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Mound City was without a regular graded school till 1874, when a handsome two-story brick building was erected on Nebraska Street on a commanding elevation overlooking the business quarter of the town, and a wide expanse of surrounding country. The structure included two rooms below and one above, besides the halls, and was completed at a cost of $4,000.

In the fall of 1881, the school edifice was enlarged by a two-story front addition ninety-three by thirty-two feet, affording five new class rooms, besides halls, cloak rooms, etc., above and below.

These additions when entirely completed will cost over five thousand dollars. The first board of directors of this school were W. W. Frazer, Milton Herron, George Gillis, M. Houston, Wingate King and James Johnson.

The school opened in September, 1874, with Nelson Carr, Principal, assisted by Miss Mary L. Austin. September, 1875, the teachers were E. A. Welty, Principal, assisted by Miss Fanny Soper and Mrs. I. M. Bacon.

  • September, 1876, L. M. May was Principal, assisted by Mrs. I. M. Bacon and Miss Jose Wilkinson.
  • September, 1877, Professor Samuel P. Ruley was Principal, assisted by Miss Jose Wilkinson. September, 1878, the teachers were Samuel P. Ruley, Principal, assisted by Miss Sallie C. Bennett and Mrs. I. M. Bacon.
  • September, 1879, W. R. Burton was Principal, assisted by Miss Sallie Bennett and Mrs. I. M. Bacon.
  • September, 1880, Professor W. F. Drake was Principal, and Miss Sallie C. Bennett and Mrs. I. M. Bacon assistants.
  • September, 1881, the teachers were Professor W. F. Drake, Miss Sallie C. Bennett, Mrs. I. M. Bacon and Miss Lomira Herron.

The present (1882) board of directors include G. H. Carpenter, President; W. M. Hamsher, Secretary; M. M. Smith, Treasurer. The other members are J. B. Denney, John F. Davis and W. T. Hiatt. The enrollment of the school includes two hundred and seventy nine pupils.

Source: "History of Holt and Atchison County, 1882"; Transcribed by Karyn, 2016