J. H. C. CURTIS, the present county clerk of Holt County, was born in Jefferson County, West Virginia on January 1, 1829. His father was Jacob CURTIS from the state of Pennsyvania. The grandparents of his mother, Harriet CHENOWETH, were from England.

Mr. CURTIS lived until 1850, in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, West Virginia. In the spring of 1853, he moved to Butler County, Ohio, and there learned to be a mill-wright, a trade he followed 2 years.

His father died in 1855 and he returned to Virginia. He married Margaret ALLYBAUGH on May 20, 1857 and the same day left Virginia for Illinois. He located at Galesburg, in Knox County, and worked at millwrighting until April, 1858 when he came to Holt County, Missouri, arriving at Oregon on May 17.

In 1874, he was the Republican nominee and electee of the county clerk position. He was a Whig, then became, and has remained, a hearty and consistent Republican.

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas Map, Holt County, MO., p. 34

Submitted by Dave Roberts, Lyon County, Kentucky, former Holt County resident.