Will of Moffat McGill

Pettis County, Missouri
Will Book, Vol 2, pp. 12-14
drawn Aug 25, 1862

In the name of God Amen. I Moffat McGill being of sound mind do make this my last will & testament.

Item 1st. I desire my Executor hereinafter named to sell so much of my Cattle or horses as will pay my debts.

Item 2nd. I desire that one third of my land shall be immediately set apart to my wife by my Executor & that her third be set apart from that part of the farm where my house is not situated because I desire my children to remain and live in the house, the third hereby selected to be set apart she is to hold for life & not longer.

Item 3rd. I desire my adult children to live on the house & on the balance of the farm & support themselves & the younger children & give Martha, James & Charles Williams a good common English education from the proceeds of the farm, until the youngest living child is twenty one years old, when I want the farm equally divided among my children & if any should die leaving child or children said child or children to have his parents share.

Item 4. I desire Robert, Thomas, Elizabeth & Easter if they wish to stay in the present support & educate the infant children named in the 3rd item after a sale of enough of personal property to pay my debts I desire my executor to leave all the other personal property on the farm with my children to help educate & support the infant children before named together & with my wife's support if she will be content to live at home & will not abuse the children, if she becomes ungovernable & the children cannot live with her in peace then I desire my executor to sell enough personally to one third and place the property at interest and pay it over to her annually. The reason why I make this provision I regard my wife as insane at times & fear that my children cannot live with her.

Item 5. If any part of my children will not live at the farm & help support & educate the younger sister & brothers then the land & other property is to be left with any part that will & if all should part I desire my land rented out by my executor & the personal property sold and the proceeds used for their support & education.

Item 6. I have already given Robert a horse worth $40, Elizabeth a horse worth $40, Easter a horse & cow worth $40 and Thomas a mare worth $40 which I want charged to thereon the final division.

Lastly, I appoint Charles O Jones my executor to carry out the provisions of this will. This 25th August 1862.

Moffat Macgill

Attested by us in the presence & at the request of Moffat McGill. R G Crigler, Wm C Harrison, Joseph McDaniel, Henry Y Field, George Whitfield.

State of Missouri, County of Pettis

In Vacation of the County Court. Be it remembered that on the 12th day of October 1862 personally appeared before the undersigned Clerk of the Pettis County Court Henry Y Field & Joseph McDaniel two of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will of Moffat McGill and being by me first duly sworn depose and say that the said Moffat McGill the testator subscribed the same in their presence & published the said will as his last will, that he the said testator was at the time of publishing his said will of sound mind & more than 21 years of age and they the said deponents attested the said will as witness thereto by suscribing their names to the same in the presence of said testator. In witness thereof I have hereto subscribed my name & affixed the Seal of said Court at Office in Georgetown the date aforesaid. Sam A Lowe, Clk

Proved Oct 27, 1862

Submitter: Transcribed by Cathy Warbritton as is and as a service. She is not researching these families and does not have further genealogical information on them.