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Green Cemetery
Jefferson Township, Section 19 South
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: This cemetery is located at the intersection of I-229 and Highway K. It is on the west side of Highway K. It is at the southwest edge of Andrew County and about 2 miles northwest of the St. Joseph city limits.

Credits: These pictures were documented and photographed by Sharlene Miller, 2005, and Betty Halvorsen and Nadine Taylor, 2007. (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).

Back Fence Line
Southeast Section Center Section Southwest Section
Northeast Section Northwest Section
Front Fence
Front Fence
(Sollars), Emily (1848-1910)
Castle, James S. (1873-1956)
Davison, Virgil (1912-1912)
Hartley, William T. (1846-1911)
Milbourn, Irene (1910-1910)
Milbourn, Virgel (1906-1911)
Warner, Miles Eugene (1911-1912)
Welter, Hannah (1875-1947)
White, Donna Irene ( __ -1944)
Woods, Bridget (1842-1912)

Also reportedly buried here, but no tombstones found in 2005:

Akes, Fern Celia
Akes, Josephine
Akes, Lloyd Dean
Akes, Peter
Angsten, infant d/o John & Pearl
Ayder, Mrs. Charlotte
Bartlett, Frank
Bartlett, George S.
Bassar, infant of Henry
Blankenship, Charles Perry
Bloyd, Charles W.
Boles, Frances Ellen (Palmer) unmarked)
Boles, James Albert "Allie"
Boles, Jesse (unmarked)
Boles, Melissa Ann (Carter)
Boles, Rosie
Boles, William Chester
Bowman, Jonathan Jefferson
Boydston, Margaret Alice (Griffin)
Bray, Bryant
Bruner, Harold R.
Brunner, Neil Edward
Brunner, O. Carroll, Alexander*
Castle, Leona
Corwin, Juanita
Cragun, Estey
Cragun, Penninah (Davis)
Cragun, Xenophon Thucydides
Cunningham, James L.
Currey, William R., d. Apr 26 1947
Dawson, James Richard
DeMaree, Deloras
DeMaree, Everett Alva
Despain, David
Diemond, Ella (Murry)
Dinwiddie, Archie (unmarked)
Dinwiddie, Emily R. (unmarked)
Dinwiddie, Joseph John (unmarked)
Dinwiddie, Richard W. (unmarked)
Dunn, Charles W.
Dye, infant of James B.
Earixson, Rosa Marguerite
Emerson, John
Emerson, Margaret
Estes, Allen
Estes, George R.
Estes, Hannah (Wallace)
Estes, Mrs. Mary Ellen & two children
Fattig, Martha Jane
Fattig, Pete
Fattig, Samuel
Fountain, George Sr.
Fountain, Vada E. (Sellick) d. 2005
Frazer, Anna L.
Frazer, Benoni
Gallimore, Henry Otis
Gardner, Sarah M.+, reported, d. Jun 22 1901
Gardner, Ruth Githens, Robert L.
Glass, daughter of Thomas
Gordon, Mary Laura (Stilfield)+, Reported, d. Jul 6 1901
Graves, infant s/o J. H. & Maud
Gray, Lela Violet (Parton)
Guy, infant daughter of Lee
Guy, Alvin Lee, d. May 10 1939, son of Lee and Ella (Shaffer) Guy
Hall, Iola May
Hamocker, infant daughter of Hugo
Hancock, Daisy (Cain)
Hockaday, Allen M.
Hockaday, Andrew
Hockaday, Charles Edmond
Hockaday, Emmett
Hockaday, Fannie (Hockensmith)
Hockaday, George W.
Hockaday, infant son of Leo
Hockaday, Irene
Hockaday, Larry L.
Hockaday, Lillian Irene
Hockaday, Mamie Maude (Murphy)
Hockaday, Patrisan N.
Hockaday, William M.
Hurst, M.
Jenkins, Johnie Raymond
Kendall, Franklin Harrison
Kerns, Louise Irene
Kerns, Virgil
Key, Charles A.
Ladd, Mrs. Martha A. Lima, infant
Litz, Hazel
Litz, Rebecca (Brooks)
Maiden, Edward Ashworth
Maiden, Mrs. Nellie Mattox, Laura A.
McDonald, Denny Jerome
Meradaw, Ann
Milbourn, Elizabeth Ann Milbourn, Samuel
Miller, Beulah May
Montgomery, Helen Laverne
Moore, Mary (Litz)
Mozingo, Silas Lee
Newman, Alexander
Newman, Mrs. Delia B.
Nolan, Velva Mardell O'Dell, Larry Dennis
Ogle, daughter of Archie Ogle+, Reported, d. May 2, 1909
Ogle, Edna B.
Ousley, Cliva
Palmer, Bennie
Palmer, Charles L.
Palmer, Clarence
Palmer, Hiram Edward James
Palmer, James E.
Palmer, John Jackson
Palmer, Leonard Raymond M.
Perkins, Joyce
Perkins, Roy C.
Phay, Alice
Pittham, Fred H.+, d. Dec 13 1921
Prickett, Joel
Purkett, Anna M. (Dwyer)
Purkett, William H.
Ralston, Rebecca Ann
Reddick, Marguerite (Treese)
Reeder, Earl Lee
Reynolds, Thomas J.
Rivers, Carrie Etta (VanValkenburgh)
Rivers, Frank
Roberts, Donna Marie
Roberts, Moses+
Rusing, James W.
Sample, Laura Francis (Barton)
Sanders, Rosa Lee+, d. Apr 7 1905
Schultz, John G.
Schultz, John W.
Schultz, Roxanna
Sipe, Lillie
Smith, child of Frank
Smith, Mrs. Frances Rebecca
Smith, Isaac
Smith, J. A. P.
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary (Hadden)
Smith, William A., d. Sep 8 1900
Sollars, infant of Hiram (unmarked)
Sollars, Elisha B.
Sollars, George Thomas (unmarked)
Sollars, Louise (unmarked)
Sollars, Selma (unmarked)
Stallsworth, Freda Artie Mishie
Stallsworth, George Cleo
Stallsworth, Luzetta Agnes+
Stinnett, Elvina
Story, Joseph
Straw, Alice J. (Welden)
Tarwater, Loyde, Jr.
Tarwater, Richmond
Taylor, Harvey
Taylor, John Clayton "Clate"+, Reported, d. Oct 1903
Thompson, infant daughter of Perry
Thompson, Mary Jane (Dinwiddie)
Thompson, Perry
Thompson, William T. S.
Tindle, Sarah Jane (James)
Toney, William Elbert, Jr.
Tracy, infant d. 1971
Tracy, Fern
Tracy, Richard
VanVolkenburgh, Earl
VanVolkenburgh, Ray Evert
Vestal, Nellie (Cardwell)
Warner, Eulalia A.
Warner, Fred
Warner, Ruth Geraldine
Welter, Elizabeth (Frantz)
Welter, Helen Maxine
Williams, Mrs. Margaret
Wolfe, Jay Lee
Woods, Patrick Henry
Wooley, Lee L.
Wooley, Olive Jane (Jackson)