The County sites are back up. And here I was thinking no one ever uses them since Monica and Justin are the only contributors. But lo and behold, they are out there. Who knew.

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John Meek Wayne W. Smith James H. Rostock Albert W. Hicks David A. Schaeffer G. Russell Nixon
James Oneel Creswell Henry Munkers David C. Perry John T. Cardinell George Adams David W. Patton
Russell H. Haigler Harry R. Everrett Francis E. Scott Harry Everett George W. McNulty John L. Marti
Kirk Ambrose Billie T. Elder Theodore W. Munn Rev. Floyd J. Evans Herbert A. Richardson Irl A. Dearmont
Lewis N. Ramsey Leland Officer Don Hewins Henry R. Feil William L. Brown James O. Book
Paul S. Strickler Walter Waggoner George W. Carder Ben F. Munn John C. Hinkle Arliff C. Meek
James L. Cannon William H. Morgan Cam S. Wilson Roscoe H. Tucker Carl R. Buckles Fred E. Bickel
Ralph H. Graham Otis A. Buckley Cyril C. Rounds Johhn W. Gillis David W. Patton Francis M. Fitzmaurice
Willard Metzgar Alfred Banning William J. Buckles Fred A. Powers Roy E. Jumps Russel J. Chuning
Ernest Officer Byron C. Hinkle Alvie Bishop Henry Minton Luther Varvel David W. Porter
James R. Ballinger Francis B. Donan Moss H. Forney Alba Kee Lafe Ogden Jacob S. Noll
Raymond D. Cooper Clarence G. Abbott John W. Bickel Russel McDonald William E. Henning Clinton E. Griggs
George A. Minton Vern Allen Loyd E. Moore, Sr. Clyde Kunkle Ellsworth G. Deforrest Claude O. Evans
Oscar E. Jones Frank E. Borchers Thomas Sare Owen R. Wilson Hugh Richards Edgar Walker
D. H. Hyiatt James C. Hinkle Roy R. Keaster R.P. "Bland" Hinkle Clarence L. Porter Harry W. Smith
Raymond D. Eddy Martin M. Scarborough James L. Perry Roy G. Cardinell Charley Cook Thomas H. Duncan
Glen D. Miller Claude S. Brown Arthur W. Drake Martin Graham John H. Salefrank albert Arnold
William H. Weightman Marvin M. Kienzel George H. Benner Jesse B. Stuart Walter Metzgar Elby R. McNulty
Earl P. Grosebeck John Henry Thompson Unreadable Delmar Moore Daniel N. Huiatt Clifford Broker
Jim Fields Ernest K. Thompson Hubert N. Magee Newton Buroughs John L. Hasting Harry J. Hart
John E. Bowness Warren C. Rock Roy R. Carter George P. Skeels Ray E. Meyer William N. McCrory
H. P. Caton Delevan "Deb" K. Robbins Ralph Zachary John E. Dunigan Frank R. Doan

Source: Mount Hope Cemetery; Veteran's ~ Wall of Honor