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Records have been selected from Government Naming Information System. This is not a complete list.

Feature NameGNIS USGS 7.5' Map
Adam School (historical) New Hampton
Alanthus School (historical) Alanthus Grove
Beggs School (historical)Stanberry
Blackoak School Alanthus Grove
Buckley School (historical) Darlington
Bulla School Albany North
Burnett School (historical)Gentry
Canaday School (historical)Gentry
Carmack School (historical) Darlington
Center Grove SchoolGentry
Cogdill School Stanberry
Columbia School (historical)King City
Colvin School (historical) Albany North
Concord School (historical) Berlin
Connestoga School Unknown
Crab Orchard School Matkins
Cross Roads School Unknown
Crosswhite School (historical) Stanberry
David School (historical)Gentry
Dawson School (historical) Albany North
Dewey School Unknown
Dewey-Sumner School (historical) Ford City
Dorsey School (historical) Albany North
Dover School (historical) Matkins
East Sager School Darlington
Elam School (historical) Pattonsburg
Eureka SchoolAlbany South
Evona School (historical) Albany South
Fairview School (historical) Alanthus Grove
Floyd School (historical) Stanberry
Ford City School (historical)Ford City
Fore School (historical) Albany South
Gartin School (historical) Albany South
Gentry School Unknown
Gentryville School (historical) Albany South
Glendenning School (historical) New Hampton
Grandview School (historical) Berlin
Grantham School (historical) Alanthus Grove
Hall School (historical) Gentry
Higginsville School Unknown
Howell School (historical) Darlington
Hugginsville School (historical) Gentry
Island City School (historical) Stanberry
Jennings School (historical) Alanthus Grove
Karr School (historical)King City
Lafayette School Unknown
Liggett School (historical)Alanthus Grove
Locust Grove School New Hampton
Locust Grove School (historical) New Hampton
Lone Rock SchoolAlbany South
Lone Star School (historical) Albany North
Maple Grove School Ford City
McClanahan School Alanthus Grove
McGuire School (historical) Darlington
Millen School (historical) Ford City
Miller School Allendale
Mission Ridge SchoolUnknown
Mount Pleasant School Stanberry
Needels School (historical)Albany North
Normal School (historical) Gentry
Pleasant Grove School (historical) Albany North
Pleasant Valley School (historical)Albany North
Prairie Flower School (historical) King City
Quigley School Unknown
Rattlesnake School (historical) Berlin
Sandsville School Unknown
Sandville School (historical) Albany South
Shattuck School Unknown
Shepherd School (historical) Ford City
Shockley School Gentry
Siloam School (historical) Albany North
Spessard School (historical) Albany South
Star School (historical) Stanberry
Sumner SchoolUnknown
Union Grove School Unknown
Union School (historical)Gentry
Victory School (historical)King City
Walker School (historical)Darlington
Waterman SchoolGentry
Wayman School (historical)Albany North
West Sager SchoolDarlington
Wilson School (historical) Alanthus Grove