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William Stephen Word Mary Ellen Snodgrass Word My suspicion is that they are my great grandparents -- my only doubt is the dates.

My grandfather was John Marion Word, born in DeKalb Co. June of 1876. His parents were William Stephen Word (1841-1911) and Mary Ellen (Snodgrass) Word (1845-1879). They were married in Clinton Co., Mo. in 1862. They had 8 children (Nancy Ellen, Alexander, Lelia Elizabeth, Loretta A., Lewis Franklin, Lucinda, John Marion, and Nelson Monroe) . Loretta married a Frank Browning and not sure where she settled. Nancy, Lee, and Lucy did not marry and lived near Stewartsville on a farm. They raised my grandfather as he was only 2-3 when his mother died. Lewis married and had family in the Stewartsville area --- Ruby Word and Mary Nally. Nelson died as a baby and not sure about Alexander. Not sure if Mary is still alive or if there is family still in the area.

The pictures were in a photo album of my grandmother's that was put together in the 1898 -1900 time frame and these pictures were next to the two of her parents. Since Mary Snodgrass Word died in 1879 --- that is my only doubt. My grandparents wedding article in the Richmond, Mo newspaper in 1901 indicates that after their marriage that they boarded a train to Plattsburg to see Mr. and Mrs. Delaney (who appear to be relatives on the Snodgrass side.)

My grandfather died at age 87 in 1963 --- I was only 12 ---- so have lost a lot of the family history on the Word side. Thanks --- Mary Dell Black

If you have information about this family please contact Mary.