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Antioch Christian Church Cemetery
AKA Lambright Cemetery, Frazee Cemetery
Clay Township, Section 18
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah north on US 71, 10.5 miles to State Route Y, then west 6.5 miles to County Road 7, south 0.5 mile to CR 6, from Fillmore north of SR H, which joins SR Y. Take SR Y northwesterly 6 miles to CR 7, then south on CR 7, 0.5 mile to CR 6. There are signs leading to the cemetery. The cemetery is on the south side of CR 6. It is neat and well-maintained.

Notes: AKA Lambright Cemetery or Frazee Cemetery

Credits: These pictures were taken by Joe and Keith Stanton and Betty Halvorsen 2005. (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

Foley, Ira (1901-1923)


Beginning in NE Corner
Direction of Row Photographs
0 alone 001B
1 north to south 002-021B
2 south to north 022-037B
3 north to south 038-059
4 south to north 060B-075B
5 north to south 076-104
6 south to north 105-113, 230, 114-131
7 north to south 132B-164
8 south to north 165-184B
9 north to south 185-193B, 233B, 194B-197
10 south to north 198-202B
11 north to south 203-205, 234-236, 207-212, 232B, 227B, 213-226