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Charles G. Comstock, Esq., filed the plat of Darlington, March 31, 1879, locating the town site on section four, township 62, range 31 (west). A. H. Bennett laid the foundation for the first residence in the town. John Livingston built the next house in April, 1879 which was used for a restaurant. Horace J. Bennett was the first blacksmith, and George B. Marshall was the first shoemaker. John Livingston sold the first goods. T. J. Welford was the first doctor. Darlington is located at the intersection of the Wabash and Burlington railroads and has a population of 311, census of 1920. It is an important shipping and trading point.

History of Daviess and Gentry Counties, Missouri, Gentry County by R. M. McCammon and Mary McCammon Hillman, Historical Publishing Company, Topeka-Indianapolis 1922.