Date of Death: 16 Dec 1867
Subject: James K. Polk Bonham
Source: Holt County Sentinel, 20 Dec 1867, p. 3

Suicide.-- Yesterday morning, at Empire Prairie, Andrew county, the youngest son of Senator Bonham, with intent to destroy life, swallowed a quantity of morphine. As soon as the fact was discovered, medical attendance was called and every effort made to save his life, but without any hope of success. When our informant left the young man was dying.

Young Bonham was about twenty-two years of age. Disappointed love prompted him to commit the rash act. He had been engaged to a young lady of Andrew county, with whom he had a quarrel that resulted in a breach of the engagement.

Senator Bonham, on his way to Michigan, was telegraphed to return.-- (St. Joseph Herald, 17th.)