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Savannah Cemetery
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah city square, go south 2.5 blocks. Fourth Street goes through the east side of the cemetery, Benton Street is on the north, Fifth Street on the west, and Park Avenue is the border on the south.

Credits: Photos and Documentation: Eldon Swensson, 2002, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Section 1); Betty Halvorsen and Nadine Taylor, 2005-7 (Sections 2-3); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Sections 4-5); Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Sections 6-7); 8 Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-2010 (Section 8); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 (Sections 9-13); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen and Nadine Taylor, 2005-2010 (Section 14); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6, and Kelly Alvarado, 2011 (Section 15); Joe and Keith Stanton, 2005, Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6, and Kelly Alvarado, 2009 (Section 16); Betty Halvorsen, 2005-6 and Kelly Alvarado, 2009 (Section 17); Betty Halvorsen, 2005-2010 (Section 18). (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

Section Map

(includes American Legion)
Main Street



4 8 12 16 18
5 9 13 17
(Dick), Viola E. (1902-1996)
(Yenni), Lillie C. (1866-1915)
(Yenny), Magdalena (1816-1874)
Abels, Mary Edith (1924-2010)
Abels, Thomas George (1887-1972)
Abels, William "Bill" (1929-2015)
Allison, Benjamin Richard (1886-1962)
Allison, Margaret (1921-2007)
Allison, Margery Catherine (1917-1994)
Allison, Mary Ann (1937-1998)
Anderson, Michael Eugene (1955-2015)
Ashworth, Kenneth D. (1932-2015)
Auble, Lena (1860-1943)
Baker, Charles S. L. (1860-1926)
Barlow, David Gary (1949-2018)
Barnes, Ira L. (1911-1988)
Beattie, D. A. (1920-1979)
Beaver, Thomas "Tommy" (1959-2017)
Black, Darwin (1884-1913)
Black, Thomas C. (1933-2018)
Booth Stallings, Dakota James (1993-2013)
Bowland, Clara Verlinda (1924-2016)
Bowlin, Harry Thomas (1898-1973)
Bowlin, Loren Clifford (1933-2018)
Bryant, Lucille (1868-1948)
Butterfield, Roy Lee (1958-1966)
Castle, Leola Darlene (1909-2006)
Church, James D. (1943-2009)
Clements, Garland L. (1930-2018)
Cobb, Billie Jean (1936-2018)
Cochran, William Clarence (1899-1954)
Cochrane, Leola Rose "Pinky" (1925-2017)
Dahlman, Virginia J. "Virgie" (1911-1995)
Dakan, Mary Katherine (1915-2015)
Daniels, Harrison (1878-1964)
Daniels, Vernon Wayne (1935-2018)
DeSpain, Alberta L. (1921-2004)
Dick, Alice Charlene (1930-1930)
Dick, Carl Edward (1900-1992)
Dick, Paul William (1923-1985)
Dick, William (1889-1965)
Dittemore, Fred Donald (1916-1996)
Dorrell, Henry Allen (1854-1939)
Durkee, A. Judson (1824-1904)
Enfield, Mary M. (1937-2016)
Etchison, Agnes Louise (1920-1923)
Etchison, Fannie Etchison (1863-1938)
Etchison, Millard L. (1918-1923)
Farris, Michael Kerry (1956-2018)
Fitzmaurice, Teresa Kathleen "Kay" (1936-2013)
Ford, Raleigh Morton (1912-1948)
Frogge, Marvin W. (1912-2004)
Gilmore, Mary (1871-1948)
Goehring, Alvin ( __ -2003)
Goforth, Ronald Leon (1937-1989)
Haenni, Franz Rudolph "Frank" (1865-1944)
Haenni, Jack R. (1932-2015)
Haenni, Paul Vincent "Vince" (1908-1995)
Hanson, Darlene Betina (1934-2015)
Henderson, Helen Irene (1935-2012)
Hoffelmeyer, Garold William (1922-2014)
Hoffelmeyer, Kathleen Marie (1954-1972)
Hoffelmeyer, [Infant] (1953-1953)
Jenkins, George Lewis "Daddle" (1917-1998)
Jenkins, Howard Melvin "Buck" (1938-1995)
Jenkins, Tricia Lynne (1970-1992)
Jones, Jimmie Oren (1932-2016)
Jones, Norma Jean (1952-2015)
Jordan, William R. "Bill" (1928-2015)
June, Donald ( __ -2003)
Kendall, Benjamin Louis (1952-2015)
Kendall, Ellis (1919-2001)
King, Donna Belle (1927-2016)
Kittelson, Emma B. (1902-2002)
Landess, Brien Kirk (1959-1985)
Landess, Burl "Poodle" (1927-2004)
Lanning, Helen Marie (1919-2009)
Leeson, Rada Mae (1897-1975)
Lillibridge, Ben (1893-1904)
Lillibridge, Isaac B. (1827-1885)
Lillibridge, Nellie Swift (1886-1980)
Lillibridge, Thomas Swift (1862-1955)
Lillibridge, Walter K. (1869-1877)
Lillibridge, William (1857-1935)
Loving, Ruth L. (1926-2012)
Ludwig, Carol Sue (1951-2015)
Maughmer, ___ ( __ -1925)
Meng, Virginia Lee (1925-1966)
Miller, Clara Gene (1930-2013)
Narans, Everett (1910-1992)
Narans, Sharon Kaye (1944-2018)
Newhart, Hilda Jo (1958-1995)
Newhart, John W. (1921-2015)
Nodsle, Linda M. (1955-2014)
O'Connor, Doris Jean (1930-2018)
O'Connor, Mary C. Jo (1932-1981)
Oliver, Eugene Dale (1927-1988)
Pankau, Jackie William (1937-1966)
Pearl, Bertie LaVerne (1920-2005)
Pearl, Flora Kathryn (1925-2012)
Percy, Al (1925- __ )
Pulley, Lee Marie (1912-1988)
Rails, Mary Frances (1947-2015)
Raines, Michael Lee (1961-1962)
Richards, Rowena (1920-2004)
Richards, Velma Donna (1924-2015)
Rickman, Dean (1927-1972)
Robertson, Neva (1899-1993)
Rowe, Caryl N. (1931-2018)
Schopfer, Charles Curtis "Curt" (1923-1991)
Schreve, Mary Ellen (1887-1967)
Silcott, Norman A. (1929-2000)
Stanton, Keith Kellogg (1925-2017)
Steeby, Gerald Henry "Hank" (1918-1998)
Strasser, Margaret E. (1914-2016)
Stroud, Vickie Lynn (1949-2018)
Swift, Martha S. (1832-1900)
Sybert, Ola O. (1919-2014)
Terhune, Franklin Eugene "Frank" (1933-2018)
Thomas, Mabel L. (1899-1967)
Toby, Caroline (1834-1912)
Trachsel, Alfred E. (1884-1966)
Tunks, Asa J. (1927-2017)
Uehlin, Etta Ione (1923-1999)
Vetter, Rada May (1898-1938)
Waggoner, Elsie Ethel (1891-1985)
Wallace, Naomi (1892-1976)
Wampler, Emmett Clyde (1898-1993)
Wampler, Evelyn May (1918-2012)
Wampler, Herbert Lee (1926-2012)
Weaver, Sheldon W. (1911-1991)
Weidmer, Elizabeth "Elsie" (1877-1954)
Wells, Kermit C. (1924-2016)
Wells, Kermit Keith (1955-1955)
Wells, Mary Louise (1951-1951)
Wilson, Pearl Maybelle (1880-1954)
Worley, Donald Sean "Don" (1969-2018)
Yenni, Gottlieb (1858-1953)
Yenny, Christian (1814-1882)
Savannah Cemetery, views 01 02 04 05
Markers in sections unknown
Butler, Robert J. 707
Conger, Gloria Mae 702
Conger, Robert L. 702
Dawson, Jack W. 706
Lechner, Joseph W. 711
Lechner, Martha A. 711
Merritt-Lene, Lacey Michelle 710
Meyer, Antoinette 701
Ward, Patricia J. (Carson) Brant 704

Also reportedly buried here, but no tombstones found 2005-2007 (section number, if known):

Abels, William T., d. Mar 28, 2015
Adkison, Granville N. (4)
Anderson, William H.
Ashworth, Marvin Dee, d. Nov. 25, 2011
Atkins, Barbara Ann (Clements), d. Aug. 29, 2011
Atkins, Virgil Dean, d. Dec. 27, 2011
Atkison, Charles
Auble, Margaret Miriam (Sells) (unmarked, 1)
Auble, Nathan Fay C. (1)
Babcock, Gladys Emma
Babcock, Henry S.
Bailey, Mrs. Anise Amanda*
Baker, Charles C. Lewis*, d. May 5 1926
Baker, Eva (Ewing)*
Baker, Lucille Ruth (Watson), d. Apr 23 2016
Baker, Mrs. Mattie*
Baker, Peter*
Ball, George W. (10)
Balsley, Richard Owen, died July 29, 2011
Bayless, Tim E., died Oct. 29, 2013
Bayne, Sarah
Beaghler, Eli
Beattie, Mrs. Gertrude
Bechtold, Lisa A. (Cobb), died Jun 21 2015
Benight, John A.
Benight, Melissa Jane (Daily)
Bennett, Mary Simpson (5)
Berry, Lissie Marguerette
Best, John
Bird, Gaylen, d. Dec. 8, 2014
Bishop, infant of Elmer & Ursula
Bledsoe, Arthur William
Blunt, Ester Florence (Brown)
Boatright, Elizabeth Ann (4)
Boatright, Marjorie
Boatright, Rebecca Jane
Bolin, Mammie [Mamie] E.
Boling, Arthur (10)
Boling, Sybil M.(5)
Boulger, Edward W., died May 4, 2009
Bowers, Nathan William
Bowland, Faith (Morgan), d. Aug. 1, 2011
Bowlin, Clifford
Bowlin, George William
Bowlin, Harold Eugene, died July 28, 2011
Bowlin, Marjorie E. (Smith), d. Feb. 3, 2014
Bowlin, Martha (Henderson)
Bowlin, Mary Ethyl
Bowlin, Ronald Wayne, died Apr. 16, 2008
Bowlin, Thomas Henderson
Bowman, Abraham, d. 1931
Bowman, Evelyn Loraine
Bowman, Fannie
Bowman, George
Bowman, Margaret Arden (Boatright), died May 25, 2014
Bowman, William Henry (9)
Bracken, Alexandra Lauren, died May 17, 2011
Bradshaw, Hester (or Esther) (Finley)*
Brandley, Jacob
Brandon, Claude Eugene, died Nov. 22, 2014
Brandon, Steven Lane, d. Oct 22 2015
Brandt, Tyler Scott, died Nov. 22, 2014
Brant, Mary (Kingsley)
Brant, Nellie
Brant, William J.
Brewer, Lester Glenn
Brinson, Mary Jane
Brooke, Ora A., d. July 26, 2014
Brooks (or Brooke), Mary H. (Peters) (4)
Brooks (or Brooke), William A. (4)
Brosi, Linda Mae (Nodsle), d. Aug. 29, 2014
Brownlee, Robert Lewis
Brushwood, Arley Ray, d. Nov. 12, 2008
Brushwood, Kenneth Ray, d. Sept. 21, 2008
Bryan, Jo Ann (Noland), d. Jul 16 2016
(Assumed to be buried here with her husband,
but obit does not confirm that.)
Bryan, Roger Ewing, d. Nov. 10, 2007
Bryant, Gerald Thomas, d. Jan. 15, 2014
Bucknum, King (10)
Buhler, Joseph (1)
Buis, Mr. Doctor Riley
Burks, Martha Marie (Perry), d. Sept. 24, 2013 (likely 14)
Caldwell, infant female d. 1891
Caldwell, Mrs. Mary
Calvert, William P. (6)
Campbell, Ernest (9)
Campbell, Lillie May (Mason)
Caples, Henry Green+
Carpenter, Mary (1)
Carr, Ruby Jewell (Mitchell), died Aug. 15, 2010
Carr, Virgil Edward, died Oct. 26, 2009
Carriger, Anna Bella (Lewis)*
Carriger, Carl* Carriger, Doyle*
Carriger, Grant*
Carriger, Lawrence Augustus*
Carriger, Marie (Vaughn)*
Carter, Bettie J. (Doyle) Wright*
Carter, William Henry*
Castle, Lola June (Powers), d. Jan. 10, 2014
Chase (or Chask), J. J.
Chilcoat, John H.
Chittenden, Minnie (Offutt) (probably 2)
Chronister, Howard L.
Churchill, Cyntha (Pafford)
Churchill, William H.
Clark, Clare H. (2)
Clark, Dale Ralph
Clark, Franklin Edward
Clark, Mary Frances (2)
Clevenger, Caroline Marillia (Sullivan)
Cobb, Eliza Jennings (Ferguson) (unmarked, 6)
Cochran, James W.
Cochran, Lavinia Ellen "Ella" (Davis)
Cochran, William Clarence, d. Oct 22 1954
Colburn, Charlie
Cole, Horace Ray, d. Nov 2 2016
Coleman, Sarah Susan (Slater)
Collins, Marilyn Kay (Briner), d. May 21, 2011
Connor, Robert
Cook, Mrs. Edward
Cooksey, Lloyd (10)
Coon, Josiah (or Joseph) O.
Coon, Laura Juniata (Chambers) Schofield
Cooper, Gary M., died Feb. 8, 2014
Cox, Mrs. Emma G. (wife of James)
Cox, George
Coyle, infant s/o Joseph & Bessie
Crawford, Betty Mae (Wackernagle)
Crawford, Mary Viola (Lamb) (unmarked, 12)
Crawford, Philip Doppler (10)
Curtice, Jack C.
Curry, Jean Gail (Zimmerman), d. Feb. 28, 2014
Curtin, Deborah L. "Debbie" (Douglas), d. Sept. 2, 2010
Dakan, Gwendolyn, d. Oct. 15, 2014
Danvers, Jane Ann (Bowlin), d. Aug. 17, 2013
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Frank G.
Davis, Larry Dean, d. June 5, 2014
Davis, Rebecca Jane (Johnson)
Davison, Bernice Ann
Deakin (or Deakins), William Robert D
Dennelsbeck, Catherine (or Christina) (Barnett)
Denney, Jerry Lee
Dennison, James Stewart
DeSpain, Shirley Elizabeth (Clevenger) Elliot, d. Mar 26, 2016
DeVault, Kenneth, d. Dec. 7, 2006
Devers, Gloria Jean, d. Oct. 8, 2014
Dick, Larry Paul, d. Oct. 10, 2006
Dick, Raymond Everett, d. Feb. 24, 2008
Diggs, Ben T. (2)
Diggs, Darlene E. (2)
Dotson, Lloyd B., d. Dec. 14, 2014
Duey, Eliza Jane (Knox)
Duncan, Eldon Dean, d. Jan. 24, 2011
Duncan, George W. "Bill," d. May 15, 2010
Duncan, Terry Lee, d. Feb. 7, 2007
Dyer, John Bert
Eaton, Ann Eliza
Eaton, Riley
Eisiminger, Henry M. (unmarked, 6)
Eisiminger, James William (unmarked, 6)
Eisiminger, Lydia (Harvey) (unmarked, 6)+
Eisiminger, Robert
Elliott, Darlene Betina (Hanson), d. Oct 9 2015
Elliott, Emma Madora (Anderson)
Elliott, infant of William
Ely, Maggie May
Ely, Mary A. R.
Enlow, Edvina Kay (Brunk) Guynn, died May 28, 2006
Erikson, Walter
Esely, Mary Bernell (Hillen), died Feb. 12, 2009
Etchison, Agnes Louise+
Etchison, Millard L.+
Etchison, Virginia J. (Dahlman)
Fansher, Albert Sidney (5)
Fansher, Mrs. Amarantha
Faulkner, Doris (Heston), died Aug. 31, 2014
Finchum, Robert L., died Jan. 3, 2012
Finley, Caesar*
Finley, Frank B.*
Flanagan, Lan Thi, died Nov. 26, 2006
Follett, Henry Wilbert
Fox, Betty Lee (Bledsoe) Taylor, died Apr. 26, 2007
Francil, Minnie Irene (Stephenson) Covington (unmarked, 8)
Frank, David Alexander
Free, Freddie*
Free, Myrtle*
Freeman, Celia (or Seba) (Kelly)*
Freeman, Larry Lee, d. Jun 4 2016
Frodsham, James Roberts
Frodsham, Mary Selleck (Kellogg)
Frodsham, William E.
Fulton, Albert Leslie
Funk, Andrew
Fuquay, Samuel
Gabriel, G. [not Gertrude]
Galloway, James Elizar
Gave, G. E.
Gedultig, Ethel
Gerber, Kevin, died June 14, 2008
Gibbins, Josephine Elizabeth
Gill, Mrs. Emelia "Millie"* Gill, Emma*
Gill, Martha J. (Barnes) Logan
Gill, Robert*
Gill, William M.*
Glidewell, Jo Dean (Holland), d. Jul 9 2016
Goddard, Mrs.Mary Josephine
Golden, Ronald Scott, died Mar. 8, 2012
Golden, Terry G. (Kerr), died July 15, 2011
Goodail, Samuel [died 1900]
Goodale, Henry O.
Goodale, Sam [died 1899]
Goodale, Susan Isabelle (Keck)
Graham, Mrs. Ruthann, died June 3, 2009
Graves, James
Graves, Lola Pearl
Graves, Margaret (Harvey)
Graves, Mary A. (Joy)
Graves, Richard
Graves, Roy
Greeson, George*
Griffith, Mrs. Elizabeth
Groomer, Mrs. Zella M.
Gutridge, Barry E., died Apr. 5, 2008
Haenni, Jack R., d. Oct 1 2015
Hall, Ruby Trellis (Melton) (15)
Halloran, Mary Katherine (Daken) Harrington, d. Sep 22 2015
Hanan, Archimedes
Hardesty, John Roland
Hardesty, Margaret (Corbet)
Hart, William Lawrence (7)
Hartley, Charles
Hartley, Mrs. Della (14)
Hartley, William Newton [born Rhoades] (14)
Hartman, Mrs. Mabel M.
Hayward, infant of Charles
Hayworth, Barbara B. (Blair) d. 16 Mar 2015
Hegeman, Donald Jay, d. Aug. 3, 2014 Hegeman, Margaret Joan (Kowitz), d. Oct 28 2015
Hellerich, Charles (15)
Henderson, Sylvia (Mansell)
Herndon, Rose Anna Clifford (Burns)
Hess, Mary E. (Joslin) (10)
Hess, Pearl (10)
Hill, Terry Gene, d. Oct. 20, 2011
Hobson, Charles S.
Hoffelmeyer, infant d/o Garold & Clara
Holland, Azellia Jean
Holland, Charles Maxwell
Holland, Cleta Fay
Holland, Infant, d. Aug 22 1925
Holland, Rachel B. (VanSchoiack) (4)
Hollenback, Rose Mary Monahan
Holme, Gertrude L. (Gault)
Holt, Ernest Marshall
Holt, Peter*
Horton, Anise Garfield (4)
Horton, Minerva Iva (4)
Hoskinson, Elizabeth L. (Owen)
Howard, Bobby Dean, died Oct. 5, 2010
Howard, John Henry
Howell, unknown (adult), d. 1883
Hower, Darrell Eugene
Hower, Mary (Coomer)
Hower, Mary Helen (Jost), died Sept. 21, 2010
Hudgens, Mrs. Nancy
Hudgens, Prince L.+
Huffman, Walter Lee
Hurley, Luella (Perkins)
Hurley, Otho (4)
Hyde, Philo
Ingersol, William
James, John
Jenkins, Thomas Calvin, d. Apr. 6, 2014
Jinkins, Mary Virginia (Hoover) Cash, d. Apr 26 2016
Johnson, Albert Sidney, Jr. (2)
Johnson, Mrs. Amy E.
Joice, Medora Alice
Jones, Andrew Jackson "Jack", d. May 18 2016
Jones, Jimmie Oren, d. Feb 7 2016
Jones, Pamela S. (Palones), d. Sept.4, 2014
Jones, William
Jordan, Josephine P. (Bomar), d. Mar. 3, 2013
Jordan, William R., d. Oct 15 2015
Jorgenson, Frank
Joslin, Isaac
Joslin, Orvil
Joslin, Winifred Nadine (Steinhauer), d. Nov. 4, 2013
Joy, Ellis W. (6) Judson, Elmer
Keck, Columbus C.
Keller, Stanley Rost, d. Feb. 4, 2015
Kellerman, Joseph
Kelly, John Andrew
Kemp, Susie J. (Beatty) Brant
Kendall, Benjamin Louis, d. Dec 7 2015
Kennard, Arthur Buchanan+, d. Feb 21 1907
Kent, Betty L. (Chouteau), d. Apr 3, 2015
Kerr, Mary I. (Trousdale)
Killin, Lawrence E.
Kimler, Joseph William
King, George C.
King, John A.
Klawuhn, Conrad W. "Butch," d. Mar. 11, 2011
Klesath, Louis Wright, d. July 25, 2011
Kment, Emel James
Knolton, George
Knorr, Robert Eugene, d. May 17 2016
Kratochvil, Darlene (Miller), d. Feb 24 2015
Krueger, Mckinley Rose, died July 26, 2011
Krull, Brandon Rylee, d. Aug 9 2016
Lamb, Archie W. (12)
Lamb, Cordelia (Dewey) (12)
Lamb, John Henry
Laney, Ida Ruth
Lang, William
Larison, Marilyn Kay (Dilley), died July 2, 2014
Latham, Betty Lou (Oliver) Bryant
Latham, Gerald Willard
Lawrence, Arthur C.
Lawrence, Delsa Virginia
Lawrence, Rodney Charles, died Sept. 13, 2013
Lawshe, Julia Ann (Glazier) (unmarked, 2)
Layton, Ellen Minturn
Layton, Sarah Jane (Estep or Easthope)+, d. Nov 18 1904
Lee, Harold Edward
Lee, Martin Virgil*
Lee, Minnie Edith (Price), died May 18, 2006
Lengel, Carol Sue (Ludwig), d. Sep 29 2015
Limle, Gary F., died Feb. 13, 2009
Linder, Albert
Linder, Frederick
Looker, Nancy Ellen
Lueggata, Luigi
Lyle, Joe M., died May 25, 2014
Mack, Lois Faye (Gibson) (4)
Mansfield, Edward J. (unmarked, 10)
Maris, Martha Ann (Farrow) (unmarked, 4)
Maris, Mary Bedford (unmarked, 4)
Martel, Peter (9)
Martin, Anna+
Martin, Jacob Henry, Jr.
Martin, Ludwig+
Martin, Mary
Martin, Theresa+
Martin, William Carl (9)
Marx, Charles M. (4)
Marx, Katherine J. (4)
Maughmer, Infant, d. Jun 22 1925
Matteson, Laura (Rich)
Matteson, Thomas+
McCallon, Grace (3)
McCleary, George G., died Apr. 17, 2006
McDonald, Zachariah Taylor
McGinnis, Cynthia Jane (Joy)
McGough, Mary Drucilla (Losh)
McGraw, Alice Marie (McCrain)
McGraw, Edward Thomas
McGuire, Harold Dean, died Oct. 12, 2013
McGuire, Mathias (10)
McKee, Mrs. Julia
McKee, W. P. McKnight, James D.
McKnight, Lillian
McKnight, Sarah M. (Bowles or Cowles)+
McLain, Barbara Joe Mercer, Ada C.
McLarney, John V., d. Nov 19 2015
Mercer, Pembroke
Merritt, Susan Elaine (Hill), d. Nov. 4, 2012
Miller, Bobbie Gene
Miller, Bradley Albert, d. Sept. 11, 2014
Miller, Frederick Francis, d. Nov. 10, 2010
Miller, J. J.
Miller, John F. (16)
Miller, John I. (1)
Miller, Martha (2)
Miller, Mary Francis (Grimes), d. Apr. 2, 2010
Miller, Nola Faye
Miller, Paul Arthur, d. Nov. 12, 2009
Miller, Wayne Eugene, d. July 28, 2013
Milleson, Albert
Mitchell, William (unmarked)+
Moffatt, Brian Keith
Moffitt, John (1)
Moffitt, Sarah Catherine (McGough) (1)
Mooney, George B.
Mooney, John Earl (10)
Mooney, Julia A. (Frank)
Mooney, Lloyd
Moore, Gilia Amanda (Sagner)
Moppin, Robert Ernest, d. Sept. 7, 2008
More, Sarah*
Morgan, Sean Ryan
Morriss, Bonnie May
Morriss, Ray J., d. Nov. 12, 2008
Morton, Lavina (or Melvina)*
Muir, Lola (Eisiminger)
Munkres, John+, d. Oct 29 1905
Murry, John (10)
Neathery, John D. (unmarked, 9)
Neathery, Rufus Scott (unmarked, 9)
Neely, Terry L., d. Sept. 2, 2013
Nelson, Holmes Indice
Nelson, Martha A. (1)
Nichols, Lovie Mary Belle (Wilson)*
Niven, James
Nix, Ira
Nold, Adam Jacob, d. Sept. 29, 2012
Norris, Lazarus Milton
Nuckols, Burness Andrew "Jake," d. Mar. 21, 2014
Oldham, Walter Warren
Osborn, Jeff Warren, d. May 11, 2012
Osborn, Larry Allen, d. May 25, 2014
Parson, Walter E.
Patterson, Eliza Jane "Louisa" (Cobb) (5)
Patterson, William Henry
Paxton, Harvey L.
Pearson, Jeff*
Pearson, Nancy A. (Parks)
Pearson, Sampson (or Samuel)
Perry, Martitia (McCarty)
Petijohn, Violet
Pfander, William M. (3)
Phillippe (or Phillips), Nathan T.
Phillippe, Wayne Robert, d. Oct. 12, 2014
Phillips, Gertrude (Rogers)
Pickett, Charles S.
Pickett, Elizabeth (Frodsham)
Pickett, Mary F. (Anderson)
Piper, William F.
Powell, Edwin*
Powell, Ethel May*
Powell, Georgia Doris*+
Powell, Louis*
Price, Sterling
Price, Verie Marie
Ransom (or Ranson), Maria*
Redman, Herbert Granvil
Reddish, Oliver Ulysses
Reece, Franklin D., d. Oct. 16, 2014
Reece, Thomas A. (13)
Reed, J. W.
Reynolds, Felicite E.
Reynolds, Mrs. Frances R.
Rhoads, Helen June (Nolan) Springs Allen, d. Sept. 24, 2014
Richardson, Mildred B.
Richardson, Sylvia Marie (Rhoades)
Riddle, Chadwick M., d. April 6, 2015
Riggin, Laura Myrtle
Roberds, Earl B. (5)
Roberds, Mrs. Ethel (5)
Roberts, infant d/o Norman & Garnette
Roberts, Marion E.
Robertson, Della T. (Hahn), died July 8, 2006
Rockwood, Morris,died May 27, 2014
Roderick, Ioma (1)
Roderick, Mary Ann
Roderick, William F. (or Philip)
Rogers, George W.
Roland, Clyde Evert
Ross, Andrew J.*
Rothwell, M. Pauline (Ramsey), d. Feb. 24, 2010
Rolland, Autumn "Autie" Rain, d. Jul 20 2016
Routon-Robbins, Leoda Fern, d. Sep. 30, 2006
Ruark, Clara Leota (German), died July 3, 2007
Rucker, Mahala (West)*
Sabin, Jennie
Sabin, Mrs. Lydia
Sabin, Reba
Samuels, John Edward
Samuels, Sarah (Lewis)*
Sanders, Mary A. (Whitehead)
Sarver, Darline
Saunders (or Sanders), Julius Augustus
Schank, Frank Dorrell, died Nov. 2014
Schelby, Tom
Schmidt, William Lewis, d. Jan. 27, 2012
Schmitt (or Smith), Wilhelm C. "William" (d. 1894)
Schmutzler, Neva Louise (Marsee), d. Feb. 10, 2013
Schultz, Blanche Agnes
Scofield, Victor Orange
Scott, Lealer (Evans)*
Scott, Robert C.
Seckel, John C.
Seckels, Samuel W.
Seever, Carol Joyce (Mollett) d. Feb. 14, 2013
Seever, Glenn Edward, d. Mar. 19, 2014
Selecman, Elva (9)
Selecman, Susie M. (9)
Shewmaker, Marion F.
Shuman, Pamela Jean (Freeman), Reported d. Aug 14 2016
Siard, Nellie Evelyn
Siards, Mattie Leona
Sims, Elza
Silvers, James William
Sisk, Alma Lou
Sisk, Lucile Charlene (Hunter)
Smith, Harold E.
Smith, John Wesley (2)
Smith, Jonathan R.
Smith, Josiah
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Thomas J.
Smith, Walter
Snider, unknown adult male (d. 1890)
Snow, Edwin Hanson
Snyder, infant s/o George & Metta
Snyder, Loretta Sue, died Oct. 5, 2010
Sparks, Louis J. (unmarked, 2)
Spence, Warren S.
Spencer, Freddy Lee, d. Sept. 3, 2012
Spurlock, W. R.*
Stanton, infant female (10)
Stanton, William Jean
Stearns, Caroline (Toney)
Stephenson, Mattie Elizabeth (Daniels)
Stephenson, Susan Jane (Cruce)
Stewart, David Moran (unmarked)
Stewart, Sally*
Sticken, Barbara Sue (Keiffer), d. Sep 17 2016
Sticken, Robert John Jr., d. Nov 14 2015
Stuart, Willie
Stucker, Belle (Elliott)
Sturgeon, Mary, d. Nov 29 2015
Swartz, Hallie M. (Wilkerson) Davison
Sweet, Jean Kay (Bacon), died Dec. 15, 2008
Swink, Wilford Harley
Talbott, John I.
Talbott, William Bates
Taylor, Abraham
Taylor, Mrs., died 1900
Teaford, Robert Carl
Terhune,Teresa Kathleen (Fitzmaurice), died Aug. 4, 2013
Thomas, Caroline Elizabeth (Walker)
Thomas, Christopher Columbus
Thomas, Mary (Stephens)
Thompson, Vernis Vera (Duncan), died Mar. 18, 2010
Todd, Mrs. Sallie
Townsend, Edna (Livingston)
Townsend, Leon E.
Trapp, Natalia Louise (Mack) (4)
Trimmer, Ernest Dean, d. Oct 27 2016
Tuck, Eloise Mildred (Graff) Hornby, d. Apr. 26, 2013
Tuck, Frankie James, Jr., died Dec. 20, 2007
Turpen, James T.
Tyner, Willie P.
VanFossan, Mildred (Lough)
VanSchoiack, Ruth Anna (Wildhagen), d. Nov. 28, 2013
Vaughan, Patrecia Lee
Vaughn, Rachael M. (Calvert)
Vaughn, Samantha Irene, d. Dec 11 2015
Vaught, Oma (same grave as John Ward)
Veregge, August
Vilven, Caroline Sylvia (Richardson), died Feb. 21, 2014
Vilven, Donald Leroy, died Feb. 8, 2014
Violett, Martha Catherine (Tetherow), died Apr. 1, 2011
Wackernagle, Mabel Audrey (Griggs)
Wade, Barbara (Payne), died Aug 12 2015
Wagenblast, George D.
Wagner, Altona
Wagner, Mary*
Wagner, Sarah*
Wagner, Stewart Allen, d. Aug. 14, 2014
Waldron, Austin R.*
Waldron, David*, 17 May 1856-21 June 1933
Waldron, Mrs. Eliza*
Waldron, Fannie Finley*
Walker, Karol Lynn (Birkholz), d. Apr. 11, 2007
Walker, Katherine (Brant)
Walker, Raymond Eugene, d. Jan. 22, 2008
Wall, Ruth Helen (Bradley), d. Apr. 28, 2013
Wampler, Hazel Emma (Noble) Nester
Wandfluh, Benjamin B. (unmarked, 8)
Wandfluh, infant of Donald and Jeanne
Wandfluh, John (unmarked, 8)+
Ward, John W. (same grave as Oma Vaught)
Warnick, Anna
Warren, John
Washington, Phebe*
Washington, Seigel*
Wasson, Cora Ruth (Withrow), d. June 30, 2011 (14)
Watts, infant d/o John & Lida
Watts, Lourany Jane (Tilson)
Watts, Robert
Webb, Abraham*
Weir, Charles Andrew
Weir, Charles James
Weir, Donal Eugene
Weir, Henry Quinton
Weir, Mrs. Susan Malinda
Weis (or Wyss) Gottlieb
Welch, George H.
Welch, James
Welch, Mrs. Mary & child
Wells, Minerva Jane (Kearby)
Wells, Raymond Leon
Whitehead, James
Whitehead, Mary A. (Hunter)
Whitney, Gertrude S. (Amadon)
Widner, Neoma Maxine
Wilber, Andrew*
Wilmes, Scharlene M. (Burge), d. Oct. 10, 2013
Williams, Anna T.
Williams, Belle (Petree)
Williams, Laura (Hawkins)*
Wilson, Donald Eugene, d. Jan. 22, 2007
Wilson, Dorothy Darline
Wilson, Elizabeth (Grahme), d. July 7, 1963
Wilson, Florence Isabel*
Wilson, Henry*
Wilson, James H.*
Wilson, Jay C.
Wilson, Margaret Matilda (Bond)
Wilson, Ruth Elaine (Campbell), d. Dec. 26, 2014
Winslow, Cecillia L.
Wise, Charlie
Wiser, Mrs. Martha Anna
Wolfe, William Roy
Womach, Marion Eugene
Worthwine, Imogene (Corwin), died. Oct. 30, 2013
Wright, Buford Edward "Shorty," died Dec. 12, 2010
Wright, James Henry
Wright, John Henry
Wright, Susan (Shunk)+
Wright, William Herod, Jr.*
Wyatt, Ruth Elizabeth (Hull)
Yates, Franklin M.
Young, Burnett
Young, Charles R.
Youngblood, Betty Geene
Zahler, Emil (10)
Zahler, Samuel (10)
Zimmerman, John Neal

Photos -- Memorial Day 2006

Two volunteers, Betty Halvorsen and Nadine Taylor, decorated all of the graves in old Section 1 of Savannah Cemetery for Memorial Day 2006. Many of these graves are over 100 years old, and very few have family left to pay tribute. This gives real meaning to "Gone but not Forgotten."


Photos -- American Legion Section

This section memorializes men from Andrew County who died while in service to their country. These stones are placed as memorials, and don't represent actual burials. Some of the men were buried at Savannah Cemetery in other sections; others are buried elsewhere.



Section 1
Beginning in NE Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
1 north to south A01-A18, F01-F12, J002-J009, J025-J045
2 south to north A19-A45, F13, F14, J010-J022
3 north to south A46-A52, F15-F29, J023, J015, J016, J017, J018,
J019, J020, J021, J046-J049
4 south to north B01-B10, F30-F37, J050-J075
5 north to south B11-B17, J078-J095,
6 south to north B18, G01-G21, J096-J118
7 north to south B19-B25, G22-G30, G82, J119a-J133
8 south to north B26-B30, G34-G38, G83-G87, K005-K021
9 north to south B31a-B51, G31-G33, K022-K031, K055, K032-K037
10 south to north G48, G50, G71, G49, G40-G47, G51-G53, G91, G54-G57,
G88, G89, K040-K063
11 north to south C01-C40, G58-G81, G90, L001-L014, L031,
L032, L015-L022
12 south to north H01-H16, L023-L056
13 north to south D01-D10, H17-H31b, L057-L080, Z01, Z02
14 south to north D11-D16, D25, D26, D17-D21, H32-H35, L081-L091
15 north to south D22-D35, H38-H54, L092-L109, L111, L112
16 south to north D36, D37, I03-I11, L113-L142
17 north to south D38-D46, D57, D56, D48-D55, I12-I24, I37,
I42, I38, I41, L143-L146
18 south to north D59-D81, I25-I36, I43-I48, L148-L162
19 north to south D82-D94, I49-I60, M003-M009
20 south to north E01-E13, I61-I76, M010-M022
21 north to south E14-E36, M023-M037
22 south to north E37-E48, M038-M057
23 north to south E42, E43, E49, M058-M061
24 south to north M062, M063
25 X88
26 north to south M065-M070
27 north to south X86, X87, M073-M083
New area, Row 1 north to south X01-X28, Y05-Y15
New area, Row 2 north to south X29-X44
New area, Row 3 north to south X45-X81
New area, Row 4 north to south X82-X85
Section 2
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 & 2 north to south A009-A01
3 north to south A092-099
4 north to south A101-A134
5 & 6 north to south A135-A173
6 north to south A174-A195
7 north to south B009-B030
8 north to south B031-B056
9 north to south B058-B095
10 north to south B096-B120
11 north to south C002-C031, C079, C032-C052
12 north to south C053, C057, C054a-C055, C058, C056, C059-C078 C080-C085
13 north to south C086-C122
Section 3
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 north to south A001-A037
2 south to north A038-A086
3 north to south A087-A099 A101-A137
4 south to north A138-A175 A100-A102, A176-A186
5 north to south A187-A238
6 south to north A239-A278, A312, A279-A290
7 north to south A291-A386
8, including McCallon & Waterson plots south to north A388-A425
9 north to south B001-B040
10 south to north B047-B065, B159-B161, B068-B090
11 north to south B091-B158
12 south to north C081-C128
13 north to south C129-C190
14 south to north C191-C266
Section 4
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 north to south 001-028
2 south to north 030-068B
3 north to south 069-110
4 south to north 111-152
5 north to south 153-186
6 south to north 187-222
7 north to south 223-262
8 south to north 263-292
9 north to south 293-312
10 south to north 313-344
11 north to south 345-379
12 south to north 380B-418
13 north to south 419-446
14 south to north 447-495
Section 5
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 South to north 001-011, 037, 012-019
2 North to south 020-036, 038-049
3 South to north 050-083
4 South to north 084-113
5 South to north 114-142a
6 North to south 143-173
7 South to north 174-209
8 North to south 211-241
9 South to north 242-279, 210, 280, 281
10 North to south 282-290, 292-315
11 South to north 316-336, 291, 337-351
12 North to south 353-421, 352B, 422-461
Sections 6 and 7
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 north to south A001-A006, A162, A007-A025, A027-A055, A122,
A056-A062, A070-A074, A247, A248, A075
2 south to north A080, A076-A079, A081-A089, A265, A259, A260-A264,
A090-A101, A063-A069, A102-A121, A123-A136, A026,
A138-A144, A197, A145, A146, A148-A161, A163-A170
3 north to south A171-A183, A185-A196, A198-A206, A213, A215-A227,
A284, A228-A238, A282, A283, A239-A241, A278,
A279, A242-A246, A249-A255
4 south to north A257, A258, A266-A277, A280, A281, A285-A291, A211,
A212, A210, A207-A209, A292-A306, A308-A322a,
B046, A323-A342
5 north to south B032-B069, B173, B174, B070-B100, B146, B101-B118,
B142, B144, B145, B119-B123
6 south to north B125-B141, B147-B167, B175-B188, B225, B189-B219
7 north to south B221-B259, B260-B321
8 south to north C001-C070a
9 north to south C071-C142
10 south to north C143-C210
Section 8
Starting in SW Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
1 South to north 001-024, 055, 025-036, 046, 047, 037-043
2 North to south 044, 045, 048-054, 056-072
3 South to north 073-096, 102, 097-101, 103-107
4 North to south 107B-121, 409B, 410B, 122-143
5 South to north 144-194
6 North to south 195-239
7 South to north 240-277
8 North to south 278-313
9 South to north 314-358
10 North to south 359-408B
Section 9
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
Exact location unknown North to south 411B-413B
1 North to south 001-028
2 North to south 029-048B, 093, 094, 051-067
3 South to north 068-109
4 North to south 110-124B, 414B, 415B, 179B, 126-145
5 South to north 146-178, 180-184
6 North to south 185-220
7 South to north 221-250
8 North to south 251-290
9 South to north 291-324
10 North to south 325-369
Section 10
Beginning in SW Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
1 south to north 001-017
2 north to south 018B-024
3 south to north 025-065
4 north to south 066-108
5 south to north 109-158
6 north to south 159-214
7 south to north 215-266
8 north to south 267-285, 313B, 286-312
Section 11
Beginning in SW Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
1 south to north 001-014Ba, 321B, 322B, 015B-037B
2 north to south 038-068
3 south to north 069-039, 041-081, 323B, 082-088B, 118, 199,
089-099, 040B, 100-105
4 north to south 106B, 324B, 107B-114, 325B, 115-147
5 south to north 148-172B, 326B, 173-180
6 north to south 181-229
7 south to north 230-273
8 north to south 274-320B
Section 12
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 south to north 001-039, 328B-332B
2 north to south 043-079
3 south to north 079-084, 150, 151, 085-099, 334B, 335B,
100-105, 333B, 106-124
4 north to south 125-149, 152-157B
5 south to north 158-160, 164, 162, 163, 165-196
6 north to south 197B-238
7 south to north 239-265, 327B, 266-275
8 north to south 276-326
Section 13
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 north to south 001, 002, 069, 003-038
2 south to north 039-071
3 north to south 072-112B
4 south to north 113-139
5 north to south 140B-184
6 south to north 185-225
7 north to south 226-242 303, 304, 243-274
8 south to north 275-302 305-312
Section 14
Beginning in SW Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
1 south to north 001-042
2 north to south 043-081
3 south to north 082-121
4 north to south 122-162
5 south to north 163-184
6 north to south 185B-190, 272B, 191B-199, 260B, 260Ba,
278B, 279B
7 south to north 200-209
8 210, 211
9 north to south 212-226
10 south to north 227B-259B
location not recorded 261B, 263B, 270B, 271B, 276B, 277B
Section 15
Beginning in SW Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
1 south to north 001-013, 672B, 014-075
2 north to south 076B-115B, 178, 179, 116-151
3 south to north 152-177, 180-188, 670B, 187-191, 676B, 193-215
4 north to south 216B-280, 296, 281-286
5 south to north 287-295, 297-343
6 north to south 344-293
7 south to north 394-462
8 north to south 463-497
9 south to north 498-504, 671B, 505-537
10 north to south 538-540, 675B, 541-572, 673B, 674B, 573-581
11 south to north 582-612B
12 north to south 613-668B
Section 16
Beginning in SW Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
1 south to north 001-043
2 north to south 044B-081
3 south to north 082-119
4 north to south 120B-161
5 south to north 162-192
6 north to south 193-224
7 south to north 225-254B
8 north to south 255-272, 385B, 273-275
9 south to north 276-312
10 north to south 313-335
11 south to north 336-354
12 north to south 355-385
location not recorded 386B
Section 17
Rows Direction of Row Photographs
1 north to south 001, 002, 099, 003-046
2 south to north 047-082, 107, 083-098, 100
3 north to south 101-136
4 south to north 137-160, 211-220
5 north to south 172, 171, 169, 170, 168, 166, 167, 165,
164, 163, 162, 161, 222-244
6 south to north 173-210
7 north to south 245-287
8 south to north 288-327
9 north to south 328-366
10 south to north 367-414
11 north to south 415-459
12 south to north 460-495