F. W. Inglish & Co. F. W. Inglish, the senior partner in the firm, was born near California, Moniteau Co., Mo., in 1863, and came to Morgan County with his parents when but a few years old. Although a young man, Mr. Inglish is quite enterprising, and has full charge of as fine a store and stock of goods as can be found in the county outside of Versailles, and, in fact, the stock will compete with many in that city. Mr. Inglish keeps a well-regulated mercantile house, and almost any article, from a cambric needle to a reaping machine, may be found in his stock. As his credit and means are almost unlimited, he is enabled to go into the market and purchase goods at figures which enable him to dispose of them to the surrounding community at less than they can be handled for in small quantities. Knowing that the interests of the farmers, by whom he is surrounded are identical with his interests, it is Mr. Inglish's object and aim to supply them with as good an article as the market affords, and is content with a very small margin. He is always ready and willing to pay the highest market price for butter, eggs and other produce, in exchange for goods, and in these commodities alone does an enormous business, having bought and shipped in the month of January, of this year (1889), 1,830 dozen eggs. The firm of D. M. Inglish & Son succeeded the firm of E. M. Graham & Co. in 1881, and continued until 1884, when they were succeeded by S. R. Inglish & Bro., the present F. W. Inglish being the brother. This firm continued until 1888, when in that year the firm took its present name, the father of F. W. Inglish taking a partnership interest and establishing the firm under the name of F. W. Inglish & Co. The store is a large one-story building, which was erected directly after the storm of 1878, by D. M. Inglish. During his youth F. W. Inglish attended the district school, and afterward attended one term at each of the following institutions of learning: Mount Pleasant, Miller County; Clarksburg, Moniteau County, and one term at the Columbia University, after which he returned home and took an interest with his brother in the store, which has continued ever since. He is also interested in the tie business, one of the flourishing trades of the county.

History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri, Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889.