Date of Death: 25 October 1887
Subject: Mrs. Margaret Martin
Source: St. Joseph Daily Gazette, 26 October 1887, p. 4

Yesterday morning at seven o'clock Mrs. Margaret Martin passed peacefully away, at her residence, corner of Eleventh and Henry streets, aged 82 years. The deceased was among the oldest and most highly esteemed of the early settlers of St. Joseph, and was especially noted for her charitable actions, she never neglecting an opportunity of ministering to the wants of the sick and afflicted. Although her form was bent with the weight of many years, her hair silvered by the frosts of time, she was apparently in good health and bade fair to live for a number of years yet. Her death was therefore quite a surprise to her friends, who names are legion. Those who knew her will ever cherish her memory in their hearts and many a tear will be dropped as they recall her kindly voice and pleasant old face. The funeral services will be held at the Cathedral at 10 o'clock to-morrow.

Source: St. Joseph Daily Herald, 26 October 1887, p. 4

Yesterday morning at 7 o'clock Mrs. Margaret Martin, one of St. Joseph's oldest citizens, died quite suddenly at her residence, northwest corner of Eleventh and Henry streets. She had been feeling as well as usual the day before, and went to bed on Monday night in what she thought was her ordinary state of health. It has always been her custom to attend early mass at the cathedral, and she had not missed a morning in years, excepting in case of sickness, the state of the weather never interfering with her devotions. Early yesterday morning she awakened at the accustomed hour, and was getting up to dress for church, when without warning there seemed to be a general breaking down of her system. She was unable to get out of bed, and died in about a half hour after the attack, of what the doctors say was old age.

The funeral will take place to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock from the Cathedral, where a solemn requiem mass will be said for the soul of the departed. The burial will take place in the Catholic cemetery. Mrs. Martin was in her eighty-third year, and had no near relations in St. Joseph. Her husband died about thirty-five years ago. Her life has been devoted almost entirely to looking after the sick and afflicted an those in distress, and in administering, as far as she was able, to their wants. She was notable for her blameless, unassuming Christian life and her close attention to the ordinances of the church. For the last few years she had been feeble through bodily infirmities and unable to devote her time as exclusively to works of charity as had been her want. Those who have known her and of her good life and works will cherish her memory.

Mrs. Martin leaves an estate valued at about $15,000, but to whom she has left it is not yet known.