It seems to be a question as to who was the first teacher to pursue his calling in Benton Township. By some of the old settlers it is claimed that an eastern man by the name of Latty, as early as 1842, taught a school one-fourth of a mile east of the present public school building which stands on land now owned by 'Squire Young. The primitive school house was a log cabin fourteen feet square.

By others it is maintained that the first school in the township was not taught until 1844, and that the original teacher was Professor John Collins, a noted instructor of youth in that early day. His school house was one and a half miles northwest of Mound City, at the foot of the bluff, on a farm first settled by the pioneer Edward Dodge, the father of Levi Dodge, the proprietor of the Pool of Siloam in Mound City.

Source: "History of Holt and Atchison County, 1882"; Transcribed by Karyn, 2016