Subject: Edward (or Edmond) F. Brick
Source: St. Joseph Weekly Gazette, 28 April 1887, p. 5
Source: St. Joseph Daily Gazette, 26 April 1887, p. 4

Edward Brick, the contractor who met with an accident at Manitou, Col., last Saturday, died from loss of blood at 7 o'clock that evening. When the accident occurred, Mrs. Brick was sent for, and by chartering a special train at Pueblo, arrived in time to be with her husband when he died. The remains were brought here Monday, and the funeral will occur this afternoon at three o'clock, from the residence on the corner of Tenth and Powell streets.

Edward F. Brick was born in the parish of Stradbally, county of Kerry, Ireland, in 1841. He came to Canada in 1846, and moved to Michigan in 1865. He commenced railroading two years later on the Union Pacific railroad, and for a number of years has been a prominent contractor, and has amassed a fortune estimated at about $150,000. He owns, in addition to real estate in this city, 1,100 acres of land in Doniphan county, Kansas, and a well stocked ranch in Colorado.

He leaves a wife and three children, the eldest daughter being at school in Baltimore. Mr. Brick was a man of peculiar traits, but was true and sincere to all his friends, and was a member in good standing of the Catholic Knights of America.

He was a good husband and a devoted father, and his bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy of all that know them. The funeral will be delayed until Miss Brick arrives from Maryland.

Source: St. Joseph Daily Herald, 26 April 1887, p. 4

Edmond Brick, one of the best known citizens of St. Joseph, and a large contractor on the Colorado Midland railway, died Sunday morning at 6 o'clock in Foresent, Colorado, from injuries received at 11 o'clock the Thursday evening before. He was stepping from one freight car to another and fell between them, both legs being cut off. The remains arrived in St. Joseph yesterday, and the funeral will take place from the residence, southwest corner of Tenth and Powell streets, conducted by the Rev. Father Ignatius, pastor of the deceased. The body will be buried in the Catholic cemetery.

Mr. Brick leaves a wife and three children. He was born in the parish of Stradvalley, County Kerry, Ireland, 46 years ago, and came to Canada in 1846, to Michigan in 1867, and began railroading in 1867, working for the Union Pacific. Since 1867 he has been connected with railroads in one way or another, for a number of years confining himself to contracting on new lines. He leaves an estate valued at over $100,000, and a name that is beyond reproach in every respect. Few men had warmer friends, or more of them, and few possessed in so remarkable a degree those qualities of mind and heart which distinguish the gentleman and the true man. Mr. Brick was known to most of the citizens of St. Joseph and the news of his sudden death was received with many expressions of regret. The Catholic Knights of America, to which the deceased belonged, will probably have charge of the funeral services.

The exact date of the funeral cannot yet be announced. Last night a telegram was received from his daughter, Miss Teresa Brick, who is attending the St. Joseph convent at Emmettsburg, Maryland. She was then en route home, and asks to have the funeral postponed until her arrival. This will be done, and the burial will probably take place Thursday. The exact date will be announced in The Herald later.