Miss Martha F. McManus, sixty-six years old, a lifelong resident of Andrew County, died Saturday night at her home at Cosby, Mo. She is survived by two brothers, James and Patrick McManus, and two sisters, Mrs. Maggie DeVore, all of Cosby; and Miss Sarah McManus, St. Joseph.

Source: St. Joseph News-Press, 6 November 1933, p. 6

Martha Pritchard has begun suit in the circuit court for a divorce from her husband, John Pritchard, on the grounds that he threatened to kill her, beat, bruised and humiliated her by assaulting her on the public streets of this city. The plaintiff says that he attempted to kill her with a pocket knife on December 31, last. The parties to the suit were married November 1, 1899, and lived together two months.

Source: St. Joseph Daily Gazette, 25 January 1900, p. 3

John T. Pritchard Says Miss Sarah McManus Alienated His Wife's Affections -- $5,000, He Thinks, Would Square Accounts

Believing that he has had his feelings hurt to the extent of $5,000, John T. Pritchard has sued Miss Sarah McManus for that amount on the ground that she alienated his wife's affections, thereby robbing him of a good home and a loving companion for life.

The petitioner, which was filed in the circuit court late yesterday afternoon, alleges that John Pritchard and his wife, Martha Pritchard, were living happily together at their home, 907 North Fifth Fifth [sic] street, when Sarah McManus made her initial appearance into the family circle. From that time on there was all kinds of trouble at intervals. The petition further alleges that the defendant came there with that intention and that she was maliciously inclined from the beginning.

Mr. Pritchard says that the defendant enticed his wife away from home in a wicked and wrongful manner and that after taking his companion she was not satisfied, but came back and took the household goods which he had purchased at intervals of their married life. He further adds in his petition for damages that the said Sarah McManus will not permit him to see his wife, although he has made repeated attempts to do so. Time and time again, Mr. Pritchard says, he has tried to get control of his wife, but the defendant has, in each instance, foiled his attempts.

The plaintiff alleges that on January 16 of this year he went to work as usual and when he returned home at night he found that his wife had left him alone. The household furniture was all gone. He charges Sarah McManus with causing his wife to do this and says she wielded an influence for evil over Mrs. Pritchard from the first. For all this he thinks he ought to have $5,000 damages.

Miss McManus lives at the southwest corner of Ninth and Felix streets, on the third floor. When the necessary papers were served on her last night she had but very little to say concerning the matter. Mrs. Pritchard was present when the summons was read.

Source: St. Joseph Daily Gazette, 20 February 1900, p. 5