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Date of Death: 11 Mar 1857
Subject: America Aleen Willis
Source: North West Democrat, Saturday, March 14, 1857, p. 3

Died-- In this city, on the 11th inst., Aleen, infant daughter of John G. and Matilda H. Willis.

"Weep not for those
Who sink within the arms of death,
Ere yet the chilling wintry breath
Of sorrow o'er them blows;
But weep for them who here remain,
The mournful heritage of pain,
Condemn'd to see each bright joy fade
And mark grief's melancholy shade
Flung o'er Hope's fairest rose.

Source: North West Democrat, Saturday, March 21, 1857, p. 3

Died-- Of inflamation [sic] of the brain in this City, on Wednesday the 11th inst., America A., daughter of John G. and Matilda H. Willis-- aged 2 years, 3 months and 11 days.

"She was Father's doating pet,
A Mother's anxious care,
It hardly seems she's left them yet,
She was so young in years,
But still their fondest hopes must blight,
And soon their sorrows come,
But now she is an angel bright,
In Heaven her lasting home.