Levi Dodge, proprietor of the Pool of Siloam, is a descendant of Caleb Dodge, who was a native of New Hampshire, and who was there married to Miss Elizabeth Woodberry. Edward Dodge, the father of the subject of this sketch, was also born in New Hampshire, and, with the family, emigrated to Maine, where he was married to Miss Loraine Dand, a native of Maine.

Levi Dodge was born in Waldo County, Maine, July 5, 1814, and the same year the family moved to Athens County, Ohio, and, in fall of 1837, to Clinton County, Missouri. He was married in Athens County, Ohio, January 12th, 1834, to Sarah Hursey. She was born in Maine, February 8, 1813, and was a daughter of Ariel Hursey, a Free Will Baptist preacher, who had moved to Athens County, Ohio, in 18 14. Mr. Dodge was engaged in farming, in Clinton County, till 1850, when he moved to Filmore, Andrew County, and, in the fall of 1852, settled on Squaw Creek, in Holt County, on the farm now occupied by John Schrautz. He was one of the earliest settlers in this part of Missouri, and made the first path between there and Graham. During a a part of 1853 he sold goods at Graham, and kept the first post office ever established in the place ; not having any mail carrier, he made up a subscription, amounts from one cent and upwards being given. Removing to Nebraska, in 1854, Mr. D. kept a trading post at the falls of Nemaha, having no one but Indians for his associates.

In 1856, he was in business on the old California trail, in Kansas. In 1857 and 1858 he was engaged in a speculative enterprise at Winnebago, Nebraska, which proved unsuccessful, and, in the fall of 1859, ne returned to Holt County. where he has since resided. During eighteen years he has moved seventeen times. He was engaged in farming till 1876, when he moved to Mound City, with the intention of living a retired life, but has since made many improvements to the town.

In 1876, he discovered medical properties in his mineral well, and, in 1877, he prepared a pool, which he named the - Pool of Siloam, and commenced the erection of a bath room. During the summer of 1878, at a very great expense, he made the present Pool of Siloam, the water being supplied by springs. Adjoining this is a beautiful park, adorned with shade trees and shrubbery. He has, in the present (1882) year, erected a hotel on the upper bank of the park, which is occuped by Dr. Pool as an infirmary. The analysis of the water, which was made in the fall of 1879, may be seen in other parts of our history.

Mr. Dodge is one of the leading and most prominent citizens in Holt County, and deserves much credit from the people of Mound City, for the interest he has taken in the advancement of the town. Mrs. Dodge died January 14, 1879. They had four children, only one of whom is living, Gilbert M.

Source: "History of Holt and Atchison Counties, 1882" transcribed by Karyn.