Miller Township

The first settlement, made in what is now known as Gentry County, Missouri, was effected in the spring of 1834, eleven years before the organization of the county, and when this region of country, embracing the counties of DeKalb, Gentry and Worth, was unorganized territory, attached to the county of Clinton.

Kentucky and Tennessee, which had furnished thousands of their sons in the early settlement of many of the counties of Missouri, had the honor also of being the birthplace of not only the first four pioneers, who became permanent settlers of Gentry County, but of many of the succeeding men and women, who followed so closely in their footsteps. The names of the four pioneers who thus early braved the dangers and difficulties of a residence among the wolves and Indians were Isaac and Tobias Miller, william Martin and John Roberts. They were natives, as stated, of Kentucky and Tennessee, and came hither in the spring of 1834, settling in what is now known as Miller Township, at Greenwell Ford, on Grand River. All are dead except Isaac Miller, who is a resident of Gentry County. Upon the organization of the township, which occurred in May, 1845, it was called Miller Township, in honor of Isaac Miller.

Greenwell Ford was near
Gentryville. (1877 Plat Map)

The next settlement was also made in Miller Township, inthe neighborhood of what is now known as Gentryville. This was during the year 1835, when John Culp, Benjamin Culp and Elisha Cameron, from Tennessee, and Milton Foster, from Kentucky, and a number of others from the two states named, settled in the township. As early as 1838, a store was opened (being the first in the county) by a man by the name of Stevenson, three miles northeast of Gentryville, near where Hugh Stevenson resided. About the same year the first mill in the county was erected by Taylor McCully, four miles east of Gentryville.

The next settlement was made in Athens Township, by Daniel Saunders, two miles south of the city of Albany, about the year 1836. Saunders was from North Carolina, and kept the first post office that was eastablished in the county, in 1838, the mail being carried from Sandsville to Plattsburg, Clinton County. We may say, then, that the first settlement in Gentry County, was made in the winter of 1834, by Isaac and Tobias Miller, William Martin and John Roberts. These men located temporarily at what is now known as Greenwell's Ford, on the north bank of Grand River, where they erected a cabin and raised one crop of corn in the summer of 1834. They afterwards took claims and settled within a distance of from three-quarters to two miles of Greenwell's Ford.

Source: The History of Gentry and Worth Counties, Missouri by the National Historical Co., St. Joseph, Missouri in 1882.