Will of George Gade

Pettis County, Missouri
Will Book, __?
drawn Apr 8, 1855

Know all men by these presents that I, George Gade, am very low in body and health but of most sound mind and as I have great reason to fear that I may be called by the great Allmighty God unto another life, I believe it my duty of making my last will and Testament and will therefore make hereby my last will and Testament as follows:

("Witnesseth") first then I reccomend my soul unto the hand of Allmighty God and further I will to my daughter Anna Christina wife of Carl Lemmler the sum of forty dollars lawful money which sum has to be paid by my son John Henry Gade as soon as he arrives to the age of Twenty one years then I will to my son John Henry Gade all my land or not as well as personal property, but as he the son John Henry Gade is present yet under under age, I will that my wife Anna Elizabeth Gade shall be the lawful trustee, guardian and Curator of him my son until he arrives at the age of maturity, and he my said son shall support his mother after my death if I should decease before her during her Anna Elizabeth natural life but if my son should treat his mother after my death not in a gentle manner so that she might be rather compelled to seek another supportation here she shall be entitled to the sum of forty dollars besides her lawful dower, but my son shall then nevertheless have and keep all my real and personal property after he has completed with the duties, I will and enjoin to him, papers or duplicates of my land will be found under my papers. Then I will and enjoin to my son John Henry Gade all my just full debts to be paid by him under the curatorship by his trustee which is my wife as already above said, and the same I will and enjoin in the way and manner for my doctors bill and funeral expenses and so after I have caused that the above be penned down. I reccomend my soul once more to the grace of Almighty God and sign this as my first and last will and testament in presence of witnesses under my hand and seal this day and year written above.

George Gade (seal)

We the undersigned certify that hereby that George Gade has declared the above his last Will and testament and has signed the same in and presences as witnesses.

John G Bruehl (seal), William Lemmler, Carl Duber, John Peter Mainer

State of Missouri, County of Pettis

Be it remembered that on this 1st day of May AD 1855 before the undersigned clerk of the County Court within and for the County of Pettis aforesaid came John G Bruehl and John Peter Mainer two of the subscribing witnesses to the within last Will and testament of Geo Gade who being who being duly sworn on their oaths say that the testator George Gade signed the within as his last will and testament in their presence that he was of sound mind at the time of so doing that the witnesses signed their names thereto in the presence of said testator.

John G Bruehl, John Peter Mainer

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of May 1855.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at office in Georgetown the day and year (transcription ends)

Submitter: Transcribed by Cathy Warbritton as is and as a service. She is not researching these families and does not have further genealogical information on them.