Jul 23, 1880:

On this page will be found the advertisement of GARNETTand SWOPE, proprietors of the Maitland drug store. Mr. GARNETT has had seven years experience as a druggist, and Mr. SWOPE is known all over that section as a worthy young man. Read what they have to say and then give them a call.

Oct 1, 1880:

D.H. SWOPE, Asa LAMBERT and Daniel BALDWIN, among others, signed a petition to the court at Oregon, Holt Co., MO requesting the swamp and overflowed lands be drained and reclaimed. "The south half of section 26 and section 35, all in Twp 62 Range 39 and Section 2, 11, 14, 23 and 24 in Twp 61 Range 39, the drain or ditch, to be cut for the purpose of draining and reclaiming of the aforesaid land...

Oct 8, 1880:

Alex SWOPE, of Maitland, was a caller at the News Sanctum Tuesday.

Nov 11, 1880:

Aleck SWOPE, of Maitland, was among us (Mound City) Wednesday.

Nov 26, 1880:

Mrs. John SWOPE, of Maitland, and Miss Jennie JACKSON, of this city, favored the News with a call Monday.

Dec 24, 1880:

Mr. Thomas SWOPE has just completed a fine house and barn at Maitland. Tom is all enterprise and is a power in that country.

Dec 31, 1880:

D.H. SWOPE (and others) purchased the news last Friday.

Dec 31, 1880:

GARNETT and SWOPE are at Maitland slaughtering the Holiday Goods. They have sold over $600 worth already, and still have a large stock on hand.

Dec 31, 1880:

Alex SWOPE, Maitland, was in the city on business Monday. (City means Mound City, I presume)


Jan 13, 1882:

Miss Annie SWOPE of Maitland, is attending the Academy at this place. (This place is Mound City)

Apr 21, 1882:

(Civil Docket) Eliza C. BALDWIN vs. SWEETEN and SWEETEN.


May 11, 1883:

(Blair District) School opened 26th March. Fifty -five scholars enrolled first month. Those present each day of the month ending April 23rd (included) Will SWOPE.

May 11, 1883:

(Blair District) The supervisor of this road district should examine the foundation of the bridge near Doc SWOPE'S and see if it don't need immediate attendance before some accident happens. The danger can't be seen without going under the bridge.

May 18, 1883:

(Blair District) Albert and Mary SWOPE, scholars of this school, are sick with the chills.

May 25, 1883:

(Blair District) The bridge near Doc SWOPE'S was repaired by Mr. TITUS of Mound City and people feel safe now while crossing.

Jun 22, 1883:

(Blair District) School closed Saturday. Quite a number of the patrons were present. Mr. C. SWOPE made some remarks which were very appropriate to the occasion and was appreciated by both teacher and scholars and no doubt will be long remembered. Several of the scholars (including Dollie SWOPE) had declamations which were spoken in an elegant manner. Average daily attendance for the three months, 42.

Nov 9, 1883:

Who has the care of the BALDWIN Graveyard? Is the names of those sleeping there passed into oblivion? If not, they ought to repair the fence surrounding the same before the stock injures the stones.

Nov 23, 1883:

(Blair District) The scholars that spoke declamations at the close of the school last Friday afternoon (included) David SWOPE, Emma SWOPE, Geo. ROOT, Albert SWOPE, Sam'l ROOT.


Jan 18, 1884:

(Blair District) Thomas SWOPE'S family has just arrived from the State of Oregon near Portland, where they have lived for several years. They are stopping with Doc SWOPE, a brother of Thomas. They will remain in this vicinity for several weeks, and then to near Maitland where Mr. SWOPE has a fine farm of 80 acres joining onto the fairgrounds.

Feb 1, 1884:

(Blair District) The late visitors to the school (included) Doc SWOPE.

Feb 1, 1884:

Miss Lena SWOPE, of Maitland, is visiting her cousin, Miss Anna JACKSON.

Feb 1, 1884:

Thos. SWOPE and family, who have made the State of Oregon their home for some time past, have returned to Holt county, and will move onto his farm near Maitland.

Jun 13, 1884:

C.M. SWOPE, wife and daughter and Misses Ada and Lucy BALDWIN, of Blair district, gave us a pleasant call last Friday. (From the Sentinal)


Feb 20, 1885:

Christian (should be Christopher) SWOPE, of Bigelow township, died last Saturday. He was buried on Monday.

Feb 20, 1885:

John and Thomas SWOPE went to Mound City Monday to attend the funeral of their brother.


Apr 16, 1886:

John HANDFORD is engineer at the VAN CAMP sawmill, near Doc SWOPE'S. The mill runs about four days in the week.

Apr 16, 1886:

Doc SWOPE started for Chicago with cattle last Wednesday and arrived home on Saturday.

Apr 30, 1886:

Miss Rosa SWOPE, who has been visiting relatives near Mound City, has returned home. (Maitland Herald)

Jun 25, 1886:

John H. MINTON and Miss Gertie CASS, of Forest City, spent the Sabbath with Tom SWOPE'S family.

Oct 29, 1886:

Tom SWOPE and daughter are visiting friends in Mound City.


Jan 26, 1894:

Rosena SWOPE and husband to Wm. HOBLITZEL, lts 2 and 3, b 22; lts 1 and 4, b 16 and b 23, Mound City, $2000.

Jan 26, 1894:

C.A. SWOPE has sold the property he recently purchased of J. H. NOBLE on Savannah Street to Wm. HOBLITZEL.

Feb 16, 1894:

C.A. SWOPE, of Mound City was here the first of the week looking for a location for a confectionery stand (From the Westboro Wave.)

Mar 23, 1894:

C.A. SWOPE is going into business at Maitland.

Apr 6, 1894:

J.J. COWLEY has moved his harness shop from the Swope property from (should be "to") the building owned by C.T. DONOVAN, on the east side of the street.

Oct 26, 1894:

Married, at 6 o'clock Wednesday evening, Oct 10th, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. SHAFFER, four miles north of this city, Mr. Albert SWOPE and Miss Alice ARNETT, Elder PRESTON officiating. Only a few intimate friends were present. The bride's cake was sent from Red Oak, Iowa, it being the gift of Mrs. MESSLER, who also sent a nice linen towel. Lou SMITH and wife, bed spread; R.K. ROSS and wife, fruit and sauce dish; Jake WEHRLI and wife, set of crystal sauce dishes; Ed WEHRLI and wife, set of cups and saucers; John and Albert WHERLI, wine colored water set; Robert BROWN and Lile MESIER (could be MESLER), parlor lamp; Rose WHERLI, fruit dish; Jonas WHERLI linen towels; Mollie WEHRLI, butter dish; H.L. ARNETT of S. Dakota, brother of the bride, linen table cloth and napkins.


Sep 11, 1896:

(County Court) John S. SWOPE vs W. M. MORRIS; judgment against plaintiff for costs.


Oct 21, 1898:

D. H. SWOPE was in Kansas City this week buying cattle.

Nov 18, 1898:

Miss RANDALL, of near Forest City, is assisting Mrs. D. H. SWOPE in her household duties at present.


Aug 17, 1900:

The Republicans of Holt County met in delegate convention at Craig last Monday, the purpose being to nominate a county ticket....On motion the convention proceeded to appoint committees on credentials, permanent organizations and order of business and resolution. (the committee on Resolutions included A.O. SWOPE from Minton. The delegates appointed to the credentials committee included D.H. SWOPE from Benton.)

Oct 12, 1900:

The following named persons have been selected by the county court as the election judges in Holt County at the coming November election: (Included) A.O. SWOPE of Minton.

Dec 28, 1900:

Albert SWOPE and family of near Napier spent Christmas with D.H. SWOPE and family.

Dec 28, 1900:

Riley SWOPE of Des Moines, Iowa, is home for the holidays.

Dec 28, 1900:

Mrs. Henry COBB and Mrs. Perry MONKERS (MUNKRESS) of Kansas are visiting their mother Mrs. Kate BALDWIN and other relatives this week.


Jul 19, 1901:

Off for Oklahoma. On Tuesday of this week about twenty persons from this city and surrounding country started to Oklahoma to participate in the drawing for land in the Kiowa-Comanche strip which will be opened August 10. (Those who bought tickets to Oklahoma City included Riley SWOPE.)

Aug 30, 1901:

D.H. SWOPE is listed as a patron of P.O. Route No. 2 that began in Mound City and went south and east to Whitmer corner (6 /34 mi.), south to Gibson corner (1 mi.), east to Fries corner (1 mi.), south to Meyer corner (2 3/4 mi.), south to Andes corner (1mi.), west and southwest to the Sanborn corner (1 mi.), northwest to postoffice in Mound City (4 mi.).

Sep 21, 1901:

D.H. SWOPE makes application for administration on the estate of Rebecca BLAIR, deceased. Appointment made and bond fixed at $14000.

Nov 8, 1901:

Real Estate Transfers: Lewis SWOPE to C.O. VAN CAMP ne nw 15 60 39 $1880.

Dec 6, 1901:

(The following gentlemen were named to act as grand jurors at the January term of the Circuit court, including from) Minton - A. O. SWOPE.

Dec 11, 1901:

(Napier) D.H. SWOPE of Blair was in our vicinity Monday on business.

Dec 27, 1901:

D.H. SWOPE presents a petition for the renting of the real estate of Rebecca BLAIR, which was ordered rented.


Jan 23, 1902:

The farm of Mrs. BLAIR, three miles south of this city, which has been occupied many years by Jas. H. HALL, was sold last Saturday to Riley H. SWOPE. Sealed bids were received for the purchase of the farm and Riley's bid being the highest, $67 per acre, he became the owner.

Mar 21, 1902:

D.H. SWOPE was buying feeders in Kansas City this week.

Nov 21, 1902:

D.H. SWOPE made a trip to the county seat Friday.

Nov 21, 1902:

(Probate Court) D.H. SWOPE presents his 1st annual settlement in estate of Rebecca BLAIR.


May 8, 1903:

D.H. SWOPE shipped a hundred head of fine cattle to market Friday. When he bought the cattle their average weight was 1050 pounds; their shipping weight was 1484, having put on an average gain of 431 pounds each.

May 8, 1903:

Stock shipments to St. Joseph: Saturday, D.H. SWOPE, 2 cars cattle.

Jun 28, 1903:

Riley SWOPE who has been attending school at Des Moines, Iowa, arrived at our station Monday eve.

Jul 24, 1903:

(Napier) A.O. SWOPE and wife and Chas. VAN CAMP and wife were St. Joseph visitors last week.

Aug 21, 1903:

(Napier) Albert SWOPE made a business trip to St. Joseph Monday.

Sep 4, 1903:

Real Estate Transfers: A.O. SWOPE to C.O. VAN CAMP so ne 6: s1/2 nw and 5 a in e 1/2 nw nw 10,60,39.....$6000.

Sep 11, 1903:

Riley H. SWOPE started Monday to Des Moines to resume his college work.

Oct 1903:

The remains of Fred SWOPE, son of Mrs. Martha BALDWIN, now living at South Mound, Kansas, were brought to Mound City Tuesday evening for interment in the BALDWIN cemetery. Fred was born in Holt county, and was in his twenty-second year. He died at Joplin, Mo., October 3, 1903, of typhoid fever. He had spent most of his life in this county and had many warm friends in and around Mound City. He was a member of the M.E. Church, South, and of the Modern Woodmen of America. He leaves a mother and four sisters to mourn his death.

Nov 20, 1903:

Doc. SWOPE, administrator of the Rebecca BLAIR estate, filed motion for distribution of balance in his hands: continued to December 14.

Dec 18, 1903:

D.H. SWOPE was an Oregon (Missouri) visitor this week.


Feb 19, 1904:

(Blair District) D.H. SWOPE is taking advantage of the ice crop and is now filling his ice house with a fine quality of ice.

Mar 11, 1904:

A.O. SWOPE of Napier vicinity, who recently bought a tract of land near Doniphan, MO., moves this week to his new home. Cam VAUGHT will go with him and stay a couple weeks to help him get everything straightened out and in farming order. Sorry to lose Mr. SWOPE from Holt county.

Mar 11, 1904:

(Napier) A.O. SWOPE and family took their departure Tuesday for their new home in Ripley county, MO.

Mar 25, 1904:

(Napier) Mrs. A.O. SWOPE and daughter took their departure Tuesday for their new home in Ripley county, this state.

Apr 29, 1904:

(Napier) Our old friend, Mary SWOPE of Joplin, passed through here Monday to visit friends in and around Mound City.

May 20, 1904:

Stock Shipments to St. Joseph, Saturday, D.H. SWOPE 6 cars cattle.

May 20, 1904:

(Napier) Albert MARTIN and Geo. SWOPE were in Forest City, Monday

Source: From the "Mound City Herald", published each Friday. Transcribed by Betty Charholm. (In 1880 it was the "Mound City News")