Bluhm Marker
Smithton Township
Pettis County, Missouri

East 3.5 miles on Highway 50 to O, South .5 miles on O to Overstreet Road. On 21 October 2007, I talked to a couple who lives north on Highway O, which is the only direction O goes. (The road changes names south of US 50.) They said that this consists of two graves -- they did not consider it a "cemetery" -- of a husband and wife buried on their farm. Opallee (Wallace) Bluhm was a descendant of the Potter family of Cooper and Pettis counties. She was injured by one of the bulls she was raising on her farm and her injuries led to her death. (Justin Watkins)

Charles W. Bluhm        16 Mar 1920   18 Jul 1991
Opallee Wallace Bluhm   12 Feb 1921   13 Dec 1993    w/o Charles
BLUHM, Charles W. (1920-1991)
WALLACE, Opallee (1922-1993)
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