Subject: James Kelly
Source: St. Joseph Herald, 21 February 1880, p. 4

Yesterday morning the Herald contained an article to the effect that a man named James Kelly had became [sic] demented and was running the household of 'Squire Leasure in Lake township. Mr. Leasure returned home Thursday night and found Kelly in a very feeble and sinking condition. He grew worse rapidly, and before morning his spirit left its tenement of clay and winged its flight to regions above.

Kelly was about forty-five years of age, and was raised in Ringgold county, Iowa, in which county he resided up to a few years since, and where his parents and friends, and a divorced wife now live. He has been knocking about from "pillow to post" for a few years past, and so far as can be learned led an aimless life. He was never vicious nor worthless, but lived the life of one bowed by grief and disappointment; unrest and dissatisfaction holding him captive. His funeral will occur this morning at eleven o'clock. He will be laid in the Catholic cemetery.