Early history paralleled that of his brother, George MEYER. However, Andrew left Ohio for Missouri one year earlier that the rest of the family and reached Holt County May, 1843. The next August he went over the Missouri River to the Iowa and Sac Agency to first follow farming, then was an assistant blacksmith.

In 1847 he enlisted in the Oregon battalion for service in the Mexican War (see Uriah BLAIR history). During this trip he met with Brigham YOUNG who was then keeping a trading post on the Missouri River. In the fall of 1848, Mr. MEYER returned to Holt County and the next winter made a trip to Des Moines, Iowa where he bought land.

In 1849 he went with his brother and Judge MCINTYRE to search for gold in California. (see George MEYER history).

Coming back to Holt County, he married Mary SECRIST on Aug. 20, 1851. She was born in Richland County, Ohio and her father, John SECRIST, came to Holt County in fall of 1849. Mr. MEYER went to farming where he now lives (about 4 miles south-southeast of Mound City) and now owns 2,453 acres of land. He has 11 children: Annie E., wife of W. A. LONG; James H., also married; Maggie M.; Alfred A.; Willard P.; Armilda C.; George W.; Robert S.; Emma J.; Charles E.; and Marvin E.

In 1861 he was appointed county judge by Govenor Gamble. In 1862, he was elected captain of militia and was in active service about a month, stationed at Lexington. He voted for Douglas in 1860, was a strong Union man throughout the (Civil) war, and has since been a Republican. In 1876, he had 180 acres planted in corn, 220 acres in small grain, raised 1,450 bushels of wheat and has been extensively involved in the stock business. His residence is one of the largest farmhouses in the county.

Source: "An Illustrated Historical Atlas Map, Holt County, MO," published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia, 1877
Provided by Dave Roberts of Lyon County, Kentucky, a former Holt County resident.