Will of Thomas Fergusson

Pettis County, Missouri
Will Book __

I Thomas Fergusson Senior of the County of Pettis and state of Missouri being old and infirm of body but blessed with the full possession of my mental intellect do make this my last will and testament, revoking all other wills and codicils by me heretofore made, in [inararies] and form following to wit.

Item 1st: I will my soul to God who gave it me and my body to its mother dust to be decently interred.

Item 2nd: I will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.

Item 3rd: I will to my beloved wife Hannah Fergusson, during her life so much of my land lying between muddy creek and the present road leading from Georgetown to Boonville. Including ___(?) may think fit to take. I also give and bequeath to her during her life the following Negroes to wit: Simple, Patsy, Ann and Gorden. Also the whole of my household furniture or so much thereof as she may see fit to take. Also one riding horse, her choice of my stock and as many cattle out of my stock as she wants to take during her life. Likewise such sheep and hogs as she may choose out of my stock during her life.

4th: I will and bequeath to my son Larkin Fergusson the whole of my real estate lying between Muddy Creek and the Georgetown and Boonville road to take possession of so much thereof as my wife Hannah may not wish to keep immediately after my death and the balance at the death of my wife with the distinct understanding that my said son Larkin is to pay my store debts. I also give to my son Larkin at my death our Negro boy George to him his heirs and assigns forever.

Item 5th: having heretofore given to my sons John, James, William and Thomas land worth in my estimation [also horses and other property of value], four hundred dollars in order to make my daughters equal with them I will to my daughter Mary a Negro girl named Jane(?). Also our good riding horse worth seventy dollars also two hundred dollars out of any money or interest in my estate to make her portion equal to that given to my sons.

Item 6th: I will and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Fergusson our Negro girl named Minny(?). I also give her two hundred dollars out of any money or interest in my estate (she having received a horse) to make her equal with my sons who have received portions.

Item 7th: I will and bequeath that at my death my executors hereinafter named execute to my son William a deed for the south forty (lying south of the Boonville road) of my most westerly eighty acre tract of prairie land and if ___(?) and my son William cannot agree as to the price that price to be fixed by distinguished men chosen by them.

Item 8th: I wish my executor upon my death to deed to my son Thomas the forty acres of land on which he now lives lying south of the Bonnville road. The price to be fixed as above named in relation to my son William but as though this said land was wild prairie and unimproved.

Item 9: I will that at my death that my executors hereinafter named will sell all the land I own on the north of Muddy Creek also all my stock of horses, sheep and cattle, hogs, household and kitchen furniture not otherwise disposed of and that the money arising from the sale to be equally divided to all my children except the children of my son James and their portion I wish my son Larkin to retain in his hands and pay the same over to them as they arrive at age, marry or may stand in actual need. I also will that my Negroes not otherwise disposed of except those given to my wife be equally divided among all my children immediately after my death and those items to my wife during her life together with all the personal property of every description given to her I wish equally divided among all my children except the part of my son James (?) children which I wish disposed of as to theirs as above.

I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Hannah Fergusson and my son Larkin Fergusson executors and (?) this my last will. Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of J G Sewbill [signed] & A Friston [signed]

Thomas Fergusson his mark and seal

State of Missouri
County of Pettis

Be it rememberd that on this 17th day of June in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty two here in open court before the Justices of the County Court for the County aforesaid came John G Sewbill and Amos Friston the subscribing witnesses to the within last will and testament of Thomas Fergusson deceased and made oath that the said testator signed and published the same as his last will and testament, that he was of sound and disposing mind at the time of so doing that they subscribed their names thereunto in the presence of each other.

Last will of Thomas Fergusson filed in this office July the sixth 1842.

Subscribed and sworn to in open court the 17th day of June 1842. [signed]

Submitter: Sandy Sellers.