Haggard Cemetery
Cedar Township, Section 31
Pettis County, Missouri

By process of elimination, this almost has to be a cemetery marked on the Pettis County map due west of the junction of Limit and Elm Hills Blvd...or, said another way, on the west side of south Hwy 65, about a quarter mile north of Sacajawea. It would be west of the commercial properties fronting Hwy 65. I stay at a motel near here and questioning locals hasn't turned up a location for this cemetery as yet. (George Willick 2004)

Entrance is 0.1 miles on Oak Grove Road on property owned by Broderick and Bascom. Must have permission to enter. The walk to the cemetery was muddy ... very muddy. I found the stones here that had been transcribed in the past, plus two stones that were not previously on the list. I found eleven stones. This cemetery "appears to be in decent shape. It is located on a road that goes behind Broderick and Bascom, a company that makes wire rope (I found a website on the history of the company by searching for the company). The road was extremely muddy. I took an overview picture and also took pictures of all the stones there." (Justin Watkins January 2010)

Recorded by Mrs. J. R. Carter. Photographed by Justin Watkins.