there all day trying to dispose of his property. About 10 o'clock at night, he went to a boarding house kept by a man named Heekler, on the public square, and went to bed on the second story. A little after midnight, it is presumed, he got up in his sleep, walked out the door on to the porch, and fell over the railing to the ground, a distance of nearly twenty feet. He lived about half an hour afterwards, but was unconscious till his death. He leaves a wife and three children, who live in this city. His funeral took place yesterday.

Source: Sedalia Daily Democrat, 13 Jul 1875
Submitter: Cathy Warbritton