HENRY KUNKEL, (deceased), was born in York County, Pennsylvania, December 11, 1811. His father, Henry, was a native of Pennsylvania, and was there married to Miss Anna Miller, of the same state. The grandfather of the subject of this sketch was also named Henry, and he was a native of Hesse, and came to America as a British soldier in the Revolutionary War. Henry Kunkel, whose name heads this narrative, was a carpenter by trade, and followed that occupation during life.

When about twelve years of age he immigrated to Richland County, Ohio, where, on the 1st of June, 1835, he was married to Miss Barbara Acton. She was born in Charles County, Maryland, August 25, 1816. Her paternal ancestors held the name of Henry Acton for three generations back, and for two generations were natives of Maryland. The third was of English extraction. Her mother's maiden name was Mary Padgett, a native of Charles County, Maryland.

Mr. Kunkel and his family lived in Ohio till 1847, when they came to Missouri and located in Holt County. Here he resided till the time of his death, which occurred October 4, 1879. They had a family of ten children, seven of whom are now living : Jacob, James H., Nancy A., John, Julia A., Mary A. and Darius W. Mr. Kunkel was a member of the Evangelical Church. He left a farm of 240 acres, and since his death Mrs. K, with the assistance of James H. and her youngest son, has carried on the farm. James H. Kunkel was born in Richland County, Ohio, May 4, 1840.

He now has in his possession a farm of eighty acres. The Mineral Springs were discovered on the farm of Mr. Henry Kunkel in February, 1872, while he was prospecting for coal, the analysis being given elsewhere. There has also been plowed up, on this place, many wonderful articles, supposed to have been burned in a furnace in ages past.

Source: "History of Holt and Atchison Counties, 1882" transcribed by Karyn.