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Sacred Heart Convent Cemetery
St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri


Sacred Heart Convent

Within a few more days and the beautiful little cemetery lying within the inclosure [sic] which marks the old convent grounds on Twelfth street will be but a memory, as the Rock Undertaking Co. have been engaged this week in removing the remains of the deceased religious interred there. Although the Convent of the Sacred Heart Order had been established in St. Joseph for more than sixty-three years, in all that time there were only thirty-six members who died here. Among those whose names are inscribed upon the plain little headstones which have marked the graves is that of Mother Neiderkorn, one of the most interesting and remarkable women of the Order. Mother Neiderkorn had been Super-Vicar of the Western Province of the Sacred Heart Order for many years, and one of her favorite convents was the one established in St. Joseph, and it was her privilege to spend her declining years in the 'Home on the Hill-Tops."

Another interesting personality was found in the venerable Mother Winifred O'Connor, a religious from the South, who had lived in a period of the country's most interesting history.

Nearby these two devoted religious also reposed in this beautiful little cemetery of 'rested hearts,' Mother Mary Hamilton, who recalled among her old pupils in St. Joseph daughters of prominent and distinguished citizens of this and other cities of our commonwealth. As one recalls the names and the memory of these cherished religious, a flood of sweet and holy thoughts are stirred, for all had the distinguished traits characteristic of the religious of the Sacred Heart Order.

Next week the work of removing will be completed. A beautiful plot of ground has been reserved in Mount Olivet cemetery for the burial of the nuns, and here the re-interment is being made.

Source: The Catholic Tribune, 23 September 1916, p. 5