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Date of Death: 6 Apr 1894
Subject: Susan Agnes (Modie) West
Source: Savannah Register, 12 Apr 1894, p. 1, column 1

Susan Agnes Modie was born Aug [25, 1845], and died Friday morning, [April 6,] 1894, at eight o'clock. She was … aged 48 years, 7 months, and … days. She married April 12, 1863, to George W. West. She joined theEpiscopal Church in 1874. She was … in this city, and lived here ever [since] and was therefore well and favorably known by nearly every inhabitant. Nine children were born to her, five boys and four girls, one of the girls preceded her to the other shore. A husband, mother, brother and three sisters mourn her loss. Her remains were layed to rest in the Savannah Cemetery, … followed by a large con… of friends, the funeral being conducted by Rev. Nicholas at the Episcopal Church at 10 o'clock. Among the … present from a distance were … Powell, Maysville: Mrs. Donelan …, Iowa: Arthur Strader and Mrs…. W. Bridges, Mound City and … L T White, St. Joseph.