Will of Benjamin Prigmore

Pettis County, Missouri
Will Book 1, p 17
July 4, 1841

Know all men by these presents that I, Benjamin Prigmore, the County of Pettis and State of Missouri and in the 1841 year of our Lord and sixty six year of our Government, me the said Benjamin Prigmore intents for his last Will and testament to wit as follows.

First. I wish Mary Prigmore to remain in possession the land and all other property belonging to the estate during her widdowhood or till Duke Young Prigmore becomes of age, except Marie, and as much property as will satisfy the debts. I leave the said Slave Marie to my oldest daughter Sarah but it is to be understood that if this girl Marie should have children they are to belong to the estate in ____ with the other property. I design to give my children all a horse and saddle and fifty dollars. William, Joseph, Isaiah and Benjamin my sons have got their horse and saddles and fifty dollars, Nancy Hall my daughter has got a horse and saddle and fifty dollars. Also Polly Baty my daughter has got a horse and saddle and fifty dollars. My daughter Sarah has got a saddle and fifty dollars and no horse. My two youngest daughters Sophia and Elizabeth has got their saddle but no horse nor fifty dollars. My youngest son Duke Young Prigmore has got neither horse, saddle or fifty dollars. These that have not received or made equal is to be made equal hereafter.

I wish my four Sons, William, Isaiah, Joseph and Benjamin will jointly look out and locate a pice of land one hundred and sixty acres, for my youngest son Duke Young Prigmore to be paid out of his part of the estate hereafter by selling property to raise two hundred dollars to pay for the said land. I desire that my two sons William and Isaiah have the charge of said land till Duke comes to age. My wife Mary Prigmore is to keep all the black people till my youngest son comes to age or as long as she can manage them but if she cannot govern them they much be hired out to some of the heirs and the proceads to be equaly divided amongst all the heirs.

Accept one third is to my wife Mary Prigmore and when Duke my youngest son comes to age then and not till then shall my black people be divided amongst my heirs. It is my wish that they shall choose two disinterested persons to value said black people draw for them by ballot and at my wife's death the land to be sold to the best advantage for the benefit of my heirs.

This my last Will and testament this 4th day of July 1841.

I leave William and Isaiah Executors.

/signature/ Benjamin Prigmore

Signed in the presence of Witnesses:
Isaac Parsons
Melton D. Berry
James Ferguson

Submitter: Transcribed by Rhoda Fone