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Date of Death: 3 Oct 1909
Subject: Martha (Earls) Walker
Source: Savannah Democrat, 8 Oct 1909, p. 1

Mrs. Martha Walker, wife of Henry T. Walker, deceased, died at the residence of her son, A. A. Walker, in St. Louis, Sunday, Oct. 3rd, aged seventy-eight years, and was buried in the Savannah cemetery Tuesday beside the remains of her husband. Her son, S. A., and other relatatives [sic] were present and the funeral services were conducted by Rev. Henry Ballard, of St. Joseph. The Walker family lived in this city many years ago.

Mrs. Walker was a daughter of Johnathan [sic] Earls, deceased, who lived on his farm about two miles east of this city, and was one of the earliest settlers of this county. Besides her son, S. A., she leaves two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Brooks, of Magdelina, New Mexico, and Mrs. Benjamin Petree, of Oregon, Mo.; two brothers, Weed Earls, of Yakima, Washington, and B. F. Earls, of Salt Lake City.