Gone to Her Reward

Death has again intruded our social circle, and has thrust his icy hands into the sacred family precincts and removed a wife, mother, and friend from the endearments of life and the companionship of loved ones; a family is in tears, a city is in mourning because of the death of Mrs. C. A. Meyer, who began to live a deathless life at 4:30 o'clock on the morning of the 7th inst.

Mrs. Meyer was nearly thirty-three years old, and it is not saying too much to say that the death of no lady in our city would create a greater vacuum in the social and business circles than her's has occasioned, while the loss to her family is of such a nature that our pen is too feeble to outline it.

Her christian character, her lady-like demeanor, her unostentatious kindness, and her sterling domestic virtues, will live in the memory of all who were so fortunate as to know her, for many, weary years of the coming time.

She leaves a devoted husband, and two children, old enough to feel their loss, and a large circle of admiring friends, to cherish her in memory and deplore the early death. In peace may she repose.

Source: Sedalia Daily Democrat, 8 Sep 1875
Submitter: Cathy Warbritton