Pleasant Grove, Pettis Co, Mo., Feb. 9, 1875

Dr. Hull:

I send you the following obit for publication.

Died on the 6th day of February 1875, my dear cousin, America Pemberton, wife of Mason G. Pemberton.

She was born in Callwell County, on the 25th of May 1808, was married July 26th, 1826, moved to Pettis Co. in October 1832, where she lived until her death.

She united with regular Baptist Church, called Walnut Branch in Oct. 184?, and was baptised by Elder William Embree.

She was in many respects a remarkable woman, having naturally a strong mind and energenic disposition. She was highly esteemed as an orderly, upright and exemplary Christian, and was firm and unshaken to the Gospel. She was always firm in her views of the truth and in the many years during which she has been a member of the church, she has not swerved from the belief of the doctrine of salvation by grace.

She has been in failing health form some months past, and for some time had been confined mostly to her room. Her house was always a welcome home for the Baptist. She was a kind mother and an affectionate companion. She leaves a husband, two daughters and two sons, several grandchildren, many relatives and friends, together with the church to mourn her loss. We believe she is forever at rest.

There is not one moment of absolute safety from the cradle to the grave, and man to be immortal here must have a different body from in which her spirit forever rests now. Innumerable forms of disease are ready to fasten upon us; and wear out life with days and weaks of anguish and from these there is no escape.

"For we must needs die and are as water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again." 2nd Samuel 14 ch, 14 v.

Very respectfully yours,

George M. Pemberton

Source: Sedalia Daily Democrat, 10 Feb 1875
Submitter: Cathy Warbritton