Date of Death: 8 Dec 1873
Subject: Sarah Adella Manley
Source: Andrew County Republican, 12 Dec 1873, p. 3

Mr. Editor-- It becomes our painful duty to announce the death of Miss Dellie Manley, daughter of Mr. Sylvester S. Manley, of Empire Prairie. She died after an illness of about ten days. She was a bright and promising young girl of about sixteen years, beloved by all who knew her, and the idol of her parents.

Yes, little Dellie is gone; Her loss we deeply deplore. Those rosy cheeks we doted on Are, alas!, to us, no more. Yes, little Dellie is at rest,And all her sins forgiven; Before the throne she's richly blessed With the highest gifts of heaven.


Source: Andrew County Republican, 16 Jan 1874, p. 3

In Memory of Miss Adelia [sic] Manley, Who died December 8th, 1873, mourned by many.

By C. C. L.

Solemnly, mournfully, lay her to rest; She was a creature whom Jesus had blessed. Up to the Savior her spirit has flown, Convoys of angels have carried her home. Pure were her thoughts, while unconscious she lay, While her bright form wasted slowly away; Sweetly she sang that sweet chorus we know: I will arise, and to Jesus will go. O how delightful it must be to die, Trusting in Jesus, with angels near by; Waiting to wait upon pinions of love, Up to that city, "celestial" above. Methinks I can see her in that better land, Bedecked with white robes and harp in her hand; And we hope that at last when 'tis our time to die, We may meet her up there in those mansions on high.