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Norman Swails tomorrow night will become the first Clarksdale Boy Scout ever to receive the Eagle award.

Presentation will be made by Lester B. Mill, executive of the Pony Express Council of Boy Scouts, at a DeKalb district court of honor at 7:30 in the high school auditorium.

Young Swails is a member of troop 136, which is sponsored by the Ladies' Culture Club of Clarksdale. The Eagle award is the highest offered in scouting.

Other awards will be presented to scouts representing troop 222, Stewartsville; troop 35, Maysville, and troop 136, Clarksdale. Leadership training certificates will go to 53 men in the DeKalb district.

The Rev. J.E. Coltharp will be chairman of the court of honor. Kenneth Dye, field executive of the Pony Express Council, also will be present

Source: Saint Joseph News-Press, Sunday, 13 October 1945, p. 3A.