At his residence in this city, at fifteen minutes to twelve o'clock last night, of acute dysentery, Patrick Lynch, in the 40th year of his age.

It is with unfeigned regret we chronicle the death of one so well known and so universally beliked. For the past ten days he has been lying quite ill, but hopes of his recovery were sustained up to five o'clock last evening, when he was taken with a collapse, and despite the efforts of skilled physicians, and affectionate friends he passed peacefully from this vale of tears.

The deceased was born in Lowinduff, County Carin, Ireland. He had been a citizen of Sedalia a half score or more years. During this term his conduct has been such as to win the warm esteem, and friendship of many. Identifying himself freely with public interests, he became quite a leading man.

He leaves a family and a large number of friends to mourn his death, and Sedalia has lost one of her most devoted citizens. Peace to his ashes.

Source: Sedalia Daily Democrat, 13 Jul 1875
Submitter: Cathy Warbritton