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1854-1857 -- Thomas S. GILLESPIE (1807-1857) and his wife Maria PEERY came to Gentry Co., MO from Tazewell Co., VA between 1854-1857. They had the following children:

  • Jane m. John Spratt
  • Crockett b. 1830 m. Sarah
  • Rees b. 1831
  • Samuel b. 1833
  • Polly b. 1834 m. Oliver Crabtree; William Walker
  • Thomas b. 1836
  • James b. 1838
  • Pamelia b. 1840 m. William Witten
  • John b. 1841 m. Mary Thompson
  • Joseph b. 1843 m. Lizzie Pike
  • William Whitman b. 1846 m. Mary Catherine Ward
  • Rufus b. 1852 m. Mary Catherine Pike

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