The first church built in Forest City was erected by the Methodist Episcopal Church South. It is a brick structure on Grand Avenue, thirty-four by fifty-one feet. It was built in 1860, chiefly by means of the material aid and through the exertions of Hiram Patterson and L. Zook, then selling goods in the town. In 1866, the M. E. Church South, sold this building to the Missionary Baptists, who still (1882) continue to own the building.

The Missionary Baptist Church was organized March 31, 1866, with twenty-four members, among whom were C. J. Hart, G. W. Hitt, John S. Pugh, Mrs. Elizabeth Turner, Mrs. Alice Archer, William A. Joy, Henry C. Oflfutt, Miss Lizzie Offutt, H. E. Offutt, Mrs. Emma J. Hitt, Charles E. Joy, Isaac D. Brown, Miss Susan F. Hanks, Miss Virginia Offutt, Miss M. F. Riley, Mrs. M. J. Williams, Mrs. Jemima Pugh, Mrs. Mary J. Hart and Mrs. Turner. The first minister of this church was the Rev. G. W. Huntley. He was succeeded April, 1870, by Rev. R. M. Rhodes.

In 1874, Rev. E. S. Irely was pastor. Rev. S. J. Cook succeeded to the ministry of this church in 1877, and served till 1879, since which time the church has been without a pastor.

Source: "History of Holt and Atchison County, 1882" transcribed by Karyn Techau, 2016.