Savannah Cemetery
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah city square, go south 2.5 blocks. Fourth Street goes through the east side of the cemetery, Benton Street is on the north, Fifth Street on the west, and Park Avenue is the border on the south.

Credits: Photos and Documentation: Eldon Swensson, 2002, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Section 1); Betty Halvorsen and Nadine Taylor, 2005-7 (Sections 2-3); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Sections 4-5); Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Sections 6-7); 8 Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-2010 (Section 8); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Sections 9-13); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen and Nadine Taylor, 2005-2010 (Section 14); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6, and Kelly Alvarado, 2011 (Section 15); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6, and Kelly Alvarado, 2009 (Section 16); Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 and Kelly Alvarado, 2009 (Section 17); Betty Halvorsen, 2005-2010 (Section 18). (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

This is the oldest section in the cemetery, and it has never been fully catalogued before.

Two volunteers, Betty Halvorsen and Nadine Taylor, decorated all of the graves in old Section 1 of Savannah Cemetery for Memorial Day 2006. Many of these graves are over 100 years old, and very few have family left to pay tribute. This gives real meaning to "Gone but not Forgotten."

* Indicates African-Americans
+ Indicates obituary available

Name Inscription Photograph(s)
Section 1 view L106
Abbott, James William James William
Dec. 18, 1868
Dec. 23, 1868
Children of Geo. A. & Sarah F. Abbott
Abbott, Thomas Paine Thomas Paine
Oct. 8, 1861
Dec. 8, 1863
Children of Geo. A. & Sarah F. Abbott
Abney, Charles A. Charles A.
Died Apr. 20, 1849
Aged … m's 21 d's
Children of J.& M. Abney
Hope looks beyond the bonds of time
When what we now deplore,
Shall rise in full immortal prime
And bloom to fade no more.
F04 F05
Abney, Julia E.+ Also Julia E.
Died Sept. 16, 1852
Aged 9 m's 21 d's
Children of J.& M. Abney
Hope looks beyond the bonds of time
When what we now deplore,
Shall rise in full immortal prime
And bloom to fade no more.
Akhurst, R. H. R. H. Akhurst
Born Dec. 17, 1858
Died July 5, 1910
Akhurst, Mary Schuster Mary Schuster
Wife of Robert Henry Akhurst
Born Oct. 4, 1861
Died Dec. 25, 1916
Alderman, Carrie W Carrie W.
Infant Dau. of E. & M. J. Alderman
Died Aug. 31, 1868
Aged 7 mo 16 d's
Allison, A. H. A. H. Allison
Died Sept. 5, 1863
Aged 68 years
Allison, Susanah Susanah Allison
Died Feb. 29, 1864
Aged 67 years
Anderson, J. H. To the memory of J. H.
Son of J … & … Anderson
Born … 1856
Died Mar. 23, 1860
Andrews, Lewis L. Lewis L.
Son of Wm. & Caroline Andrews
Died May 1, 1874
Aged 12 y's 7 mo 24 d's
Ardery, Benjamin Porter Benj. Porter
Son of Wm & Mary A. Ardery
Born in St. Jo, Mo.Oct. 12, 1856
Died in Savannah, Mo. June 16, 1865
Aged 8 y's 7 m's 4 d's
Ardery, Etta Ardery
May 14, 1873
July 7, 1969
Ardery, James S. Ardery
James S.
Mar. 29, 1863
April 22, 1925
Ardery, William Wm. Ardery
Born in Bourbon Co. Ky Dec. 30, 1819
Died in Andrew Co. Mo. Feb. 18, 1868
A child shall mourn a father’s loss
In grief that will not end.
But love will keep the memory bright
Of husband, father, friend.
F11 F12
Arnold, Elmer W. 1913-1991 X72a X72b
Arnold, Hallie Lucinda Hallie Lucinda
Dau. of Geo. & Eliza J. Arnold
Died June 11, 1870
Aged 1 yr 1 ms 11 ds
Arnold, Isabell L. 1916-2007 X72a X72c
Atkins, Frances E. In memory of Frances E. Atkins
Wife of James B. Atkins
Who died June 15, 1855
Aged 27 yrs 10 mos 27 ds
Auble, Mary E. Lambright (north)
At Rest
Mary E. Lambright Auble
Sept 1, 1862
July 25, 1886
[two stones]
D45 D56 D57
B., J. [J. B. footstone] I18
B., J. D. [J. D. B. footstone] I17
Baker, A.* A. Baker
Mar. 12, 1821 – Sept. 21, 1908
Barker, Rheuy Lee* 1887-1939 X69
Barnes, Odency+ Mother Odency
Wife of William G. Barnes
Died Mar. 28, 1875
Aged 67 yrs 11 mo 20 ds
No pain no grief no anxious tear
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here
[stone broken]
L107 L108 L106
Barnett, Regina Hubbard [private] J069
Barnum, Annie E. Annie E
Daughter of R. L. & A. Barnum
of …
died Apr. 6, 1861
Verse illegible
Barr, Denver James Denver James Barr
April 10, 1991
October 15, 2010
Barr, Lowell A. Barr
Lowell A.
May 19, 1935
Feb. 27, 2006
Married Sept. 16, 1956
Y14 Y15
Barr, Twyla L. [private] Y14 Y15
Bartlett, Lola M. 1869-1924 M46
Bartlett, W. Roy W. Roy
Son of Wm & L. M. Bartlett
Born 1890
Died 1901
Aged 11 ys 6 mo 3 days
Bartlett, William Father William Bartlett
Baxter, Laura Lee Laura Lee
daughter of Rev. B. R. & E. A. Baxter
died July 3, 1855
aged 1 yr & 28 d's
Of such is the kingdom of heaven
Beale, Mary Huffman Mary
Dau of Rev. Saml. Huffman
Wife of A. W. Beale
Died Oct. 24, 1871
Aged 22 y 2 m 10 d
K24 K25
Beale, Mary Huffman (east)
Mary Beale
Dau. of S. Huffman
Died Oct. 24, 1871
K41 K44
Beale, Matilda Ann Imus Matilda Ann
Wife of S. S. Beale
Widow of Elon L. Imus
Died April 8, 1887
Aged 60 y's 11 m's 29 d's
Verse illegible
Beames, Frankie Frankie
Son of J. B. & Sarah Beames,
Died May 3, 1875
Aged 5 y's 7 m's 10 d
Beames, Mahala Mahala
Wife of Wm Beames
Born in Harden County, Ky.
Oct. 27, 1817
Died Oct. 28, 1877
Aged 60 y 1 d
F06 F06a
Beatie, Josiah N. In Memory of Josiah, N, Beatie
Born May 29th, 1797
Died April 14th, 1845
Bedford, Maggie Maggie
Wife of John T. Bedford
Born Oct. 11, 1854
Died Aug 7, 1896
Meet me in heaven.
H28 H28a
Bellis, Georgie Georgie
Son of … Bellis
Died …
Aged 2 y's 1 m 16 d's
George’s Grave
… tears … [8 lines]
F16 F17
Bender, infant Also our little infant A31
Bender, Loretta Y. Loretta Y.
Wife of O. C. Bender
Died Feb. 13, 1862
Aged 17 Y'rs 8 Mo.28 D's
Bielman, Edith Bielman
Feb. 5, 1887
July 13, 1887
Bielman, Harry Bielman
May 15, 1883
June 1, 1883
Bielman, Pearl Bielman
Aug. 10, 1888
Nov. 5, 1891
Billetter, Anna J. Let not your heart be troubled
neither let it be afraid.
John 11th 23rd
Anna J. Billetter
Born July 13, 1838/58
Died Oct. 3, 1880
In Christian Faith and Hope.
B02 B04 B05 B06
Blanchard, Belle Holt 1867-1954 G86
Blanchard, Charles P. 1858-1932
Blanchard, Frank V. 1883-1961 G84
Blanchard, Ida Hodges 1877-1955
Blanchard, Lawrence E. 1887-1964 G87
Blanchard, Lucius M. Blanchard
Lucius M.
Nov. 13, 1846 - Aug. 27, 1916
Blanchard, Marcia Marcia
Loved companion of J. A. Blanchard
Died Feb. 24, 1868
Aged 50 years
Blanchard, Mary Blanchard
Mary His Wife
Mar. 9, 1857 - Sept. 5, 1949
Bland, Beulah R. 1909-1968 L101
Bland, James A. 1889-1954
Bohart, Mary 1833-1903 L008
Bohart, Phillip Emry In Loving Memory of my Son
Phillip Emry
Son of W. V & M. Bohart
Born July 29, 1868
Died Nov. 26, 1888
Aged 20 y 3 m 25 d
L010 L011 L012
Bohart, William William Bohart
Died Feb. 25, 1874
Aged 41 y 6 m 3 d
L012 L013
Bomar, Ryan M. Forever in our memories
Ryan M. Bomar
May 23, 1984 - July 23, 2008
Beloved Son, Father, Husband and Friend
Booker, Emily 1869-1941 D11
Booker, Madison 1855-1933
Boots, Luticia L. Luticia L.
Dau. of B. T. & S. [E.] Boots
Died Sept. 20, 1872
[AE] 1 yrs 6 ms … d
Bougher, Ann C. Ann C.
Wife of F. A. Bougher
Died Nov. 25, 1854
Aged 24 y 6 mo
Bougher, Ann G. Also Ann G
Infant daughter
Died March 19, 1854
Aged … 3 mo
Bowen, Claud M. 1880-1963 X10 X17
Bowen, Donald H. Bowen
Sgt. T/4 Donald H.
Vet. World War II
1916 1945
X10 X13
Bowen, Margaret A. 1886-1957 X10 X15
Bowen, Violet V. 1913-1991 X08 X10 X11 X12
Bowen, Willie W. 1907-1980
Bowlin, Eva M. Eva M.
Wife of Henry Bowlin
Died Mar. 5, 1892
Aged 26 yrs 3 mo 12 das
Bowlin, W. H. W. H. Bowlin
Co. D 25th MO. Inf.
Bowman, Charles 1906-1971 X34 X35 X36
Bowman, James William 1873-1948 X35 X36 X38
Bowman, John R. Father John R. Bowman
Bowman, Lloyd W. 1905-1975 X35 X36 X37
Bowman, Mary A. Mother Mary A. his wife
Bowman, Mary Elizabeth 1906-1982 X33 X35 X36
Boyer, Doris [private] X24
Boyer, Grant O. Boyer
Grant O.
Aug. 31 Aug. 17
1921 1995
Brackenridge, Asa Asa Brackenridge
Born June 25, 1849
Died in Tampa, Florida July 25, 1912
J110 J118 J116
Brackenridge, Eliza (north)
In memory of our Mother Eliza
Wife of J. Brackenridge
Died Sept. 28, 1897
Aged 87 y's 5 m's 2 d's
J110 J112 J113 J111
Brackenridge, John (south)
In memory of our Father
John Brackenridge
Died July 22, 1885
Aged 84 y's 5 m's 27 d's
J110 J112 J114 J115
Brand, David C. Our Baby David C. Brand
Dec. 5, 1944
Brand, John S. In memory
Father John S. Brand
K22 K23
Brand, Stella In memory
Mother Stella M. Brand
Brant, Bannie 1860-1955 K09
Brant, George 1856-1905
Brant, infant Infant Dau. of P. & M. Brant
Died Apr. 16, 1870
J119a J119b J119c
Brant, Lester Lee A Loving Father
Lester Lee Brant
Oct. 29, 1928 Sept. 12, 1996
Brant, William F. William F. Brant
Pfc US Army Korea
Mar 4, 1929
Apr 25, 2004
Purple Heart
Breit, A. Eugene A. Eugene
May 1, 1924
Mar. 2, 1990
Married Sept. 22, 1942
L098 L099
Breit, Annie E. Annie E.
May 1, 1925
uncarved [Died July 13, 2008]
Married Sept. 22, 1942
Breit, Della 1889-1958 X86
Breit, J. W. 1888-1978 X87
Breit, Pamela Kay 1944-1945 L097
Briggs, Benjamin F. Benjamin F
Son of D. A. & S. C. Briggs
Died Nov. 12, 1853
Aged 17 yrs 11 ms & 3 ds
Briggs, Isabell E. Isabell E
Dau. of David A. & Sarah C. Briggs
Born Dec. 14, 1846
Died Jan. 22, 1855
Aged 8 yrs 3 mo 8 ds
Briggs, Margaret Jane Woods Margaret Jane Woods
Wife of D. G. Briggs
Died Feb 25, 1856
Aged 16 ys 3 mo 1 d
D40a D40b D40c
Briggs, Mary Ann Mary Ann
Daughter of David A. & Sarah C. Briggs
Born Feb. 24, 1840
Died Jan. 7, 1856
Britton, Kathryn G. Britton
Kathryn G.
Jan. 22, 1934
Jan. 25, 2003
X53 X54
Britton, Robert A. Britton
Robert A.
May 28, 1926
Dec. 24, 1997
Brokaw, John John Brokaw
Dec 8, 1873
Dec. 13, 1960
Brooks, Abagail L. Butcher Gone but not forgotten
Abagail L.
Wife of J. W. Brooks
and dau. of David and Betsy Butcher
Died May 20, 1880
Aged 52 y 2 m 14 d
L015 L017
Brooks, David David
Son of J. W. & A. L. Brooks
Died Oct. 20, 1873
Aged 18 yr [stone broken] m 19 d's
Brooks, James W. Gone but not forgotten
James W. Brooks
Died Oct. 17, 1885
Aged 66 yr 7 mos
L015 L016
Brooks, James W., Jr. James W. Brooks, Jr.
Son of J. W. & Abagail Brooks
Died Feb. 29, 1884
Aged 24 y 7 m 30 d
Gone before us, O our brother
To the spirit land
Vainly look we for another
In thy place to stand.
L039 L040 L041 L042
Brooks, Joseph C.+ Joseph C. Brooks
When the wicked cease from troubling
and the weary are at rest
L045 L046
Brooks, Leona M. 1880-1923 L044 L046
Brooks, Marian M. 1849-1926 L043 L046
Brown, Anna Anna
Wife of T. A. Brown
Died Dec. 12, 1870
Aged 19 Yrs 9 Ms
Brown, Arvol L. Arvol L. Brown
1922 Son 1978
Brown, Ida Ida
Dau. of … Brown
Died Apr. 30, 1879
Aged 3 m & 10 d
Brown, Jennie L. 1893-1963 J052 J053
Brown, William V. 1885-1983
Bryan, Mollie+ Mollie
Wife of R. G. Bryan
Born Feb. 1, 1842
Died June 22, 1866
Bryan, Roland J. Also her infant son Roland J.
Aged 2 mo's 25 d's
Buhler, F. H. F. H.
Son of Joseph and Mary A. Buhler
Died Apr. 2, 1884
Aged 3 weeks 3 d's
I am an angel now.
M23 M24
Burch, Mahala A. Aunt Mahala A. Burch
Burnett, F. A. F, A, Burnett
Daughter of W, & C, Burnett
Aged 3 Y's, 7 mo
Burnham, Annie F. At rest
Mother Annie F.
Burnham, Webster At rest
Burns, Catherine (north)
wife of Phillip Burns
Died Oct. 19, 1851
Aged 43 ys 8 mo … ds
B44 B46
Burns, John John Burns
Died Mar. 31, 1871
Aged 76 years
Burns, Phillip (south)
Phillip Burns
Died Jan. 14, 1886
Aged 85 ys 9 mo 23 ds
B44 B45
Burns, Phoebe In memory of Phoe[be] Bur[ns]
Died 18…
Burns, Susanna Susanna Burns
Born Mar. 2, 1804
Died Oct. 5, 1865
Burnside, Abram N. Abram N. Burnside
Nov. 21, 1831 – Feb. 18, 1892
[two markers]
Abram Burnsides
Co. H. 4 th Mo. S. M. Cav.
L033 L034
Burnside, Elizabeth Elizabeth C. his wife
Mar. 17, 1845 – Sept. 15, 1909
Burnsides, Mollie B. Mollie B.
Dau. of A. M. & E. C. Burnsides
Born June 19, 1871
Died Aug. 12, 1885
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is still
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.
L035 L036
Cagg, Isaac M. Isaac M
infant son of I. W. & Sarah Cagg
Aged 22 days
Cagg, Sarah Sarah
Wife of Isaac W. Cagg
Died Sept. 12, 1870
Aged 43 y 1 m 25 d
Calvert, Myrtle E. 1899-1962 J096 J097
Calvert, Omer 1894-1982
Campbell, Edwin W. Beloved Brother
Edwin W. Campbell
Aug. 16, 1929
May 1, 2001
Cann, Guy Guy
Son of W. R. & M. A. Cann
Died July 12, 1871
AE. 3 mo 8 d
Cann, Mary A. In Memory of Mary A.
Wife of Wm. Cann
Died Aug. 12, 1874
Aged 27 yrs.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their labors &
their works do follow them.
I59 I60
Carlyle, Annetta (south)
Annetta Carlyle
Died Apr. 27, 1870
Aged 5 y's 2 m's 20 d's
J080 J084
Carlyle, Esther (north)
Esther Carlyle
Died March 3, 1863
Aged 5 ms 14 days
J080 J083
Carlyle, William B. (west)
Wm. B. Carlyle
Died April 23, 1869
Aged 43 yrs. 4 ms.
Brother sleep on
We know thou'rt blest
Thou'rt gone to the land
Where the weary find rest.
J080 J081 J082
Carpenter, Elizabeth A.+ Elizabeth A
Wife of Thomas H Carpenter
Died Apr. 20, 1875
Aged …
Carpenter, Henry O Henry O.
Son of George & M. C. Carpenter
Died June 13, 1875
Aged 11 mo 21 d's
I75 I76
Carpenter, Nettie Florence Nettie Florence
daughter of T. H. & E. A. Carpenter
Died Feb. 5, 1867
Aged 7 mos 2 d's
Carpenter, Thomas Thomas E/H. Carpenter
born [stone broken]
D83 D84
Carpenter, Willie E. Willie E.
Son of G. & M. C. Carpenter
Died Oct. 9, 1872
1 yr 1 m 1 d
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
I73 I74
Carson, E. A. Rev. E. A. Carson
Born in Jefferson Co. Tenn
June 30, 1810
Died Oct. 16, 1891
Aged 81 y 3 m 16 d
For I am now ready to be offered
and the time of my departure is at hand.
At last oh Lord let troubles cease
and let thy servant die in peace.
Carson, Joseph Joseph Carson
Born in … Ky. Dec. 12, 1812
Died Dec. 22, 1893
Aged 81 y 12 d
There is no death. The stars go down
To rise upon another shore,
And bright in heaven's jeweled crown
They shine for evermore.
H29 H30
Carson, Kate M. Kate M. Carson
Dec. 29, 1862
Mar. 26, 1937
Carson, Mary J. Mary J.
Wife of Rev. E. A. Carson
Born Feb. 1, 1807 In Lee Co. VA
Died April 30, 1883
Aged 76 y 3 m
"I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness"
Psalms 17:15
Carson, Sophia Sophia Carson
Wife of Joseph Carson
Born in … Kentucky Oct. 25, 1829
Died Apr. 9, 1883
Aged … Y … M. 11 D.
Carter, Laura Ephraim Laura Ephraim,
Daughter of L. R. & S. A. Carter
Born July 11, 1852
Died Nov. 24, 1852
Carter, Mary J. 1850-1906 H27
Cassel, Addie D. Addie D.
Daughter of R. Z. & M. G. Cassel;
Died Apr. 3, 1862
Aged 9 mos
Cassel, Reuben Z. Reuben Z. Cassel M.D.
Died Jun. 23, 1864
Aged 45 y 9 m 13 d
Chal…., unknown In Memory of
Chamberlain, Elizabeth B. Elizabeth B.
Companion of F. P. Chamberlain
Died Feb. 25, 1869
Aged 36 ys. 2 ms 27 ds.
Illegible verse
Chancellor, Rebecca In Memory of Rebecca
Wife of Julius Chancellor
Died Sept. 16, 1876
Aged 80 y'rs 11 mo's 25 d's
Rest well dear mother…
G61 G62 G63
Checkley, Margaret 1821-1886 M37
Checkley, William 1809-1881
Chenoweth, Milles H. Milles H. Chenoweth
Died July 12, 1845
Aged 54 yrs 5 days
Gone but not forgotten
Childress, James Cecil James Cecil
June 9, 1906
Jan. 27, 1967
"Our loss is heaven's gain"
L140 L141
Childress, Lula Mae Lula Mae
Mary 28, 1911
Nov. 18, 1993
Married July 5, 1928
Clark, Bertha H. 1878-1960 K18 K21
Clark, Charles (north)
Charles Clark
Born Feb. 1, 1845/6
Died Aug. 3, 1855
J104 J106
Clark, Charles C. Uncarved K18 K21
Clark, Clarence L. Clarence L.
Infant son of [Walter & Mary] Clark
Died Mar. 7, 1879
Aged 4 mo. … d
Clark, Elizabeth (east)
Elizabeth Clark
Born in …
Died [May 24, 1882]
Aged 66 y 5 m 2 d
J104 J107
Clark, infant Infant daughter of S.F. & Allie Clark
Died Apr. 13, 1889
Clark, infant Infant Dau. of J. H. & Elizabeth Clark
Born Oct. 8, 1868
Died Dec. 7, 1868
Beautiful, lovely she was but given,
a fair bud on earth to blossom in heaven
J087 J088
Clark, infant Infant Son of
S. M. & K. A. Clark
born Oct. 17, 1889
Died July 19, 1890
Not in cruelty, not in wrath,
the reaper came that day.
It was an angel that visited the earth
[and] took the flower away
K53 K53a K53b K54
Clark, J. J. J. J. Clark
Born Feb. 1, 1840
Died Dec. 22, 1862
Full… the … at … stand
his… his country…
D77 D78
Clark, James H. James H. Clark
Co. D 14 Kans. Cav.
Clark, Jeremiah+ (west)
Jeremiah Clark
Born in… Sept. 5, 1806
Died Jun 4, 1877
Aged 70 y 8 m 29 d
J104 J105
Clark, John T. (south)
John T. Clark
Born Apr. 6, 1838
Died Mar. 28, 1860?
J104 J108
Clark, Lillie Clark
Dec. 25, 1893
Aug. 22, 1969
Clark, Mary E. Mary E. Clark
Died Mar. 8, 1923
Aged 82 years 3 m 13 d
Clark, Sarah Frances Sarah Frances
Wife of Robert Clark
Died Oct. 31, 1852
Aged 27 y 11 m 21 d
Clark, unknown L.
[probably Mary Louisa]
… L. Clark
Born [stone broken]
Died Jan. 22, 1862
Clark, William Everett Clark
William Everett
Aug. 20, 1886
Apr. 23, 1968
Clarke, Avie Avie
[Dau. of] Wm. D & [F. I.] Clarke
Died May …
Aged 1 y 4 m … d
J030 J030a
Clarke, Charles L. Charles L. Clarke,
Born Ap’l 30, 1827
Died at Omaha, N.T. March 24, 1865
B39 B41
Clarke, Eliza Ann Burns (North)
Eliza Ann Burns
Wife of Albert G Clarke
born Clay Co. Mo. Oct. 15, 1827
Died Savannah Mo. Apr. 14, 1865
Clarke, Joseph J. Joseph J. Clarke
Son of T. H. & M. D. Clarke
Born … Ind. Oct. 7, 1819
Died Savannah, Mo July 9, 1874
Clarke, Katie Katie Clarke
J048 J049
Clarke, Mary Dickson (South)
Mary Dickson
Wife of Thomas H. Clarke
born Franklinton O. Aug. 8, 1800
died St. Louis Sept. 11, 1859
Clarke, Nellie Lulu 1871-1884 J048 J049
Clarke, Thomas Burns (East)
Thomas Burns
Son of E. A. & A.G. Clarke
Born Mar. 17, 1854
died Savannah MO Aug. 3, 1854
B35 B36
Clarke, Thomas H.+ Thomas H. Clarke
born in Utica New York Aug. 27, 1793
died In Savannah Mo. Apr. 19, 1872
B39 B40
Clarke, William D., Jr. 1879-1898 J046
Clawson, Celestina E. Sweet babe, thy spirit has fled.
Celestina E.
Born July 25, 1871
Died Dec. 16, 1871
[two markers]
Only daught. of J. & Lovina Clawson
G75 G75a G75b
Clawson, Edward J. Martha F.
Second Wife of James H. Wise
Died Jan. 13, 1884
Aged 55 y 8 m 16 d
Clawson, Frank B. Frank B.
Son of John & Lovina Clawson
Died Aug. 29, 1860
Aged 16 months
[two stones]
Born May 2, 1859
Died Aug. 29, 1860
G67 G74
Clawson, James D. James D.
Son of John & Lovina Clawson
Died June 17, 1867
Aged 14 ys 4 ms 17 ds
No more that voice we loved to hear
Shall fill his parents listening ear
That welcome face, that sparkling eye,
That sprightly form must buried lie.
[two stones]
Born Jan.31, 1853
Died June 17, 1867
G69 G70 G75
Clawson, John E. John E.
Born Sept. 18, 1857
Died Jan 22, 1859
Children of J. N. & L. Clawson
Clawson, John N. John N. Clawson
Born Nov. 3, 1825
Died Aug. 18, 1897
In life beloved and respected.
In death deeply lamented.
Clawson, John P. John P.
Son of John & Lovina Clawson
Died July 13, 1865
Aged 18 ms 9 ds
[two stones]
Born Jan. 4, 1864
Died July 13, 1865
G68 G74
Clawson, Lovina Abbott Lovina Abbott
Wife of John H. Clawson
Born July 20, 1833
Died Oct. 10, 1899
Coats, Karen Kay 1942-1961 L092
Cobb, George Brand Husband George Brand Cobb
Oct. 2, 1899
May 22, 2004
G43 G45 G47
Cobb, Lena Woodcock Mother Lena Woodcock Cobb
Apr. 17, 1872
Nov. 6, 1953
G54 G55 G56
Cobb, Mildred Lister Wife Mildred Lister Cobb
Aug. 14, 1905
uncarved [Died June 15, 2014]
G43 G45 G46
Cobb, William Brand Father William Brand Cobb
Oct. 17, 1871
Jan. 26, 1964
G54 G55 G57
Coffman, Adeline F 1894-1966 G82
Coffman, Silas A. 1874-1935
Colburn, Mollie R. Colburn
Mollie R.
Colburn, Oscar N. 1875-1953
Cole, Clyde C. Cole
Clyde C.
Oct. 15, 1929
June 26, 2003
Sept. 10, 1973
X45 X46
Cole, Esther V. [private] X45 X46
Compton, David David
Son of [John & Agnes] Compton
Died Nov. 19, 1870
Aged 13 mo 6 days
Compton, Ina A. Mother Ina A. Compton
Compton, John W. Son John W. Compton
Conner, Charlie (west)
Children of Vincent & Hannah Conner
We loved and lost them
Since thou canst no longer stay
To cheer me with thy love
I hope to meet with thee again
In that bright world above.
Died Apr. 13, 1880
Aged 2 ys 6 ds
J040 J041 J042 J043
Conner, Daisy (west)
Children of Vincent & Hannah Conner
We loved and lost them
Since thou canst no longer stay
To cheer me with thy love
I hope to meet with thee again
In that bright world above.
Died Oct. 3, 1880
Aged 3 ms 15 ds
Conner, Elizabeth L Elizabeth L.
Wife of Vincent Conner
Died Oct. 12, 1866
Aged 29 ys 9 ms 10 ds
A loving wife, a mother dear
A faithful friend lies buried here.
E41a E41b E41c
Conner, Hannah E. (east)
Hannah E.
Wife of Vincent Conner
Died Nov. 26, 1880
Aged 26 ys 3 ms 26 ds
J040 J044
Conner, John (west)
Shed not for me the bitter tear,
Nor give thyself to vain regret,
Tis but the casket that lies here
The gem that filled it sparkles yet
John Conner
Died Nov. 15, 1879
Aged 70 y 1 m 9 d
J036 J037 J039
Conner, John G. (north)
J001 J014 J003
Conner, Nannie May 1868-1868 J004
Conner, Susan (west)
Shed not for me the bitter tear,
Nor give thyself to vain regret,
Tis but the casket that lies here
The gem that filled it sparkles yet
Wife of John Conner
Died May 15, 1873
Aged 52 y 11 m 23 d
J036 J037 J038
Conner, Susan C. (north)
J001 J014 J002
Conner, Thomas (west)
Children of Vincent & Hannah Conner
We loved and lost them
Since thou canst no longer stay
To cheer me with thy love
I hope to meet with thee again
In that bright world above.
Died July 20, 1875
Aged 9 ms 17 ds
J040 J041 J042 J045
Conner, Zetta (west)
Children of Vincent & Hannah Conner
We loved and lost them
Since thou canst no longer stay
To cheer me with thy love
I hope to meet with thee again
In that bright world above.
Died Oct. 3, 1877
Aged 8 ms 22 ds
Conover, Robert+ (south)
Col. R. Conover
Died Sept. 21, 1872
Aged 33 years
[two stones]
Lt. Col. Robt. Conover
16th Ind. Inf.
J001 J012 J009 J022
Conover, Roy (south)
Roy Conover
Died Sept. 21, 1873
Aged 1 yr & 7 ms
J001 J012 J008
Conwell, W. T. The Rev. W. T. Conwell
[died] May 23, 1881
Aged 32 y 3 m 4 d
Cook, infant Infant Dau. of Wm & S. A. Cook
Died Feb. 5, 1867
Aged … m's 29 ds
Cooper, Mary A. Mary A.
Born Sep. 1, 1872
Died Sep. 14, same yr.
Heaven an angel more
Children of J. & M. A. E. Cooper
Cooper, Mary A. E. Mary A. E.
Wife of Jas. F. Cooper
Died Sep. 7, 1872
AE. 23 y 8 m 7 d
Cooper, William B. William B.
Born Sep. 1, 1872
Died Sep. 18, same yr
Heaven an angel more
Children of J. & M. A. E. Cooper
Couch, Eleanor Eleanor
Wife of N. Couch
Died Apr. 28, 1873
Aged 72 y 10 m 1 d
Friends you must meet me here
where ne’er is known a sigh or tear
D91 D93
Couch, Nathan Nathan Couch
Died Oct. 17, 1864
Aged 75 ys 10 ms 9 ds
Courtney, Alice E. 1902-1902 M48
Cowden, Malinda Noble (north)
Malinda Cowden
Died Dec. 12, 1884
Aged 50 y's 2 m's 14 d's
Daughters of Nathan & Nellie Noble
A happier lot than ours,
and larger light surrounds them there.
Crosby, Deborah Deborah
Wife of Thomas Crosby
Died Oct 17, 1881
Aged 83 yrs
Crosby, Dora M. 1859-1928 J098
Crosby, Harriet A. (west)
Harriet A. Crosby
Born June 30, 1828
Died Mar. 8, 1901
Their record is on High.
Crosby, Isaac (west)
Isaac Crosby
Born Mar. 20, 1810
Died Aug. 14, 1897
Crosby, John B. 1863-1937 J099
Crosby, Phebe (south)
Phebe Crosby
Born Dec. 12, 1789
Died Apr. 9, 1867
Dakin, Charles W. Here Lies the Mortal Remains of 4 Children
Sons of Thomas and Lourinda Dakin
Charles W. & Willard P.
Died Sept 1st 1846
Aged 3 weeks
Dakin, Sarah Cordelia Sarah Cordelia
Daughter of Thomas and Lourinda Dakin
[rest of stone buried]
Dakin, Willard P. Here Lies the Mortal Remains of 4 Children
Sons of Thomas and Lourinda Dakin
Charles W. & Willard
Died Sept 1st 1846
Aged 3 weeks
Dakin, William E. Here Lies the Mortal Remains of 4 Children
Sons of Thomas and Lourinda Dakin
William E
Died Aug 27th 1843
Aged 5 months
Dakin, Wilmer Here Lies the Mortal Remains of 4 Children
Sons of Thomas and Lourinda Dakin
Died Sept. 19th 1845
Aged 13 months and 3 days
Danford, Birdy (east)
Dau. of B. M. & E. J. Danford
Born Sept. 16, 1870
Died July 12, 1871
Danford, Katie+ (south)
Dau. of B. M. & E. J. Danford
Born July 10, 1873
Died Sept. 2, 1873
Gone but not forgotten
Danford, Maurice B (west)
Maurice B
Son of B. M. & E. J. Danford
Born Dec. 24, 1872
Died Sept. 27, 1877
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
Davenport, Elizabeth Elizabeth Davenport
Died Feb. 2, 1892
Aged 72 y 5 m 25 d
F18 F19
Davenport, G. H. Dr. G. H. Davenport
Died Aug. 28, 1879
Aged 79 y's 6 m's 26 d's
Davidson, Bonnie May In loving memory of
Bonnie May Davidson
Born February 15, 1933 Moravia, Iowa
Died May 9, 2005 Savannah, Missouri
Davidson, Marvin Dale In loving memory of
Marvin Dale Davidson
Born Sept. 1, 1927 Savannah, Missouri
Died November 23, 1994 St. Joseph, Missouri
Married Oct. 12, 1952
Davison, Lillie Lillie
Dau. of James T. & Sarah C. Davison
Died July 25, 1873
Aged 4 m 15 d
Dean, Minerva J. In memory of Minerva J.
Daughter of Powel & Amelia Dean
Born Feb. 10, 1844
Died Jan. 18, 1860
Dean, Powell In memory of Powell Dean
Born Mar. 28, 1804
Died Aug. 11, 1859
Dennelsbeck, Jacob God is Love
Jacob Dennelsbeck
Born Dec. 27, 1800
Died April 11, 1867
Dewitt, Nancy In Memory of Nancy
Wife of Wm. H. Dewitt
Died June 3, 1858
Aged 46 ys 9 ms 14 ds
Dewitt, W. H. W. H. Dewitt
Co. E 88th Mo. En. Mil.
Dick, John D. John D. Dick
Died April 9, 1864
Aged 33 ys 2 ms 18 ds
Dickie, Thomas+ Thos. Dickie
Died Aug. 20, 1872
Aged 23 yrs
verse illegible
E44 E45
Dickson, Jahue N. S. 1862-1940 L025
Dickson, Sarah 1865-1940
Dobbs, Abram Lieut. Abram Dobbs
Co. C 5th MO. S. M. Cav.
Dobbs, John A. John A.
Son of Abram & Lucy Dobbs
Died Sept. 30, 1881
Aged 16 y 11 m 19 d
We only know that thou hast gone
And that the same returnless tide
Which bore thee from us still glides on
And we who mourn thee with it glide.
L061 L062 L063
Donald, A. F. (south)
A. F. Donald
Born Apr. 28, 1845
Died Jan. 3, 1927
J080 J084
Donald, Amanda (south)
Wife of A. F. Donald
Died Feb. 25, 1905
Aged 63 y 8 m 10 d
Dooley, Isaac In Memory of Isaac Dooley
Born Oct. 26, 1829
Died Oct. 3, 1859
G26 G27
Dooley, R. W. In Memory Of R. W. Dooley
Born Aug. 16, 1825
Died Sep. 10, 1856
G26 G28
Dotson, Albert B. Dotson
Father Albert B.
Dotson, Clainda Dotson
Mother Clainda
Dotson, Elizabeth Dotson
Grandmother Elizabeth
Dougan, Iris Odessa Dougan
Sister Iris Odessa
X75 X76
Dougan, John Elmer 1872-1949 X78 X79
Dougan, Marvin F. Dougan
Brother Marvin F.
X75 X76
Dougan, Olive Ann 1881-1950 X78 X79
Douglas, Charles J. Douglas
Charles J.
Jan. 22, 1926
Dec. 30, 1996
Married Nov. 20, 1946
X27 X28
Douglas, Dixie L. [private]
Douglass, Georgie Georgie
Son of J. & S. E. Douglass
Died Dec. 15, 1879
Aged … y 6 m 12 d
Duggins, Beulah M. Lewis Beulah M. Lewis Duggins
Dec. 13, 1913
[died Dec. 6, 2006]
Duncan, Flora N. Mother Flora N.
Duncan, George J. Daddy George J.
Dunn, Lucy A. Lucy A.
Wife of Henry Dunn
Died Apr. 4, 1865
Aged 22 yrs
We bloom today Tomorrow die.
E14 E15
Edwards, Elizabeth Elizabeth Edwards
Oct. 14, 1846
Oct. 21, 1928
Edwards, Henderson Henderson Edwards
Dec. 4, 1839
Oct. 10, 1922
Edwards, infant Infant
Son of H. & E. C. Edwards
Sept. 9, 1877
Sept. 21, 1877
Edwards, Susannah+ (north)
Susannah Edwards
Died Aug. 1, A.D. 1875
Aged 73 yrs 9 mos 8 das
J129 J130 J132
Edwards, William (south)
William Edwards
Died Sept. 6, A.D. 1872
Aged 81 yrs 8 mos 27 ds
J130 J131 J132
Eisiminger, Conrad Conrad Eisiminger
Died Apr. 3, 1854
Aged about 48 yrs.
Inscription illegible
H47E H48 H48E
Eisiminger, Ella Ella Eisiminger
Jan. 23, 1871 - Jan. 31, 1945
L129 L133
Eisiminger, Genevieve S. Eisiminger
Genevieve S.
Feb. 17, 1904
May 1, 1984
Eisiminger, Henry Henry Eisiminger
Died Sept. 20, 1860
Aged 28 ys 8 ms 8 ds
H47E H52 H53
Eisiminger, Laura Ellen Laura Ellen Eisiminger
Feb. 23, 1891 - Dec. 23, 1972
L129 L131
Eisiminger, Lawrence Lawrence Eisiminger
Jan. 31, 1894 - Jan. 2, 1986
L129 L130
Eisiminger, Lawrence P. Eisiminger
Lawrence P.
June 27, 1903
Jan. 20, 1983
Eisiminger, Mary P. Mary P.
Wife of C. Eisiminger
Died Jany. 8, 1880
Aged 67 y 9 m 28 d
H47E H50
Eisiminger, Nathan A. Nathan A. Eisiminger
Aug. 28, 1864 - May 7, 1946
L129 L134
Eisiminger, Roy Roy Eisiminger
June 22, 1890 - Sept. 30, 1971
L129 L132
Eisiminger, Virginia A. Virginia A.
Dau. of H. & R. Eisiminger
Died Aug. 6, 1860
Aged 1 yr 9 ms 8 ds
H47E H51
Eisiminger, William William
Son of C. & M. Eisiminger
Died Sept. 6, 1852
Aged 12 yrs 11 mo 28 days
H47E H49
Elliott, Robert Robert Elliott
Born Jan. 3, 1793
Died Aug. 29, 1880
Aged 87 y's 7 m 26 d
H18 H20
Elliott, Robert P. In Memory of Robert P. Elliott
Who was born April 1, 1805
… died Aug. 23, 1851
Aged 46 yr 4 mos 19 ds
Elliott, Sarah+ Sarah
Wife of Robt. Elliott
Died Aug. 29, 1852
Aged 58 y's & 5 m's
H18 H19
Ely, Stella Stella
Dau. of [John] & Belle Ely
Died …
Aged 13? …
Ely, William M. William M. Ely
Died Jan.3, 1881
Aged 78 y 9 m 3 d
Ettinger, Harry Jonas Harry Jonas Ettinger
Sept. 24 – Dec. 4, 1892
M38 M39
Ettinger, Lawrence W. Beloved Father Lawrence W. Ettinger
Feb. 3, 1890 - Dec. 12, 1977
Ettinger, Morris B. 1864-1952 M38 M42
Ewing, David C. David C. Ewing
Died Mar. 23, 1872
Aged 67 y … m 20 d
The light of …just blesses…
Let not your heart be troubled
neither let it be afraid.
John 11th 23rd
B02 B03 B05
Ewing, Margaret W. Miss Margaret W. Ewing
Born Mar. 24, 1796;
Died Sept. 22, 1855
Thy word is always unto my feet
And a light unto my path.
Let not your heart be troubled
neither let it be afraid.
John 11th 23rd
B01 B02 B05
Farthing, Lucy B. In Memory of
Lucy B. Parthing [sic]
Wife of Geo. E. Farthing
born Feb. 22, 1823 in state of VA.
departed this life April 12, 1851
Aged 28 yrs 1 mo. 18 ds
Fellows, William Wm. Fellows
Co. E 1st Wis. Cav.
Ferrison, John H. In Memory of John H.
Son of P & K. B. Ferrison
Born Aug. 22, 1859
Died Sept. 24, 1863
Aged 4 y 1 m 2 d
Fleming, Anna Anna
Wife of A. W. Fleming
Died Nov. 20, 1873
Aged 21 y's 3 m's 22 d's
C14 C15
Fleming, William H. Wm. H. Fleming
Born May 19, 1778
Died June 6, 1864
Aged 81 ys 13 ds
Follett, Sarah J. Sarah J.
Wife of E. S. Follett
Died May 7, 1879
Aged 35 ys 1 mo 29 ds
A member of the … Lodge No. 25… R.
D22 D23
Ford, Earl Earl Ford
Nov. 2, 1880 – Feb. 9, 1931
Ford, Elizabeth S. Ford
Elizabeth S. His Wife
Feb. 24, 1827 – Nov. 11, 1896
Ford, James E. James E. Ford
Died Mar. 22, 1894
Aged 46 y's 4 m's 23 d's
One we loved has left our number.
Ford, Libby O. Ford
Libby O.
Dec. 18, 1864 – Dec. 2, 1896
Ford, Mary W. Mary W.
Daught. of W. F. & E. S. Ford
died Dec. 10, 1871
aged 4 Y'rs 28 D's
Z01 Z02
Ford, Mattie J. Ford
Mattie J.
Aug. 13-1853 – Nov. 16, 1893
Ford, W. F. W. F. Ford
Feb, 5, 1825 – June 28, 1915
Ford, William B. Ford
William B.
Mar. 18, 1856 – Oct. 10, 1900
Fortune, infant In Memory of the Infant
Son of T. L. and Mary A. Fortune
Fosdick, Sarah P. Sarah P
Wife of Dr. H. W. Fosdick
Died Jan. 30, 1878
Aged 37 y 28 d
Born in …Co. Ohio
… the … Church at Indianapolis, Ind.
B47 B48
Frasse, Frances Marian Frasse
Frances Marian – His Wife
Oct. 28, 1833 – Sept. 8, 1912
Frasse, Henry In loving remembrance of Henry Frasse
Asst. Surg’n 5th S.M. Cav.
Jan. 16, 1826 - Nov. 12, 1874
[two markers]
G07 G08
French, Amanda French
At rest
Amanda- his wife
Feb. 29, 1836-June 5, 1867
Father and Mother
French, Isaac A. At rest
Isaac A. French
Aug, 5, 1830-Dec. 12, 1901
Father and Mother
Furst, Margaret In Memory of Margaret M.
Late Wife of Emanuel B. Furst
Who died April 17th, 1849
Aged 31 years 2 months and 23 days
Galbraith, C. Homer C. Homer
Oct. 5, 1914
June 1, 1982
Galbraith, Dorothy M. Dorothy M.
Sept. 18, 1919
Dec. 9, 2001
Gann, Ann E. (east)
Ann E. Gann
Died June 1, 1888
Aged 72 y's 7 m's 23 d's
Our father and mother are at rest here
G79 G80
Gann, Christian (west)
Christian Gann
Died Mar 3, 1868
Aged 63 y's 5 d's
Our father and mother are at rest here
G78 G79
Garrett, Lyddie Brown Lyddie Brown
Daughter of S. F. & S. E. Garrett
Died Mar. 10, 1859
Aged 2 y 10 m 28 d
Garrett, William E. William E.
Son of S. F. & S. E. Garrett,
died June 17, 1864
Aged 5 y'r 6 mo's 27 d's
Inscription illegible
Giddings, Armide Boon Father Mother
Armide Boon
Wife of N. B. Giddings
Born Aug. 22, 1825
Died Dec. 2, 1887
George Hampton
Louisa Frances
Hampton Louie
Rowena Boon
Anne Evalina
Mary Armide
Napoleon Tandy
Sarah Luella Allene
Irene Adelle
Ora Leona
James Braxton
D27 D28
Giddings, N. B. Father
N. B. Giddings
Born Jan. 2, 1816
Died Aug 3, 1897
George Hampton
Louisa Frances
Hampton Louie
Rowena Boon
Anne Evalina
Mary Armide
Napoleon Tandy
Sarah Luella Allene

Irene Adelle
Ora Leona
James Braxton
Gillispie, Susanna Elizabeth Susanna Elizabeth
Wife of J. P. Gillispie
Oct. 29, 1862
July 26, 1923
L027 L029 L028
Ginn, Alice Cobb Alice Cobb Ginn
Jan. 22, 1896
July 11, 1987
G39 G40 G41
Ginn, Raymond F. Raymond F. Ginn
May 30, 1897
Sept. 19, 1975
G39 G40 G42
Goddard, Curtis Curtis Goddard
Died Nov. 5, 1883
Aged 43 y 9 m 4 d
M19 M20
Gordon, Lee* Lee Gordon
Died Feb. 4, 1897
Aged 72 Years
Gordon, Lucy* Lucy Gordon
Wife of Lee Gordon
Died Dec. 15, 1896
Aged 63 Years
Graff, Agnes Agnes
Wife of Valentine Graff Sr.
Died July 7, 1866
Aged 85 y 10 m 28 d
Our Mother
L144 L145
Graff, Alice E. Graff
Mother Alice E. his wife
Graff, Harry F. 1890-1979 I37 I42
Graff, Mary E. 1892-1978
Graff, Valentine Father Valentine Graff
Graff, Valentine Valentine Graff
Ist Geboren in Longenlonsheim
Regierungs Beirk Nobelenz
Empire Preussen 25 January 1804
Gestorben 24 May 1885
Aged 81 y 3 m 29 d
L144 L146
Gray, Harriet B.* 1861-1880 M10
Gray, Hester A.* Gray
Hester A. His Wife
Dec. 6, 1836 – Feb 4, 1933
L147 L148
Gray, infants* M05
Gray, Mary E.* 1867-1928 M04
Gray, Moses* 1869-1953 L153 L154
Gray, Myrtle* 1912-1913 M05
Gray, William K.* William K. Gray
June 26, 1836 – July 10, 1913
L147 L148
Gray, Zora* 1881-1956 L153 L154
Greenlee, James W (south side)
James W. Their son
July 2, 1847
Aug. 7, 1859
Greenlee, Mary A. Mother and Father
Mary A. Greenlee
Mar. 27, 1825
Sept. 8, 1902
Greenlee, Thomas Mother and Father
Thomas Greenlee
Apr. 21, 1821
Nov 22, 1879
Greenlee, Thomas B. (north side)
Thomas B Their son
Jan. 9, 1861
Feb. 8, 1884
Griffin, Carl K. Griffin
Carl K.
Sept. 18, 1922
Nov. 30, 1996
Griffin, Delia M. Griffin
Delia M.
Dec. 8, 1923
Mar. 27, 1999
Hail, David W. David W.
Son of T. H. & A. E. Hail
Died Sept 20, 1863
Aged 1 y'r 4 m's 24 d's
The casket is here – the jewel in heaven
Farris & Thompson St. Jo
Hale, Harriet M. Harriet M.
Daughter of M. & J. Hale
Died June 3, 1854
Aged 16 yrs 9 mo's 3 D
Hamilton, Edna Mae Sigrist Edna Mae Sigrist Hamilton
Sept. 25, 1926
Dec. 11, 2006
In God's Care
Y06 Y07
Hancock, Anna E. Hancock
Mother Anna E.
Died 1934
Hancock, William E. Hancock
Son William E.
Died 1949
Hardcastle, Abbie J Abbie J.
Infant Dau. of B. F. & S. J. Hardcastle
Died Dec. 30, 1881
Aged 2 days
Harden, Mary M. Mary M
Wife of Wm. H. Harden
Died July 20, 1871
Aged 42 y's 4 m's 23 d's
Harlan, Eva Alice Eva Alice
Daught. of D. R. B & Alice L. Harlan
Died Dec. 12, 1870
Aged 2 yrs 7 d's
O Death thou lovest the beautiful.
L109 L111 L106
Harrington, Clara Jane Mother Clara Jane
Married Sept. 2, 1909
M53 M54
Harrington, Leroy Father Leroy "Cotton" Harrington
Harrington, Thaddeus L. Father Thaddeus L.
Married Sept. 2, 1909
M53 M54
Harris, C. Earl 1887-1967 L057
Harris, Tilda M. 1889-1964
Hart, Marvin [In] Sa[cred] Memory [of]
Marvin s[on of]
Jose[ph &] Clara Hart
… 22 …
Y03 Y04
Hartt, Lola E. 1927-2000 X41
Harvey, Carolyn (side)
Dau. of D. W. & S. E. Harvey
Nov. 11, 1909
July 9, 1910
L051 L056 L055
Harvey, David W. 1865-1945 L051 L052 L053
Harvey, Ethel E. 1905-1994 L047 L050 L048
Harvey, Richard C. 1902-1965 L047 L050 L049
Harvey, Sarah E. 1872-1948 L051 L052 L054
Harwood, George D. (west)
Shed not for them the bitter tear
Nor give the heart in vain regret
Tis but the caskets that lie here
The gems that filled them sparkle yet.
George D. Harwood
Died Sep. 21, 1879
Aged 42 years
M78 M80
Harwood, Hellen (west)
Shed not for them the bitter tear
Nor give the heart in vain regret
Tis but the caskets that lie here
The gems that filled them sparkle yet.
Wife of G. D. Harwood
Died May 25, 1885
Aged 47 years
M78 M79
Hatcher, Dicy A.* 1865-1924 M03
Hawkins, Rutha A. [private] J065
Hazelrigg, Edward P. Hazelrigg
Edward P.
Feb. 26, 1910
May 29, 1973
Hazelrigg, Opal R. Hazelrigg
Opal R.
May 16, 1911
Sept. 26, 1995
Henderson, Robert B. Robert B
son of Joseph & Harriet Henderson
Died Jan. 14, 1857
Aged 2 y's 21 d's
Higgins, Charlie W. Charlie W. Higgins
Born Aug. 10, 1865
Deceased Apr. 5, 1877
Higgins, Gracie E. Gracie E. Higgins
Born Dec. 15, 1856
Deceased Oct 10, 1857
Transplanted Our Lambs
Higgins, James C. James C. Higgins
Born Feb. 1, 1820
Deceased April 27, 1882
Hig. is not dead but gone before,
He is mine Waiting for me, his wife.
A19 A22
Higgins, Patrick J. Patrick J. Higgins
Born Sept. 23, 1860
Deceased Sept. 25, 1860
Transplanted Our Lambs
Hill, Lizzie* 1860-1926 M75
Hill, Samuel [In] memory of Samuel A. Hill
died … 15, …
Aged 28 Y
Y01 Y02
Hiltibidal, Elizabeth In Memory of Elizabeth
Wife of Jacob Hiltibidal
Died Sept. 27, 1848
Aged 42 y
Hiltibidal, James Also James S. Died
March 25, 1848
Aged 2_? years
Hiltibidal, Mary M. Also Mary M.
Died June 21, 1845
Aged 8 y 7 m
Hiltibidal, Nancy J. Also Nancy J.
Died August 4, 1845
Aged 10 years
Hiltibidal, Oliver+ Also Oliver
Died Feb. 7, 1852
Aged 18 y 5 m
A14 A14a
Hinkle, Beulah L. Hinkle
Beulah L
Oct. 17, 1903
Oct. 13, 1989
Wed Apr. 28, 1928
X64 X65
Hinkle, Kenneth P. Hinkle
Kenneth P.
Oct. 29, 1895
Mar. 4, 1983
Wed Apr. 28, 1928
Hobson, George H. George H. Hobson
Died Dec. 9, 1848
Aged 58 y's 3 m's 21 d's
Hobson, infant Infant Dau. of W.J. & Juletta Hobson A23
Hobson, infant Infant Son of [W. J. & Juletta] Hobson
Died Oct. 20, 1869
Aged 2 months
Hobson, John J031
Hobson, Lottie Dell Lottie Dell Hobson
Suffer the little children to come unto me.
J035 J035a J035b
Hobson, Mary L. Dear mother in earth’s thorny paths,
How long thy feet have trod
To find at last a peaceful rest
Safe in the arms of God.
Mary L. Hobson
Born May 1, 1814
Died May 12, 1885
A49 A50
Hobson, Michael C. Michael C.
Son of Stephen N. & Mary L. Hobson
Died Apr. 23, 1852
Aged 17 y 5 mo
[two markers]
Nov. 11, 1834
Died Apl. 23, 1852
Aged 17 years 5 months
Death loves a shining mark.
A46 A51
Hobson, Naomi Naomi Hobson
wife of ...
Hobson, Sally … H …
[Sally, wife of George Hobson]
… Nov. 11 … [1845]
… [5]5 Y…
Hobson, Steven H. Steven H. Hobson
Born March 2, 1810
Died May 17, 1880
Aged 70 years 2 months
A47 A48
Holder, Charles B. 1879-1961 K52
Holder, Ella P. 1880-1964 K51
Holme, Sarah Sarah
Wife of James Holme,
Died Aug. 4, 1866
Aged …0 yrs
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
Holt, Charles* Charles Holt
Dec. 3, 1867
Aug. 3, 1895
At Rest
Holt, E. B. E. B.
Daughter of J. M. & S. E. Holt
Died Sept. 12, 1857
F20 F22
Holt, Ernest R. 1872-1933 G20
Holt, Hester* Hester Holt
May 17, 1873
June 19, 1889
Holt, Ida* Ida Holt
Mar. 28, 1871
Apr. 2, 1890
Holt, James C. James C. Holt
Son of J. M. & R. Holt
Who died Sept 8, 1…
Aged 1 y 6 m
F20 F24
Holt, Luella* Luella Holt
Oct. 8, 1882
M69 M70
Holt, Pearl 1876-uncarved G20
Holt, Rachel E. In Memory of Rachel E.
Wife of Joseph M. Holt
Who Died Feb. 8, 1851
Aged 27 years 8 mo 27 d's
F20 F21 F23
Holt, Robert T. Robert T.
Son of J. M. & S. E. Holt
Died June 10, 1853
F20 F22
Hoss, Anna G. Anna G.
Wife of Jacob Hoss
Died Oct. 15, 1867
Aged 66 yrs 3 mo 24 ds
Howard, Adeline Submit Adeline Submit Howard
Cor Cordium
Born at Montpelier Washington Co. Vt.
March 19, 1827
Died at Savannah Andrew Co. MO
Nov. 6, 1854
Illegible verse
B21 B33
Howard, Betsey (north)
Wife of Wm. B. Howard
Born July 15, 1829
Died July 26, 1906
L001 L003
Howard, Catherine H. Clarke Catherine H.
Wife of W.P. Howard
& daughter of Tho. H. & Mary Clarke
Died in St. Louis Apr. 8, 1862
Born in Manhattan, Indiana Jan. 2, 1834
A37 A38 A39 A40
Howard, Columbia C. Columbia C.
Born Mar. 12, 1862
Died Aug. 21, 1862
Three children of W. P. & Catherine H.
A33 A35
Howard, Emma E. (west)
Emma E. His Wife
Born Dec. 16, 1864
Died Dec. 1, 1918
L003 L004 L005 L058 L059
Howard, Harlan (west)
Harlan Howard
Born Sept. 3, 1859
L003 L004 L005
Howard, John C. John C.
Born Aug. 22, 1857
Died July 12, 1858
Three children of W. P. & Catherine H.
A36 A35
Howard, Mary V. Mary V.
Born Aug. 22, 1852
Died Oct. 16, 1852
Three children of W. P. & Catherine H.
A34 A35
Howard, Nancy Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Nancy Howard
Died Jan. 28, 1872
Aged 84 y 5 m 9 d
A member of the M.E. church over sixty years
Howard, William B. (east)
In memory of William B. Howard
Born Jan. 5, 1830
Died Feb. 15, 1891
“In my father’s house are many mansions”.
St. John 15C 2v
We cherish his memory.
L006 L002 L003
Howard, William Ira Here lies William Ira,
Eldest son of John, and Virginia Howard
Born in Albemarle County, Virginia
Oct. 21, 1819
Died in Savannah Nov. 24th 1842
Howel, Benson Benson A
Son of J. B. & E. N. Howel
Born Mar. 1, 1853
Died Dec. 4, 1882
Aged 28 y 9 m 3 d
Howel, Prince Edward Sacred to the Memory of
Prince Edward
Son of J. B. & E. N. Howel
Died Oct. ... 1864
Aged …
Howell, Elizabeth+ Elizabeth Howell
Oct. 19, 1831 - Dec 30 1906
Howell, John John Howell
Jan. 7, 1902
Aged 76 years (corrected to 68)
Howell, Levine L. Levine L.Howell
Died Mar. 2, 1901
Aged 52 yr 8 mo 18 days
000 J133
Hub..., William E. William E. Hub…
Born in … Aug 8, 1833
Died Nov. 18, 1866
Aged 23 y 3 m 10 d
Hubbard, Mary A. Mary A.
Wife of R. G. Hubbard
Died Apr. 1, 1844
Aged 59 yr 9 mo 23 days
Huffman, Daniel F. (west)
Daniel F.
Son of S. Huffman
Died Jan. 3, 1874
K41 K42
Huffman, Daniel K.+ Daniel K. Huffman
Rests Here
Huffman, Miranda Miranda
Wife of Rev. S. Huffman
Born Dec. 1, 1824
Married S. Huffman Feb. 2, 1850
Died Apr. 17, 1917
K41 K43
Huffman, Samuel+ Rev. Samuel Huffman
Born Apr. 15, 1806
Licensed to Preach Dec. 25, 1832
Died Feb. 27, 1900
K41 K45
Hulse, Lunetta Jane 1855-1930 G30
Humber, James T. James T.
Son of A. A. & M. Y. Humber
Died Dec. 25, 1853
Humber, Margaret Y. Margaret Y.
Wife of Albert A. Humber
Died July 20, 1851
Aged 36 yrs 4 mo
Hutchison, Lucy D. Lucy D.
Daughter of B. & K. E. Hutchison
Died Mar. 27, 1874
Aged 16 y …
Hyde, Charles T. Charles T.
Son of Philo & Elizabeth Hyde
Born July 28, 1849
Died July 27, 1857
Suffer little children to come unto me
for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Hyde, Edwin C. Edwin C.
Infant son of Philo & Elizabeth Hyde
Born June 24, 1845
Died Nov. 18, 1846
Hyde, George M. George M.
Son of Philo & Elizabeth Hyde
Born Oct. 20, 1842
Died Nov. 22, 1846
Suffer little children to come unto me
for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Imus, Albert L. 1861-1923 M07
Imus, Benjamin L. 1900-1927 M06
Imus, George W. 1898-1944 L138
Imus, Lellie M. 1870-1945 L137
Imus, Lulu M. 1892-1917 M06
Jenkins, Gambia B. 1855-1937 J094
Jenkins, John L. 1861-19uncarved J025
Jenkins, Joseph Andrew 1850-1927 J095
Jenkins, Lillie G. 1865-1924 J025
Jenkins, Mary F. (north)
Mary F. Jenkins
Died Feb. 5, 1898
Aged 58 y 11 m 10 d
God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon his love has given,
And though the body slumbers here,
The soul is safe in Heaven.
M14 M15 M18 M16
Jenkins, Sarah E. 1857-1926 M11
Jenkins, Thomas+ (west)
Thomas Jenkins
Died Mar. 5, 1883
Aged 52 y 11 m 5 d
A light from our household has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our hearts
That never can be filled
M13 M17
Jenkins, William T.+ 1852-1921 M11
Jessup, Hannah Hannah
Wife of Solomon Jessup
Died Mar. 18, 1863
Aged 73 years
Jinkins, Charles R. Chas. R.
Son of F. M. & E. Jinkins
Died Apr. 13, 1872
Aged 4 y's10 m 27 d
I20 I21
Jones, B. F. B. F. Jones
Co. 6 51st Mo. Inf.
Jones, Fannie May Fannie May
Dau. of R. P. & M. M. Jones
Born Apr. 25, 1881
Died in Savannah July 16, 1883
Aged 2 y 2 m 11 d
L112 L106
Jones, Mary A. 1869-1959 L122 L123
Jones, Norma C. 1905-1991
Jones, Thomas B. 1874-1956
Joslin, Edward Lee Edward Lee Joslin
Dec. 15, 1928
May 8, 2001
Joy, James James Joy
Born Jan. 23, 1806
Died Aug. 1866
Aged 60 years
Joy, Melenium Melenium
Wife of J. F. Joy
Died Feb. 11, 1869
Aged 28 y's 11 m 15 d
Joy, Simon L. Simon L.
Son of E. W. & M. A. Joy
Died Apr. 9, 1864
Aged 1 yr 5 mo
Kabel, Doyle Willard Doyle Willard Kabel
Sept. 20, 1926 – Aug. 28
Keller, Daniel W. [private] X25
Keller, Lucille E. Todd Keller
Mother Lucille E. Todd
Wed Feb. 14, 1947
Kellogg, Russel L. In Loving Memory of Russel L. Kellogg
Born February 19, 1927
Agenda, Kansas
Died July 7, 2003 St. Joseph, Missouri
X61 X62
King, Armine J. Armine J. King
Born Jan. 4, 1896
Died June 19, 1896
K31 K55
King, Esther J. Esther J. King
Died Feb. 7, 1860
Aged 28 years
King, Frances Elizabeth Frances Elizabeth
Daughter of Will R. & Susan King
Died Feb.15, 1856
Aged 4 yr's 3 m's 1 d
Little Frankie
From adverse blasts and lowering storms
Her favored soul he bore
And with yon bright angelic forms
She lives to die no more.
G02 G03
King, Gracie E.+ Gracie's Grave
Gracie E.
Dau. of Geo. E & Lillie A. King
Died July 9, 1878
Aged 2 ys 4 ms 22 ds
G71 G49
King, Joseph Tennessee Joseph Tennessee
Son of Will R. & Susan King
Died Jan. 6, 1854
Aged 4 m's 19 d's
Our Joe
He is not dead but sleepeth.
When Christ who is our life shall
appear, then shall ye also appear with him.
G01 G04
King, Nellie C. Nellie's Grave
Nellie C.
Dau. of G. E. & Lillie King
Died [Oct] 31, 1886
Aged [5 ys] 7 ms 10 ds
G48 G50
King, Susan Susan
Wife of Will R. King
born in Washington Co. Ohio
Died at Savannah, Mo. Aug. 14, 1861
Aged 34 yrs 4 m's 20 d's
Susan in Heaven
G05 G06
Kinley, unknown
Died Feb 13, 1880
Aged … m 29 d
Kirker, Amanda Amanda
Daughter of Thomas & Jane Kirker
Born July 4, 1854
Died Oct. 21, 1867
Aged 13 y 3 mo 17 d
…could …
… child would not…
F27 F28
Kirwan, Norma Jean Norma Jean Kirwan
Heaton Bowman Smith Chapel
[mortuary marker]
Kolbrenner, Annie G Annie G.
Dau. of G. & Elizabeth Kolbrenner
Born June 6, 1869
Died July 16, 1870
Kolbrenner, Emma I Emma I.
Dau. of G. & C. E. Kolbrenner
Born Apr. 20, 1875
Died June 25, 1875
D33 D32
Kolbrenner, Lydia Lydia
Wife of G. Kolbrenner
Died Jan. 4, 1898
Aged 63 y 5 mo
At Rest
Kolbrenner, Rosa A Rosa A.
Dau. of G. & C.E. Kolbrenner
Born Dec. 29, 1871
Died Oct. 4, 1886
We cherish her memory
Korell, John B. Korell
John B.
June 10, 1903
July 8, 1986
Korell, Mary Jule Korell
Mary Jule
June 2, 1904
Feb. 13, 1991
Krull, William C. In Loving Memory of
William C. Krull
Born May 22, 1921 Cosby, Missouri
Died Nov. 9, 2001 St. Joseph, Missouri
Breit & Hawkins Funeral Home
Savannah, Missouri
[mortuary marker]
X47 X48
Lambright, Harriet N. (west)
Here rests a … christian
A … wife and …
May the pledge… to her … died
In Christ … the … immediately
The … of the just is blessed.
Harriet N.
wife of George Lambright
Died Apr. 3, 1880
Aged 54 Yrs 1 mo 4 ds
D43 D44
Laney, Alice Alice
Dau. of T. M. & L. C. Laney
Died Sept. 30, 1868
Aged 1 mo 22 d's
Laney, C. Cedric 1905-1973 K56 K62
Laney, Caroline Caroline
Wife of J. H. Laney
Born Aug 2, 1828
Died Sept 12, 1868
Laney, J. H. Dr. J. H. Laney
K56 K58 K60
Laney, Jessie C. 1862-1941 K56 K58 K59
Laney, John John Laney
Born in …
Died in Savannah, MO Feb.10, 1871
Aged 80 y 10 m
K36 K37
Laney, John H. John H. Laney
Died Dec. 1, 1898
Aged 75 yr 20 ds
Laney, Lucy C. 1828-1915 K56 K57 K57a
Laney, Marian E. 1891-1970 K56 K61
Laney, T. M. Dr. T. M. Laney
K56 K57 K57a K63
Layton, Tommie C. Tommie C.
Aged 1 y 2 m 24 d
Sons of Chas. & Jane Layton
Layton, Willie E. Willie E.
Aged 12 y 13 d
Sons of Chas. & Jane Layton
Leach, Alfred L. (Charles) 1909-1981
[two stones, two dates]
Alfred L Leach
Sgt US Army World War II
Oct 16, 1910 Oct 21, 1981
J062 J063 J064
Leach, Marie 1919-2001 J062 J063
Leader, Chase Michael Chase Michael Leader
Mar. 5, 1986
Nov. 19, 2006
Loving son & father
A million times we've needed you
A million times we've cried
If love alone could of saved you
You never would have died
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
In our hearts you hold a place
No one else will ever fill
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn't go alone
Part of us went with you
The day God took you home.
Y08 Y09
Leader, Deborah E. Leader
Deborah E. "Debbie"
Apr. 15, 1955
Apr. 2, 2004
Married May 25, 1974
X82 X83
Leader, Hazel M. [private] X84 X85
Leader, Juanita L. 1916-1985 X73 X74
Leader, Marvin C. 1906-1968
Leader, Michael S. [private] X82 X83
Leader, Morris R. Leader
Morris R.
May 10, 1931
Mar. 7, 2001
Married Sept. 18, 1952
[two markers]
US Navy Korea
X84 X85
Lee, Matilda* 1830-1934 M83 X68
Lee, Reuben Reuben Lee
Died Nov. 26, 1894
Aged 10 y's 7 m's 26 d's
Lemon, George M. George M
Infant son of Wm. T. & Elizabeth J. Lemon
Died July 2, 1853
Aged 9 mo's 11 d's
Lewis, Clara M. 1894-1988 L095 L096
Lewis, James E. 1878-1960
Lewis, Lester E. Father Lester E. Lewis
Dec. 4, 1910
Dec. 28, 1992
Lewis, Ronald E. [two stones]
Ronald E. Lewis
Missouri Pvt US Army
Nov. 16, 1938 May 1, 1962
L081 L083
Littz, Leonard In Memory Of Leonard Littz
Born in Wythe Co. Va.
June 26, 1796
Died in Nodaway Co. MO
Oct. 9, 1872
Aged 76 y 3 m 13 d
Remember friends as you pass by
as you are now so once was I.
as I am now so you must be
prepare for death and follow me.
E38 E39
Logan, Dicey* Dicey
Wife of Moses Logan
Died Aug. 30, 1895
Aged 88 yr 9 mo 29 da
L149 L151
Logan, Joseph I.* Jos. I.
Died Aug. 17, 1855
Aged 6 Y 7 M & 13 days
sons of M. Logan
L159 L161 L162
Logan, Moses* Moses Logan
Died May 21, 1875
Aged 85 years
L149 L152
Logan, Robert L.* Robert L.
Died Jan. 24, 1867
Aged 20 y's 8 m's
Children of M. Logan
Logan, Roda* Roda
Died May9, 1845
Aged 1 y 3 m 6 days
Children of M. Logan
Logan, Willis L.* Willis L.
died Dec, 1, 1861
aged 28 y 7 m 3 d
sons of M. Logan
L159 L160 L162
Long, Cyntha A. Cyntha A.
Wife of E. Long
Died Aug. 24, 1890
Aged 83 years
verse illegible
E46 E47
Long, Edmond Edmond Long
Died Jan. 23, 1873
Aged 71 yrs 13 d
Lorimor, Eulene R. 1896-1993 J070 J071
Lorimor, Ralph M. 1891-1977
Lowe, G. E. Lieut. G. E. Lowe
58th U.S. C. T.
Macicek, Hazel M. Macicek
Hazel M.
June Mar
1911 1992
Macicek, Joseph F. [two stones]
Joseph F Macicek
Sgt. US Army World War II
Dec 21 1912 Sep 9 1990
X20 X32
Mann, Ida 1880-1983 X67
Mann, Thomas 1869-1956
Manning, George W. We Will Meet Soon
Geo. W. Manning
Died May 28, 1871
Aged 70 years
McD. & B. Sav.
Manning, Mary In Memory of Mary,
Wife of G. W. Manning
Died July 18, 1852
Aged 51 yrs 6 mo 7 d
Manning, Mary J. R. Mallorie Mary J. R. Mallorie
… of S. Manning
Died Feb. 19, 1868
Aged 32 y 7 m 10 d
Manning, Ruth Gone Home
wife of E. R. Manning
died Apr. 26, 1856
aged 24 y 9 m
Z03 Z04 Z05 Z06
Marsh, Nellie May Nellie May Marsh
Born Sept. 18, 1881
Died May 25, 1898
Gone but not forgotten
Marshall G21
Marshall, Samuel In Memory of Samuel Marshall
Born Aug. 15, 1781
Died July 26, 1857
Martin, Angeline (east)
Died Dec. 19, 1869
Aged 23 y 12 d
Children of A. K. & M. Martin
Martin, James Lee (south)
Jas. Lee
Died Nov. 19, 1868
Aged 23 y 10 m 22 d
Children of A. K. & M. Martin
Martin, John H. (south)
John H.
Died Jan. 15, 1880
Aged 27 y 1 m 11 d
Martin, Mariah Rebecca Mariah Rebecca
Dau. of J. H. & L. E. Martin
Died Oct. 4, 1860
Aged 5 yrs 2 mos 9 ds
Martin, Mary Mary E/B
Daughter of J. H. & Lieuticia E. Martin
Died May 29, 1858
Aged 2 yrs 11 ds
Martin, Sarah Belle (north)
Sarah Belle
Died Mar 26, 1871
Aged 10 y 7 m 3 d
Children of A. K. & M. Martin
Martin, William (west)
Died Sep. 21, 1865
Aged 22 y 2 m 3 d
Children of A. K. & M. Martin
Martindale, infant Infant Dau. of W. J & O. Martindale
Died July 16, 1871
Martindale, Willie E. Willie E.
Son of W. B. & A. J. Martindale
Born Oct. 24, 18…
Died Jan 18, 1877
Inscription illegible
E25 E26 E27
Mastin, Mary D. Mary D. Mastin
Born and raised in Mass.,
married and widowed in Virginia
Died in Savannah, Mo.
Mar. 20, 1869
Aged 69 y'rs
Matheny, Francis O Francis O.
Son of A. M. & B. V. Matheny
Died Sept. 15, 1873
Aged 11 mo 28 d
Matheny, Freddie C. Freddie C.
Son of A. & V. Matheny
Died July 10, 1871
Aged 10 ms 2 ds
Mathers, Cyrena F. Cyrena F.
Wife of Wm. Mathers
Died May 18, 1880
Aged 25/26/28 y 10 m 7 d
Mattox, George L.+ George L. Mattox
Born in Harrison Co. Ky.
Sept. 17, 1817
Died in Andrew Co. MO
Feb. 18, 1876
D24 D25
Mattox, John J. To the Memory of John J. Mattox
Died June 3, 1856
Aged 17 yrs 2 mons & 12 ds
Weep not for me …in the …of the tomb
In life … from years …
D15 D16 D25 D26
Mattox, William E. In Memory of William E
Son of Geo. & Mary Mattox
Died Jan. 12, 1866
Aged 19 yrs 10 mos & 29 ds
And though after my skin
worms destroy this body,
yet in my flesh shall I see God.
Job 19c 26 v
D14 D25
Maxwell, Catherine F. Maxwell
Catherine F.
June 19, 1912
Sept. 14, 2000
Married Nov. 26, 1936
Maxwell, Cleo C. Maxwell
Cleo C.
Jan. 7, 1914
Sept. 17, 1990
Married Nov. 26, 1936
McCord, Sallie M. Field In Memory of Sallie M.
Wife of William McCord
and Dau. of John & Sallie Field
born Albemarle Co. Va
April 6, 1798
Died May 7, 1850
McDaniel, Angeline F. 1893-1964 J102
McDaniel, Omer O. 1883-1961 J103
McDonald, Joseph W. Joseph W. McDonald
Born April 21, 1835
Died May 26, 1855
Aged 20 yrs 1 mo & 5 dys
Yea, thought I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
for thou art with me,
thy rod and thy staff
[buried in concrete]
C19 C20
McDonald, Simon In Memory of Dr. Simon McDonald
Who was born in Ky June 12, 1814
Departed this life Aug. 23, 1853
Being 39 years old
The Lord is good…
hold …
[scriptural notation]
F33 F34
McGrew, Laura Bell Laura Bell
Died Oct. 13, 1874
Aged 1 y 7 m 29 d
Children of O. P. & E. McGrew
… suffer little children
to come unto me and forbid them
not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.
D70 D73 D74
McGrew, Maggie J. Maggie J.
Died … 1870
Aged 4 y 15 d
Children of O. P. & E. McGrew
… suffer little children
to come unto me and forbid them
not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.
D72 D73 D74
McGrew, Oliver G. Oliver G.
Died Sept 30, 1870
Aged 2 y 1 m & 10 d
Children of O. P. & E. McGrew
… suffer little children
to come unto me and forbid them
not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.
D69 D73 D74
McKnight, Mattie M. 1876-1966 L088
McKnight, Paul A. 1868-1966 L089
McKnight, Sadie L. 1894-1973 L087
McLean, Annie May Annie May
Infant Dau. of F. E. & Isabell McLean
Born near Savannah May 8, 1863
Died July 1, 1863
Though thy gentle baby brow is hidden from [us now],
It is well,
Thou hast found a crown of light
Angels beautiful and bright
With the [sic] dwell.
A43 A43a
Mendenhall, Ida M. Ida M.
Dau. of Wm. & M. Mendenhall
Died Aug. 12, 1864
Aged 1 yr 9 ms 6 ds
Middelton, Alma K. 1923-1965 K06 K08
Middelton, Don C. 1887-1968 K05
Middelton, Mary O. 1893-1969
Middelton, William T.
[or Middleton]
[two markers]
William T Middleton
Missouri Tec5 Co B 5920 Engr B&S Regt World War II
May 12, 1914 – August 12, 1962
K06 K08 K07
Miller, Kate Kate
Daughter of Robert G. & Ruth Miller
Born in Savannah, Mo.April 18, 1868
Died April 5, 1869
Farris & Thompson St. Jo, Mo.
J033 J034 J033a
Miller, Mary C. 1875-1947 L142
Miller, Robert G.+ Robert G. Miller
Born in Pueblo Co. Ohio July 30, 1837
Died at Savannah, Mo. Jan. 17, 1869
J033 J034 J034a
Miller, Thomas In Memory of Tho's Mi…
of … H. & N. … Miler
who departed [this life?]
aged 8 months and 6? days
Weep not for him whom the veil of the tomb,
In life's early morning, hath hid from our eyes,
Ere sin threw a veil o'er the spirit's young bloom,
Or earth had profan'd what was born for the skies.
Death chilled the fair fountain, ere sorrow had stained it;
'Twas frozen in all the pure light of its course,
[And but sleeps till the sunshine of Heaven has unchained it,
To water that Eden where first was its source.]
Modie, Andrew J. Andrew J. Modie
Who died Feb. 22, 1858
Aged 41 y's 5 m's
We will go to him but he will not return to me.
Mollett, A. J. A. J.
Feb. 12, 1920
Oct. 27, 1995
Together Forever
Married July 1, 1944
X22 X23
Mollett, Joyce F. Joyce F.
Dec. 5, 1928
June 1, 1995
Together Forever
Married July 1, 1944
Mollett, Lavon Lavon Mollett
Rupp Service [mortuary marker]
Molsbee, Christopher Stephen Christopher Stephen Molsbee
May 3, June 22,
1977 2002
Gone Fishin’
Son of Robert & Joan
Brother of Bobby
X49 X50
Monroe, Agnes (north)
Consort of William Monroe
Died March 7th 1840 aged 70 years
F01 F01c F01d
Monroe, Cynthia A. Erected to the Memory of
Cynthia A.
Wife of Samuel Monroe
who died Jan. 31, 1854
Aged 30 y 2 m 29 d
Monroe, William (south)
William Monroe
Died Sept. 18th 1840 aged 69 years
F01 F01a F01b
Moran, Elvira A. 1890-1979 L124 L125
Moran, George W. Moran
George W.
Mar. 22, 1863
Aug. 22, 1945
L116 L117 L118
Moran, Lawrence E 1888-1955 L124 L125
Moran, Mollie Moran
Mar. 14, 1866
Sept. 14, 1944
L116 L117 L118
Moran, Nancy M. Brooks Nancy M.
Wife of W. H. Moran
And dau. of Judge J. W. & Abigail Brooks
Died Sept. 25, 1881
Aged 34 y 11 m 26 d
William do not lonely be
But live aright and come to me.
Children I am happy now
With a crown so bright upon my brow.
Friends you must meet me here
Where ne’er is known a sigh or tear.
L042 L037 L038
Mueller, Herman F. [two markers]
Herman E Mueller
PFC US ARMY World War 1
Jan 31 1982 Oct 11 1981
L102 L103 L104
Mueller, Winnifred M. 1898-1968 L102 L104
Murray, William R.+ In Memory of Wm. R. Murray
Died Jan. 9, 1852
Aged 22 yrs
Erected by Savannah Division No 15
Sons of Temperance
When … youth …
A26 A27
Murry, Joseph* 1875-1918 M63
Nance, Alwilda Alwilda
Daughter of T. & E. Nance
Died July 9, 1862
Aged 11 Y 7 M 17 D
Nance, Augustus Augustus
Son of Wm C. & E. Nance
Died Mar. 22, 1867
Aged 1 year 4 mos 24 D
Nave, Lucy J. Sacred to the memory of Lucy J
Wife of Abram Nave
Who died Nov. 9, 1853
Aged 31 y 10 m 20 d
Nave, Lucy Jane In Memory of Lucy Jane
Daughter of Abram & Lucy Nave,
who died Feb. 16, 1854
Nave, Mildred Also Mildred
infant daughter of Abram & Lucy J. Nave
Died July 19, 1852
Neale, Alvin E. [private] X16
Neale, Dorotha M. 1922-1989 X16
Neely, Mahala A. Mahala A.
Dau. of Jas. F. & Eleanor Neely
Died Dec. 14, 1863
Aged 1 month
Neff, George M. E. George M. E.
Son of P. & M. C. Neff
Died Jan. 3, 1862
Aged 9 yrs & 7 mos
Stotts & Thurtell Savannah, Mo.
Nelson, Anna Bell Anna Bell
daughter of Robert L. and Mary F.
Died Jan. 8, 1858
Aged 6 y's 3 m's 10 d's
Nelson, Edwin S. Edwin S. Nelson
Feb. 22, 1856
Apr. 29, 1885
Nelson, Wanda M. Bechter In Loving Memory
Wanda M. Bechter Nelson
Oct. 12, 1933
Mar. 1, 1999
Nester, Harold Eugene Beloved Husband of Cathy
Harold Eugene Nester
Oct. 19, 1946
Sept. 18, 2003
[two markers]
US Army Vietnam
X59 X60
Noble, Louisa M. (west)
Louisa M. Noble
Died Apr. 6, 1868
Aged 17 y's 14 d's
Daughters of Nathan & Nellie Noble
A happier lot than ours, and larger light surrounds them there.
Noble, Lurania+ (south)
Lurania Noble
Died Nov. 30, 1884
Aged 38 y's 20 d's
Noble, unknown [stone broken]
Dau of H. C. & E. Noble
Born Dec. 20 18…2
Died May 16, 18…8
Nold, William L. Nold
William L. “Billy”
Nov. 9, 1942
Apr. 2, 1998
“The Sun Also Rises”
Oder, Lyle D. Lyle D. Oder
Feb. 23, 1922
May 11, 2001
Olds, Eugene A. 1893-1960 J127 J128
Olds, Frankie 1899-1967
Olsen, Donald E. 1945-2001 X14
Overbury, George George
Son of H. & E. Overbury
Died Dec. 16, 1870
Aged 1 yr 3 ms 6 ds
Sweet little bud
For earth too fair
Hath gone to heaven
To blossom there.
I52 I53
Page, John W. John W.
Husband of Lizzie Page
Died Sept. 11, 1868
Aged 29 y 10 m 11 d
Inscription illegible
E17 E18
Painter, Mary Alice Mary Alice
Dau. of J. T. & Mary J. Painter
Died Oct. 14, 1869
Aged … y … m … d
Painter, Sarah J. Sarah J
Wife of Thomas Painter
Died Jan. 2, 1878
Aged 30 y 2 m 12 d
E34 E35
Palmer, Cecile Hinkle Cecile Hinkle Palmer
Jan. 30, Aug 16,
1892 1987
Palmer, Sarah E. Sarah E. Palmer
Oct. 3, 1841 – Mar. 16, 1906
M57 M56
Parminter, John+ Sacred to the memory of John Parminter,
son of John & Mary Parminter,
Highbray, Devonshire, Old England,
Who Departed This Life June 26, 1869,
Aged 19
Ever a good ...
Long illegible verse
Z07 Z08 G24
Pearce, Joseph H. Joseph H. Pearce
Died Aug. 11, 1859
Pearl, Flora J078 J079
Pearl, James C. 1899-1962
Pearl, Lavelle
Pearl, Laverne
Pearl, Nellie I. 1894-1968
Phelps, Bryan William Bryan William Phelps
U.S. Army WWI
Oct. 16, 1897
Mar. 15, 1984
Phelps, Pearl Maybelle (Wilson) June 4, 1880-May 9, 1954 X70
Phillips, Amanda J. Amanda J.
Wife of Wm. Phillips
Died Dec. 2, 1881
Aged 44 y 7 m 20 d
Phillips, Mary Ann Mary Ann
Wife of E. A. Phillips
Died Jan. 8, 1864
Aged 39 y 10 m
verse illegible
Pixler, Philip Philip
Son of John & Elizabeth Pixler
Died June 27, 1857
Aged 28 d's
Pooler, Mary J. Mary J. Pooler
Born Nov. 17, 1852
Died July 20, 1885
Aged 32 y 8 m 3 d
Porter, Frances Frances
Wife of Cummings Porter
Died Sept. 27, 1858
Aged 35 yrs
Potter, Emma 1863-1863 G11 G09
Powell, Hester Ann* 1861-1946 M58
Powell, Jefferson D.* 1861-1937
Powell, Mary* Mary
Daughter of P. & F. Powell
Born April 2, 1866
Died Ap. 17, 1878
I69 I70 I71 I72
Powell, Paul Leonard, Sr.* Paul Leonard Powell Sr.
July 23, 1906
Aug. 28, 1989
Price, Amelia Ann Amelia Ann Price- Dau
G11 G18
Price, Charles S. 1864-1929 G11 G13
Price, Eliphalet Eliphalet Price- Son
1855 – 1856
G11 G12
Price, Elizabeth Ann Hobson+ 1833-1917 G11 G10 G14
Price, Elizabeth Earls 1823-1859 G11 G10 G17
Price, James Webster James Webster Price- Son
G11 G16
Price, William A. 1814-1887 G11 G10 G15
Price, William H. Clay William H. Clay Price- Son
G11 G19
Printz, Lillie M. 1861-1945 B14
Rains, Lucy Ann In Memory of Lucy Ann
Daughter of John & Luisa Rains
Died Sept. 26, 1854
Aged 5 y 3 m
Ramsey, George W 1892-1971 J072 J076
Ramsey, Hattie L. 1899-1974
Ramsey, John M. 1897-1967 J074 J075
Ramsey, Molly L. 1901-1980
Randolph, John H17
Ratliff, Arthur F. Ratliff
Husband Arthur F.
X18 X19
Ratliff, Bessie Ratliff
Wife Bessie
Ray, Gilbert Gilbert
[stone broken]
died Feb. 21, 1866
aged 76 y'rs 2 mo's
D48 D48a D48b
Reddish, Charles Wesley Charles Wesley Reddish
Jan. 12, 1863 – Jan. 13, 1908
Reddish, George S 1834-1913 M61
Reddish, Mildred F. 1844-1933
Redelfs, Cora Rogers Rogers
Mother Cora Redelfs
I38 I41
Reed, John G. John G.
Son of G. J. & Hannah D. Reed
Died Oct. 4, 1865
Aged 17 yrs 1 mo 14 ds
Co. E. 7 Ills Inft.
Reynolds, John H. 1883-1968 J055 J056
Reynolds, John H., Jr. 1917-1998 J054
Reynolds, Minnie H 1890-1963 J055 J056
Rhoads, Catherine L. 1866-1944 L094
Richards, Herbert A Also their son Herbert A.
Aged 2 m's 3 d's
Richards, Mary N. Mary N.
Wife of D. M. M. Richards
Died Aug. 29, 1870
Aged 27 y's 2 mo's 2 da
Ritchheart, Emma Ettinger Mother Emma Ettinger Ritchheart
M38 M41
Roberts, Arnet D. Roberts
Father Arnet D.
Roberts, Charles A. 1869-1932 I32
Roberts, infant Infant
Daughter of W. K. & M. J. Roberts
Died Oct. 5/6, 1855
Roberts, Jonathan Jonathan Roberts
Died May 24, 1895
Aged 80 y 3 m 21 d
Has passed through mornings gate and walks in paradise.
I28 I31
Roberts, Lucille A. Roberts
Mother Lucille A.
Wed Mar. 5, 1938
Roberts, Margaret N. 1873-1940 I32
Roberts, Sarah Meet me above.
Wife of Jonathan Roberts
Died Jan. 15, 1865
Aged 53 y 9 m 10 d
I29 I30
Rogers, James M. Rogers
James M.
May 6, 1853
Aug. 13, 1934
Rogers, Mary E. Rogers
Mary E.
June 30, 1857
Apr. 27, 1905
Rogers, R. Albert Rogers
R. Albert
I38 I41
Rose, Claudie 1894-1903 I47 I48
Rose, Dortha M. 1919-1992 I43 I48
Rose, Frank E. 1901-1980 I44 I48
Rose, Martha M. 1866-1955 I45 I48
Rose, William H. 1852-1929 I46 I48
Ross, Nathan W. Nathan W. Ross
Born in Ky Jan. 13, 1841
Died Mar. 11, 1874
Remember friends as you pass by
as you are now so once was I.
as I am now so you must be
prepare for death and follow me.
G22 G23
Routh, Beverly A. Devoted Mother Beverly A. Routh
July 30, 1930
June 19, 2000
Rucker, Julia Julia R/P
Wife of G. W. Rucker
Died Oct. 2, 1857
Aged 24 y 4 m 30 d
Rusing, William 1837-1923 M55
Russell, Amanda E.+ (east)
Amanda E.
Wife of J. B. Russell
Died June 18, 1876
Aged 32 y 6 m 14 d
…children… sweet …
L064 L065 L066 L074
Russell, Beatrice E. 1907-1998 J085 J086
Russell, Edward (south)
Edward Russell
Died Mar. 19, 1891
Aged 78 y 2 m 7 d
We cherish their memory.
L064 L065 L067 L075
Russell, Edward T. (north)
Edward T.
Son of J. B. & A. E. Russell
Died Apr. 18, 1887
Aged 20 y 11 m 4 d
We will [cherish his] memory.
L064 L065 L069 L071
Russell, Elizabeth A (south)
Elizabeth A.
Wife of Edward Russell
Died Jan. 30, 1890
Aged 71 y 11 m 13 d
We cherish their memory
L064 L065 L067 L076
Russell, Elmer E. Children of D. T. & J. E. Russell
Loved one … rest
In the regions of the blest
Elmer E.
Died Dec. 22, 1869
Aged 6 y's 8 m's & 11 dys
F35 F37 F38
Russell, Eugene C. (west)
Eugene C.
Son of J. B. & A. E. Russell
Died March 25, 1878
Aged 8 y's 7 d's
verse illegible
L064 L065 L068 L072
Russell, J. Warren (north)
J. Warren
Son of J. B. & A. E. Russell
Died Aug. 14, 1889
Aged 21 y 7 m 22 d
How many hopes lie buried here.
L064 L065 L069 L070
Russell, Jessie Children of D. T. & J. E. Russell
Loved one … rest
In the regions of the blest
Died Jan.3, 1873
Aged 1 day
F35 F36 F38
Russell, John B. 1897-1960 J085 J086
Russell, Joseph B. (east)
Our Father and Mother
Joseph B. Russell
Died July 15, 1885
Aged 43 y 3 m 21 d
He hath [done] all [he could.]
L064 L065 L066 L073
Russell, Oscar H. Oscar H. Russell
Died Dec. 26, 1872
AE. 4 y 3 m 10 d
Ryan, George In Memory of George
Son of Thomas and Margaret Ryan
Born Feb. 16, 1859
Died Aug. 28, 1860
S., M. [M. S. footstone] L019
Samuel, John W. John W. Samuel
Died Oct. 30, 1850
Aged 41 y's 3 mos 25 d's
Samuel, Mary C. Mary C
Wife of J. W. Samuel
Born June 20, 1820
Married April 13, 1845
Died Apr. 14, 1864
Sayers, John (east)
John Sayers
Born in Montour Co. Penn
Dec. 1, 1820
Died in Savannah, MO
Nov. 28, 1895
Aged 72 y 11 m 28 d
At Rest
K32 K34
Sayers, Lydia H. (north)
Lydia H.
Wife of John Sayers
Born in Montour Co. Penn.
Mar. 12, 1819
Died Feb. 15, 1896
Aged 76 y 11 m 3 d
Gone Home
K32 K33
Sayers, Winnie O.+ Winnie O.
dau. of [N. L.] & L. … Sayers
Died Jan. 2, 1875
aged 1 Y & 1 M
K29 K30 K30a K30b
Schaeffer, Joel Joel Schaeffer
Died Sept. 27, 1884
Aged 63 y's 9 m's 11 d's
I63 I65
Schaeffer, Lydia Lydia
Wife of Joel Schaeffer
Died July 13, 1871
Aged 55 y's 3 m's 29 d's
I63 I64
Schaffer, Adam Adam Schaffer
Died Mar. 18, 1867
Aged 58 yrs
Schaffer, Margareta
Scheffler, Hannah Mary Hannah Mary Scheffler
Aug. 2, 1847
Jan. 18, 1908
Gone but not forgotten
I33 I35
Scheffler, Joseph Joseph Scheffler
Dec. 25, 1843
April 23, 1921
Gone but not forgotten
I34 I35
Schildknecht, Blanche 1882-1973 L085 L086
Schildknecht, Frank R. 1879-1967
Schildknecht, Lucile 1912-1989 L077 L078
Schildknecht, Truman 1906-1995
Schmitt, Jacob Jacob Schmitt
Oct 9, 1809 - Oct. 4, 1875
Schmitt, Margaret Schmitt
Margaret His Wife
Apr. 14, 1829 - Dec. 25, 1900
Schnitzius, Joseph Jos Schnitzius
Co. B 43rd Mo. Inf.
E10 E13
Schnitzius, Joseph Joseph
Son of John & Mary Ann Schnitzuis
Died Sept 11, 1865
Aged 20 y 11 m 13 d
E12 E13
Schosser, Regina Regina
Wife of A. Schosser
Died July 21, 1898
Aged 37 years
Beloved by all
E[xcelled by none]
M25 M26 M27
Schuster, Adam N. Adam N. Schuster
Born July 30, 1876
Died Mar. 31, 1920
Schuster, Anna B. Annie B.
Born April 1, 1874
Died Apr. 6, 1877
Suffer little children to come unto me.
[two stones]
K10 K12 K15
Schuster, August+ Father August Schuster
Died Dec. 22, 1902
Aged 75 ys. 7 ms.5 ds.
K10 K11
Schuster, Edward V Edward V.
Born Aug. 1, 1863
Died Dec. 20, 1864
Suffer little children to come unto me.
K10 K12 K13
Schuster, Elizabeth Mother Elizabeth
Wife of A. Schuster
Died Dec. 2, 1878
Aged 38 y 9 m 13 d
Jas. E. McColgin Savannah, MO
K10 K16 K15
Schuster, Emma Agnes Emma Agnes
Born Sept. 29, 1865
Died Feb. 9, 1868
Suffer little children to come unto me.
K10 K12 K14
Schuster, Theadore Theadore Schuster
Born Mar. 14, 1870
Died Sept. 3, 1916
Scot, J. C35
Shackelford, Milbury (west)
Erected to the memory of our parents
Our parents are gone,
they lie beneath the sod
Dear father and mother tho’ we miss you much
We know you rest with God
wife of R.N. Shackelford
Died Aug. 5, 1865
Aged 62 years
C37 C40
Shackelford, R. N. (west)
Erected to the memory of our parents
Our parents are gone,
they lie beneath the sod
Dear father and mother tho’ we miss you much
We know you rest with God
R. N. Shackelford
Died Mar. 12, 1852
Aged 51 years
C37 C38
Shackelford, Stelle Wagon (east)
Stelle Wagon Shackelford
Born Oct 14, 1854
Died Sept. 18, 1855
Aged 11 month
Shaw, Barbara E. Barbara E.
Wife of Robert Shaw
Died Nov. 15, 1863
Aged 35 ys 6 ms 22 ds
Shaw, Mary Ann In Memory of Mary Ann
Wife of William Shaw
Died Feb. 2-, 1855
Aged … yrs 10 mo and 15 ds
Shaw, Nancy Ann Nancy Ann
Daughter of Wm. & Mary Ann Shaw
Died Dec. 26, 1857
Aged 3 ys 9 mo 11 d
Shepard, Emily Ann Emily Ann
Sept. 3, 1991
Apr. 3, 2006
Beloved Daughter & Big Sister
Emily Shepard
I've lived on the earth
Since my birth
I can't imagine how much that's worth,
Earth is nearly full of love,
But not peaceful like a dove
Even though I know that
Someday I'll go above
You know where
It's a place where everything's fair
I know that's so
I don't know when
But if I don't sin
I know I'll be sure to go.
Y10 Y11 Y12
Singleton, Sophia J Sophia J.
Daughter of H. T. & S. J. Singleton
Born Apr. 19, 1855
Died Sept 19, 1855
Suffer little children to come unto me
and forbid them not,
for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
H01 H02
Singleton, Sophia J Sophia J.
Wife of Henry T. Singleton
Born Aug. 2, 1832
Died May 20, 1855
Inscription illegible
Smith, Carrie M. Carrie M. Smith
Nov. 10, 1870
Dec. 27, 1958
Smith, Egbert Egbert
Son of Oscar & Annie Smith
Died July 29, 1876
Aged 5 mo's & 5 days
E28 E29
Smith, Ezekiel W. Ezekiel W. Smith
Died May 28, 1849
Aged 42 y 6 mo
Smith, Fred E. 1882-1933 M49
Smith, Hamilton+ Sacred to the Memory of
Hamilton Smith M.D.

Died July 29, 1865
Aged 59 y 1 m 24 d
Verse illegible
H09 H10
Smith, Laura E. 1893-1973 J057 J058 J059 J060
Smith, Nancy A. In memory of Nancy A.
Wife of William Smith
Died Oct. 7, 1865
Aged 46 yrs 1 mo & 1 d
Smith, Russel (or Russell) [two markers, two spellings]
Russell Smith
Pvt. US Army
World War I
July 13, 1891 Sep 23, 1977
J057 J058 J059 J060 J061
Smith, S. Edwin Sacred to the Memory of
S. Edwin Smith
Born Oct. 6, 1851
Died July 29, 1865
The…little …
…and …the …last …
H09 H11 H12
Snyder, Georgeanna Georgeanna Snyder
Died … 27, 1872
AE. 9 mos 18 d
Dau. of F. & C. Snyder
Spiegel, Alice Louise Mother Alice Louise Spiegel
Nov. 10, May 12,
1926 2004
Stanton, Margaret Margaret Stanton
Died … 18…
Aged …
Stanton, Thomas In Memory of Thomas Stanton
Who departed this life April … 1845
Aged …6 y 10 m 5 d
Starr, Bertha C. Bertha C. Starr
Born June 3, 1872
Died Nov. 23, 1888
L155 L156
Starr, Clinton B. Clinton B.
Son of W. S. & N. E. Starr
Died Apr. 24, 1886
Aged 19 y 11 m 24 d
Starr, N. Elizabeth N. Elizabeth
Wife of W. S. Starr
Born in Clinton Co. Ohio
Aug. 15, 1841
Died in Hutchison, Kans Mar. 17, 1903
Steeby, David Matthew Steeby
David Matthew
May 11, 1972
Oct. 11, 2000
When we drew near him, he disclosed himself to us.
X55 X56
Stevenson, J. D. J. D. Stevenson
Sept. 27, 1852 – June 27, 1906
I know that my Redeemer liveth
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.
M33 M34
Stevenson, Minnie C. (west)
Minnie C.
Born Dec. 17, 1873
Died Dec. 16, 1887
Children of J. D. & Laura A. Stevenson
Our children are gone,
They lie beneath the sod.
Dear children though we miss you much
We know you rest with God.
M29 M30 M32
Stevenson, Walter A. (east)
Walter A.
Born Dec. 30, 1870
Died Dec. 29, 1894
Children of J. D. & Laura A. Stevenson
Our children are gone,
They lie beneath the sod.
Dear children though we miss you much
We know you rest with God.
M29 M31 M32
Stewart, Charles Rev. Charles Stewart
Died July 27, 1852
Aged 52 yrs
Inscription illegible
H04 H05
Stiles, Jeremiah In Memory of Jeremiah
Son of Jeremiah and Susan Stiles
Died Sept. 21, 1845
Aged 4 mo 5 d's
Stiles, Jeremiah In Memory of Jeremiah Stiles
Died June 23rd, 1855
Aged 68 yr
Gone but not forgotten by his affectionate family
Strader, E. V. P. Mrs. E. V. P. Strader
Mar. 7, 1836
Feb. 9, 1891
Swinford, John A. C John A. C. Swinford
Oct. 31, 1833
Mar. 2, 1852
Swope, Elmer Swope
Feb. 28, 1883
June 15, 1967
Swope, Jessica Swope
Oct. 15, 1881
Oct. 21, 1969
Talbott, Finley A. (east)
Finley A. Talbott
Born March 2, 1831
Died Sept. 25, 1853
Talbott, Jane (west)
Jane Talbott
Died Feb. 4, 1894
Aged 81 y 1 m 17 d
Gone but not forgotten
Talbott, John S. (north)
John S. Talbott
Born Dec. 10, 1804
Died May 10, 1888
Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep,
from which none ever wake to weep.
Talbott, Mary C. (east)
Mary C.
Dau. of W. B. & S. L. Talbott
Born Nov. 13, 1875
Died Nov. 3, 1880
Talbott, Thomas M. (south)
Thomas M. Talbott
Born Oct 5, 1838
Died May 7, 1862
[two stones]
Thomas M
Son of John & Jane Talbott
of Co. D 25 Reg’t. Mo. Vol.
Aged 23 yrs 4 m's 28 d's
D66 D68
Terrell, Charles L. (west)
Charles L. Terrell
Died Aug. 22, 1888
Aged 24 ys 9 ms
J001 J010 J007
Terrell, Jane N. Father and Mother
At rest
Jane N.
Wife of Jno. Terrell
Died May 14, 1893
Aged 74 yr 3 mo 20 days
A fond mother
An affectionate wife
And a friend to all.
J026 J027 J028
Terrell, John John Terrell
Died Aug. 3, 1881
Aged 69 years
Verse illegible
J026 J029
Terrell, Martha E. Stickney (west)
Martha E. Stickney
Born Jan. 23, 1842
Died Feb. 11, 1932
J001 J010 J006
Terrell, Warner F. (west)
Warner F. Terrell
Died Aug. 12, 1868
Aged 48 ys.
J001 J010 J005
Todd, Charles W. Charles W.
Son of Wm & C. Todd
Died Oct. 12, 1871
Aged 13 ys 2 mo. 28 d
Tolle, Rebben A. Rebben A. Tolle
Born Jan. 16, 1803
Died Aug. 5, 1854
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.
H32 H33
Toole, Daniel, Sr. In Memory of Daniel Toole Senior
Departed this life …3 A.D. 187…
In the 75 [?] year of his age.
Toole, Mary Cleora Mary Cleora
Daughter of Edwin & Lucinda Toole
Died Nov. 12, 1857
Aged 8 y 2 m 2 d
Ere sin could blight nor sorrows fade
Death came with friendly care
The opening bud to heaven convey'd
And bade it blossom there.
A05 A06
Toole, Victor Huttall Victor Huttall
Son of E. & L.S. Toole
Born Jan. 9, 1853
Died Mar. 3, 1854
Townsend, Anna M 1899-1970 L014 L032
Townsend, Herbert L. [two markers]
Herbert L Townsend
Missouri Pvt 21 Engineers
World War I
June 22, 1896 March 21, 1961
L014 L032 L031
Triplett, infant Infant Son of J. & H. A. Triplett
Died Dec. 23, 1880
Aged 2 days
Gone but not forgotten
Trumbo, Elcana 1838-1912 J091
Trumbo, Minerva E. Minerva E.
Wife of E. C. Trumbo
Nov. 13, 1838 – Jan. 24, 1909
Tulloch, Maud E. 1894-1945 L105
Tulloch, Ruth E. 1892-1970
Turner, infant (north)
And her infant
Turner, Mary (north)
In Memory of Mary
Wife of Oliver Turner
who died March 25, 1858
Aged 22 yr 10 m 11 d
And her infant
Turner, Oliver (south)
In Memory of Oliver Turner
Died Oct 11, 1859
Aged 12 years
unknown A18
unknown B11
unknown D02
unknown F03
unknown F15
unknown G25
unknown [top part of stone broken off]
Died Jan. 23, 1859
Aged 61 y's 3 m's 9 d's
They that trust in the Lord
shall be as mount Zion,
which cannot be removed,
but abideth for ever.
[Ps. 125 vs 1]
Letters encircling word “Army”: F N D O Z F B T K C
unknown H35
unknown I67
unknown [former railing holder, for railing around plot] K47
unknown, infant
[same marker as John]
& Infant
Born …
A12 A12a A12b
unknown, John
[same marker as infant]
John S…
born May …
died August 1 …
A12 A12a A12b
unknown, Johnnie Little Johnnie
Was born Aug. 18, 1864
Died July 12, 1865
Vaughn, Beulah Vaughn
Apr. 4, 1906
Jan. 12, 2003
Vaughn, Charles B. 1910-1952 X02
Vaughn, Ellen D86
Vaughn, George W George W. Vaughn,
Born Nov. 6, 1810
Died Apr. 3, 1888
Aged 76 y … m 28 ds
Vaughn, Laura E. 1873-1952 X03
Vaughn, Nellie Smith [private] X29 X30
Vaughn, William J., Sr. Vaughn
William J. Sr.
Mar. 22, 1907
July 14, 1992
Married Feb. 24, 1926
Vaughn, William Jennings, Jr. Vaughn
Wm. Jennings "Jr."
Feb. 22, 1928
March 12, 2002
Married Sept. 3, 1948
X29 X30
Vaughn, William Jesse 1874-1953 X03
Veazey, Lucy Kathryn Laney 1893-1966 K40
Wakefield C01
Wakefield, Abigail Abigail
Wife of Wm. Wakefield
Died July 14, 1880
Aged 90 y 1 m 10 d
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
C01 C16
Wakefield, Alice Caples Alice Caples
Dau, of M. F. & M. A. Wakefield
Born Feb. 2, 1853
Died July 29, 1855
Aged 2 y 5 m 27 d
The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away
Blessed be the name of the Lord.
C01 C04 C09 C11
Wakefield, Edward Everett Edward Everett
Son of Dr. M. F. & H. A. Wakefield
Died Jan. 31, 1863
Aged 3 yrs 3 mos 8 d's
Inscription illegible
C01 C02 C07
Wakefield, Franklin Franklin
son of M. F. & M. A. Wakefield
died Jan. 21, 1858
aged 1 mo 2 d'ys
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
that they may rest from their labors
and their works do follow them.
C01 C06 C05
Wakefield, James James Wakefield
Born Feb. 26, 1826
Died Sept. 3. 1871
C01 C17 C18
Wakefield, Martin* Martin Wakefield
Died Mar. 4, 1886
Aged 59 yr 9 mo
M73 M74
Wakefield, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth
Dau. of M. F. & M. A. Wakefield
Born Feb. 4, 1854
Died Apr. 27, 1855
Aged 1 y 2 m 23 d
The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away
Blessed be the name of the Lord.
C01 C04 C09 C10
Wakefield, Milly Ann+ Milly Ann
wife of M. F. Wakefield
died Jan. 29, 1858
Aged 35 y's 11 m's 29 d's
C01 C06 C12 C13
Walker, Henry T. (east)
Henry T. Walker
Born Mar. 1, 1832
Died Mar. 2, 1895
Blessed is he who hath part
in the first resurrection. Rev. 20c. 6v
C21 C22 C27
Walker, Martha Earls+ (east)
Martha Earls Walker
Apr. 22, 1833 – Oct. 3, 1909
C21 C22 C26
Walker, Mary B. (west)
Mary B. Walker
Born June 15, 1788
Died Sep’t. 5, 1868
I am the resurrection and the life.
C24 C30
Walker, Mary K. (south)
Mary K. Walker
Born in Huntington PA Aug. 16, 1822
Died Dec. 10, 1893
Mary has chosen that good part
which shall not be taken away from her.
C23 C32
Walker, Samuel (west)
Samuel Walker
Born Dec. 15, 1791
Died May 1, 1860
C24 C31
Walker, Samuel A. (north)
Samuel A. Walker
Born May 26, 1828
Died May 5, 1854
C25 C29
Walker, William P. (north)
William P. Walker
Born Jan. 5, 1817
Died Oct. 1, 1890
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep.
C25 C28
Wallace, Ionea 1898-1988 L126 L128
Wallace, Willie 1895-1945 L127 L128
Wandfluh, Bessie E. Wandfluh
In Loving Memory
Mother Bessie E.
L135 L136
Wandfluh, Lee E., Sr. Wandfluh
In Loving Memory
Father Lee E. Sr.
Warner, Phebe E. Phebe E.
Sister of Rev. S. N. Warner
Died Apr. 23, 1891
Aged 66 yrs. 1 mo 22 days
Warren, Adeline Wakefield* Adeline
A Child of Yani
1839 – 1936
Weir, Esther F. Weir
Mother Esther F.
Weir, James P. Weir
Father James P.
Welch, Elizabeth H. In Memory of Elizabeth H. Welch
Died January 21, 1850
Aged 28 years
God grant us all a happy meeting
at the resurrection of the just.
Welch, J. K. J. K. Welch
Died Nov. 4, 1864
Aged 52 y'rs
H13 H25
Welch, John K. [Jo]hn K. Wel[ch]
Born Oct. 19, 1843
Died May 7, 1859
H23 H24
Welch, Mary A. In [Memo]ry of [Mar]y [A]
[top of stone broken off]
Wife of S. K. Welch
Born Jan. 20, 1839
Died Dec. 6, 1858
Aged 19 ys 10 ms 16 ds
Her husband's love…
H41 H42
H37a H37b H37c H36
Welch, Mary E. Mary E.
Daughter of S. K. & Mary A. Welch
Born Nov. 3, 1858
Died Aug. 26, 1859
Aged 9 ms 23 ds
Wells, Benjamin C. [two stones]
Benjamin C. Wells
Tec 5 US Army World War II
Nov 6 1924 Aug 8 2003
X80 X81
Wells, Emma T. (east)
Emma T. Wells
Born Apr. 22, 1854
Died Dec. 3, 1930
J001 J014 J013
Wells, George W. (east)
George W. Wells
Born Feb. 5, 1848
Died Feb. 2, 1932
Wells, Mary K. (east)
Mary K. Wells
Born Sept. 21, 1856
Died Oct. 9, 1937
J001 J014 J013 J019
Wells, Nancy Griffith+ (north)
Nancy Griffith His Wife
March 3, 1818 - Feb. 27, 1872
[three markers]
Daughters of American Revolution]
J001 J014 J015
J023 J024 J016
Wells, Samuel W. 1881-1964 J021
Wells, Stella B. 1879-1958 J017
Wells, Thomas J. (east)
Thomas J. Wells
Born June 15, 1850
Died June 30, 1934
J001 J014 J013 J020
Wells, Walter B. (north)
Walter B. Wells
Sept. 18, 1817 - Jan. 5, 1896
J001 J014 J013 J018
Wells, Winnifred E. Wells
Winnifred E.
July 2, 1927
May 14, 1993
Married Nov. 14, 1945
West, Frank L. Father Frank L. West
1897-19 uncarved
West, Richard Richard West
Born Jan. 12, 1810
Died Aug. 23, 1867
Whitlock, Alzina G. 1910-1998
Married Feb. 3, 1936
Whitlock, James L. 1915-2000
Married Feb. 3, 1936
Wilkerson, Bessie V. 1895-1977 X07
Wilkerson, Clarence E. 1894-1969
Wilkerson, Clarence R. 1923-1944
Veteran World War II
Wilkins, City Lucrecy 1852-1922 B50
Williams, Henry* Henry Williams
Dec. 17, 1840
Mar. 12, 1913
Williams, James Kelly Williams
"Big Jim" James Kelly
Dec. 30, 1954 - June 2, 2009
Married Sept. 1, 1994
Williams, Maggie* 1841-1926 M62
Williams, Marcia Ann [private] 705
Willis, America A.+ In Memory of America A.
Daughter of J. G. & M. H. Willis
Who died March 11, 1857
Aged 2 yrs 3 ms 11 ds
H39 H39a H39b
Willis, John John S. Willis
Born Dec. 20, 1858
Died Jany. 12, 1859
H38 H38a
Willis, Sally C. Sally C. Willis
Born Feb. 16, 1857
Died Jan. 16, 1859
H38 H38b
Wilson, Elizabeth W 1870-1963 J067
Wilson, Mary S. Mary S.
Wife of Wm. B. Wilson
Born Oct. 29, 1817
Died Jan. 4, 1856
Aged 38 years 2 m's 5 d's
C03 C08
Wilson, Shelby Lynn Shelby Lynn Wilson
July 24, 1998 - Aug. 15, 2008
Winter, Mary F. 1873-1925 G29
Wise, Cyrena A. (west )
In Sacred Memory of Father & Mother
Gone but not forgotten
Cyrena A.
Wife of James H. Wise
Died Feb. 29, 1849
Aged 26 y 3 m 17 d
G58 G60
Wise, James H. (west )
In Sacred Memory of Father & Mother
Gone but not forgotten
James H. Wise
Died Dec. 14, 1893
Aged 72 y 5 mo
G58 G59
Wise, Martha F. Martha F.
Second Wife of James H. Wise
Died Jan. 13, 1884
Aged 55 y 8 m 16 d
Wishon, Bennet W. Bennet W. Wishon
Died July 14, 1864
Aged 27 yrs
Wood, Carla Wood
Carla 1955
Wood, Greg Wood
Greg 1951
Wood, Mark Wood
Mark 1953
Woodbury, Uriah T. Uriah T. Woodbury
Born at … Ohio Nov. 15, 1831
Died at Savannah, Mo. Jan. 3, 1884
M35 M36
Woodcock, Calista Calista Woodcock
Sept. 2, 1831
April 16, 1849
Woodcock, Joseph Joseph Woodcock
Died 1860
Woodcock, Mary A. Mary A
Wife of A. Woodcock
Died June 1863
Woods, Adaline H. (south)
Here rest the loving sisters who …
naught of …Tho lost to sight
To [memory dear]
Adaline H.
Wife of Levi H. Woods
departed this life Aug. 16, 1867
36 y's 8 d's
Woods, Donald E. Rest in Peace
Donald E. Woods
Dec. 20, 1912
May 13, 1997
Woods, Ella Hattie Ella Hattie
Daughter of J. M. & Sarah E. Woods
Died Sept. 24, 1856
Aged 6 m 10 d
The casket lies here
But the gem is in Heaven
B19 B19a B19b
B19c B19d B19e
Wooten, Curtis Allen Wooten
Curtis Allen
Feb. 13, 1939 - Mar. 23, 2010
Wooten, Ruth Beverly Wooten
Ruth Beverly
Jan. 7, 1939
uncarved [Died Dec. 1, 2014]
Wright, Albert J. Albert J.
Son of W. L. & M. A. Wright
Born Dec. 1, 1868
Died Oct. 21, 1871
Wright, Edmond Edmond Wright
Died May 5, 1878
Aged 54 yrs 10 ms 7 ds
No lingering look, no parting sigh,
Our future meeting knows,
There love beams from every eye,
And hope immortal glows.
Wright, Mary Mary
Daughter of Edmund & Susan Wright
Died Feb. 22, 1874
Aged 25 yrs 1 mo 7 d
Stotts & Thurtell Savannah, MO
Wright, Matilda A. Matilda A.
Wife of W. L. Wright
Died Jan. 8, 1871
Aged 31 yr 9 ms 11 ds
Wright, Norton E. Norton E
Son of W. L. & M. A. Wright
Died Sep …
Aged 1 y … mo. … d.
Wright, Raymond I. 1897-1988 L113 L115
Wright, S. Gail 1895-1976 L113 L115
Wright, Thursa Thursa
Daughter of Edmund & Susan Wright
Died June 9, 1874
Aged 6 yrs 7 mo 19 d
Yenny, Christian Christian Yenny
Died May 3, 1882
Aged 68 years
Yenny, Magdalena Magdalena
Wife of C. Yenny
Died May 14, 1874
Aged 58 yrs.
Young, [Mary Ann??] ...
Died January ...
A16 A16a
Young, Thomas L. [In] Memory of Dr Thomas L. Young
Died Dec. 25, 1850
Aged 36 …
A15 A15a