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Date of Death: 10 Sep 1913
Subject: Margaret Ann (Breit) Gibbins
Source: Savannah Reporter19 Sep 1913

The funeral services over the remains of Mrs. William Gibbins took place at the Crown Hill church Friday morning with Rev. J. W. Keithley in charge. She died September 10, aged thirty-nine years, ten months and twenty-seven days. She was a daughter of Frederick Breit, who was an early settler, and she leaves besides her husband and son, Arthur, five brothers, J. E. Breit, U. G., W. I., J. S. F., and C. S., and one sister Mrs Ora Pyle. Miss Margaret Anna Breit was married to William Gibbins, October 15, 1899. She was converted under the preaching of Rev. C. C. Selecman and lived a consistant [sic] Christian life and was a loving mother and devoted wife. The remains were placed in the Savannah cemetery.