Dr. W. B. Hunter, a practicing physician of Morgan County, Mo., was born near Logansport, Ind., in the year 1853. He is the son of Samuel and Rosa (Free) Hunter, being the youngest child of a large family, all of whom are dead except two brothers. His early life was spent on the farm with his parents, who gave him the benefit of a good common-school education. Not being satisfied with this, he entered the Logansport High School, remaining one year. Then he began teaching in order to replenish his funds. This was so congenial to his taste that he determined to make a life work of it. Accordingly, in the spring of 1875, he entered the National Normal School at Lebanon, Ohio, remaining the greater portion of three years, and teaching while absent from college. In the year 1878 we find him attending the Central Normal at Danville, Ind., but, his health failing from close confinement and too vigorous application, the idea of becoming a professional teacher was abandoned. Not being discouraged, he entered the office of Dr. B. D. Bradfield, of Deer Creek, Ind., who became his confidential friend and instructor for the ensuing two years. Next he was enrolled in the Medical Department of the University of Michigan, located at Ann Arbor. Here he took a three years' graded course, of nine months each, and graduated with honor June 26, 1884. Soon after completing his course an office was opened at Anoka, Ind., where he continued in practice until 1887, when he moved to Excelsior, Mo. Here, by diligence, he has built up a thriving practice, and enjoys the respect and esteem of the community. Dr. Hunter is a Democrat is politics. In religion he is liberal, but inclined to the views of the Christian Church.

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