I have a family Bible that I bought for a quarter at a sale in Moniteau County (as a kid) I'm now 55 yr old. I've put a little effort into finding descendants, but not been successful. It was a Hobbs family Bible with dates from mid to late 1800's. Lizzie Lujin (who is the only name I have pinned down - Smithton - Pettis - MO). I'd love to get it in one of the family member's hands. At the least, is there any use for these Hobbs' family names & birth dates?

Shows the following:

James Thomas Hobbs b. 22 Jun 1849
Bazel Sanders Hobbs b. 26 Jun 1851
Elizabeth Ann Hobbs b. 7 May 1852
William Henry Hobbs b. 17 Sep 1854
Lucy Jane Hobbs b. 30 Jan 1855
John Marrion Hobbs b. 15 Oct 1857
Martha Ellen Hobbs b. 15 Aug 1860
Rebecca Hobbs b. 31 Jan 1862
Nancy Bell Hobbs b. 17 Nov 1863
Stirling Priar Hobbs b. 23 Jun 1865
Joseph (Lee?) Hobbs b. 16 Jun 1861
Mary Etta Hobbs b. 26 Sep 1872
William H. Bohon b. 30 Jun 1855
Lizzie A Lujin b. 9 Aug 1871

John Hobbs b. 26 Sep 1828
Mary Jane Hobbs b. 30 Nov 1834

John Hobbs m. Mary Jane Newman 18 Jun 1848
William Higgins Bohon m Marth Ellen Hobbs 1 Feb 1880
William H. Bohon m. Lizzie A Lujin 28 Sep 1899

Submitter: Mike Simpson