John Griffin, aged thirty-eight years, a patient at the city hospital, died at 4 o'clock this morning. Griffin was a stranger in the city. He was picked up by Police Officer Dan Shea near the passenger station of the Chicago Great Western Railway, at Third and Antoine streets, Tuesday morning. He was ill then and was sent to the hospital. His death was caused by asthma and a complication of diseases from which he suffered and which were aggravated by the exposure he had undergone. Griffin was one of that large class of unemployed who come under the general category of vagrants. When he was sent to the hospital he told the officers that he had been working on the new line of railroad at Pattonsburg.

The remains were taken charge of by Undertaker Sidenfaden. The deceased said he had a brother living in Hebron, Neb. An effort will be made to reach him. If no response is received the body will be interred here or given to one of the medical colleges.

Source: St. Joseph Daily News, 6 Feb 1897
Submitter: Kelly