Hebrew Union Cemetery
Sedalia Pettis County, Missouri

Founded 1871 and located in Sedalia at 2706 S. Grand Avenue, west side of the street. This small cemetery is well-kept and fenced, about a 60 yard square. Many inscriptions in both Hebrew and English. Minor stone damage given the time frame, mostly from tree/limb falls and freezing/thawing. A large stone was toppled backwards off its base when I made the initial recordings, when I returned in two days to check markers under different light, the stone had been replaced.

Several markers were totally in Hebrew, and some would give the name in Hebrew and the dates in English. And three were unreadable only because I never caught the immediately pre-noon light (the cemetery faces east). So these are missing below. And there was no data available to go with the one mausoleum (locked), and another large marble stone was totally missing from its base and the cemetery. Very few unmarked graves. GCW

Recorded & photographed June 4, 2003, by George C. Willick. All rights reserved. Photos submitted by Justin Watkins.