The following is from Sue Marlow, please contact her for more information:

I have recently come into possession of several hundred photographs dating from the late 1800s to approximately 1945, including three tintypes. The photographs were collected by Mary Anna Wells over her lifetime and most do not have an indication as to who the individual in the photograph might be. I believe that most of the individuals will have a connection to either Sedalia, St. Louis or Kansas City, Missouri. I have compiled the following list of the few photographs that did have names written on them or under them in her photograph album:

Norman Boggs Wells

Jalia Pope-Lebegue-Williams

Jesse Dickson and Esther Jackson

Juanita Jackson

Anne Belle Shipler-Wells

Frank Palmissano

Mary Anna Wells-Cohen-Gardner-Wendt-Palmissano

Patsy Boston

George Williams (believed to be the husband of Jalia Pope-Lebegue-Williams)

Peggy Marie Wells

Anna Marie Johnson-Wilson

William Woodrow Wilson

Mary Lucy Phillips-Shipler

James Deering (father and son)

Iradella Opal Wells-Deering

Anna Margaret Deering

The Boyd Family

Standard Derice Wells

Beulah Mae Wells-McBride

Edwin Sweeney (as a child, taken with Norman, William and Robert Wells)


Esther Latimer (1928)

Anna Thomas with Anna Belle Shipler-Wells

Carrie Beffer

Darius H. Shipler and Mary ____ Shipler (1928) probably taken in California

Leroy Sipes with three friends (all in uniform) (1943)

Billie Morrie (male) (1918)

Essex twins (Oct. 1919) (females)

Willa Lee Luther (July 18, 1918)

Nelson Lebegue (child)

Cornelia Wells (sister of Henry John Wells; married a Whitlow)

Alexander Parker Shipler

Sylvester Batcheler with other soldiers (taken in Paris, October 29, 1918)

Charles Hefner

Dallas L. Hiatt (March 26, 1918)

Dick Phillips (1917) (Sgt. Medical Corps, Post Hospital, Ft. Leavenworth)

Lorraine Berry (1916)

Sam Haycox (female)

Marye Francis Shores (age 1 year, August, 1920)

Eva Miller (1916)

James Hefner

Group photograph: Zee Warrick, McKinley Lane, Annie Lane, Letha Lane, Mandy Land, Dee Lane and Ray Cooper

James Parker Shipler (7 weeks old) (December 19, 1937)

Mary E. Cooper

Arnold Kingery (June 22, 1917)

Troy Teeters and Clause McKelory

Lulu Meek and friend (Parsons, Texas, 1917)

Pearl C___, formerly Pearl Adkins

Alexander Emmett Williams (6 months old, February 19, 1916)

Mrs. A. Spillers (Jefferson City)

James Dickerson and Dick Wood

Steve McFarland (4 years old, October 1953)

Lorraine Marie Shipler (3 years old)

Nellie Haynes, Marye Wells and Tom Delph

Mrs. Herman Mi__t and Edwina Gardner (taken at 31st and Brooklyn, Kansas City, April 1925)

Mrs. Boggs Bell and Mary Wells

Carl Carlson and Boggs Bell

Boggs Bell and Smitty

Virgil Teague

Fred Edwards and Boggs Bell (1916)

Willie Sullivan and Ellsworth Jolly

Red Hampton and Tom Delph (August 1917)

Sophia Whitehead-Wells

J. C. Edwards (child)

Nellie Haynes, Marye Wells and Red Hampton (August 1917)

Should anyone know any of the above names and might possibly help in the identification of the other photographs, please contact:

Sue Marlow
P. O. Box 281
Bristow, OK 74010
(918) 367-2184