On the northwest quarter of section 14, township 61, range 38, within the limits of Hickory Township, and near the dividing line between it and Benton Township, is a neat frame church building, thirty five by fifty feet area, with an extension sixteen feet square. This is popularly known as the Dunkard Church.

It was built in 1874, by Levi Kauffman and Isaac Zigler, contractors, assisted by other workmen. Its cost was about $1,800. The congregation was organized as a church in February, 1872, with the following members, thirty-six in number: A. J. Correll and wife, Joseph Glick and wife, Samuel Glick and wife, Joel Glick and wife, Jonathan Andes and wife, Isaac Zigler and wife, Joseph Kauffman and wife, Levi Kauffman and wife, William Griffith and wife, James Judy and wife, David Keller and wife, John Shamberger and wife, John H. Miller, Joseph Hilderbrand, Susan Andes, William G. Andes, Jane Parmer, Mary Hilderbrand, Mary Kauffman, Mrs. Susan Glick, Isaac Wampler and wife, Anna Andes and Solomon G. Snell.

This organization is styled Bethel, and the name of the meeting house Bethlehem. Of the above named organizers, in the language of one of their ministers: "Some have gone to their reward while others have moved to other countries, until of the original members scarcely one half now (1882) remain identified with the congregation. "The church is prospering abundantly, and increasing in numbers.

In May, 1878, the congregation divided, and a large number being in Nodaway County, a church was there organized. The church in Holt County has no organization other than Bethel, of which there are, at present, five ministers, viz: John H. Miller, Joseph Glick, Joel Glick, Peter E. Whitmer and Reuben Keller. The organization includes some of the best citizens of Holt County.

Source: "History of Holt and Atchison County, 1882" transcribed by Karyn Techau, 2016.