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John Carrel Funeral To Be Monday

Platteville, Aug 18 -- Funeral [ser]vice for John William Carrel, 82, ____ly known Platteville resident ____ known throughout the commun[nity] [as] "Dad" Carrel, who died Th[urs] night of a heart attack, will be [held] Monday at 2:30 at the Me____ church of Platteville. Rev. J. K. ____ton will conduct the service; [inter]ment is at Mispah cemetery. Mr. Carrel had lived at Plat[teville] the past 25 years. Born Mar[ch] __ 1856 . . .

Source: The Greeley Daily Tribune, 18 August 1934, p. 2, col. 7

The right side of this image was illegible.