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Saint John's Church Cemetery
AKA German Reformed Church Cemetery
Andrew County, Missouri

Directions: From Savannah, west on State Route T 4 miles to St. John's Church and cemetery, on west side of road.

Notes: Burial place of many Swiss immigrants, this cemetery was originally connected with the German Reformed denomination, later the Church of Christ.

Translation notes: "Geb." means "born," and "Gest." means "died." Many of the women's maiden names are given after "Geb." "Hier Ruht" is the equivilent of "Here lies" or "Here rests."

Credits: These pictures were taken by Eldon Swensson, 2004, Joe and Keith Stanton, and Betty Halvorsen, 2005, Marlyn Eshelman, 2006, and Kelly Alvarado, 2014. (c)THE Transcriptions (Taylor, Halvorsen, Eshelman).


Section 1
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 South to north 001-048
2 North to south 049-066, 198B, 067-087
3 South to north 088-127B, 199B, 200B, 128-166
4 North to south 167-197
Section 2
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 001-068
2 069-120
3 121-168
4 169-197E, 211M, 210B, 198B-209Ba
Section 3
Starting at Road
Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 North to south 001-027
2 North to south 028-063
3 064-095
4 096B-128
Section 4
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 001-042B, 187B
2 044B-082
3 083-121
4 122-155
5 156-172
6 173-185
Section 5
Row Direction of Row Photograph(s)
1 001, 002B
Pictures Taken After Mapping Done
Starting at Road
Direction of Row Photograph(s)
5-003, 5-004
(Yenni), Bessie R. (1901-1984)
(Yenni), Minnie P. (1895-1956)
Bechter, Minnie R. (1888-1975)
Brunner, Rex E. (1955-2018)
Davison, Jessica LeeAnn (1983-2015)
Dick, Louis Jacob (1857-1928)
Grinlinton, Betty Ann (1937-2018)
Henderson, Charles Fredrick (1893-1972)
Henderson, Mary Ellen (1925-2018)
Hoffelmeyer, Carl Francis (1917-1921)
Miller, Alta Mae (1894-1977)
Moser, Anna M. "Annie" (1874-1918)
Mosser, Lewella (1876-1922)
Myers, John Dylan (1999-2018)
Strasser, Oscar A. (1887-1977)
Vetter, Elisa (1883-1884)
Vetter, John (1826-1910)
Vetter, John Peter (1867-1956)
Vetter, Pearl Agnes (1893-1982)
Vetter, Phillip Allen (1871-1957)
Vetter, Ruby Elizabeth (1903- __ )
VonKaenel, Donald (1957-1992)
VonKaenel, Donald "Donnie" (1922-1986)
Wyss, Mary Anna (1861-1928)
Yenni, Albert C. (1892-1967)
Yenni, Christian (1850-1937)
Yenni, Edward F. (1890-1962)
Yenni, Elizabeth (1841-1922)
Yenni, John Henry (1878-1963)
Yenni, Lallah I. (1894-1969)
Zimmerman, Bertha (1856-1935)
Name Photograph(s)
St. John's Church and Cemetery 001 002 003 004 005

Also reportedly buried here, but no tombstones found in 2005:

Oversole (Aebersold), infant
Balli, Christian
Bauer, Lena
Bauman, Lorine
Bauman, William Wesley
Berk, Nicklous
Blaser, Ernest
Blaser, Friedrich
Blaser, Rosina
Boling, William E.
Buehlman, Ferdinand
Buehlman, Ida
Chappell, Cherry Lynn
Clemens, Lloyd
Dallenbach, John Gottfried
Davison, Jessica Lee Ann, d. Nov 23 2015
Doersam, child d. 1896 Doersam, infant son of Jacob, died 1897+
Eberhart, Mary Lysbeth (Hollenbach) Elliott, d. 2007
Erickson, Harold, d. Nov 25 2016
Esely, Grace
George, Ida M.
Gerber, Ernest Wayne, died Dec. 1, 2008
Gerber, Maxine Alice (Whitwell), d. Dec 4 2015
Harvey, Gene Alvin
Hirneise, Katie (McCush)
Holcomb, Derrall Wayne, d. Feb 10 2013
Holcomb, Willena Blanch (Brandt), d. Oct 8 2016
Hubbard, Betty Jean (Hutson), d. Apr. 27, 2006
Hubbard, Dwane Kirwan, d. July 28, 2011
Hubbard, Virginia M.
Knechtenhofer, Beverly June (Peek), d. Mar 20, 2016
Kurz, Elise (Buehlman)
McAfee, Helen Irene (Dishman), died June 19, 2013
Meers, Samuel J., d. Mar 29 2016
Meers-Maxwell, Teresa Lynn, died Jan. 22, 2009
Miller, Gottlieb B. [Jr.]
Miller, Lizzie
Millholen, Goldie M.
Mitchell, Dwayne David, d. Nov. 2, 2008
Mosser, Leonard W., d. Aug. 28, 2007
Owens, Martha (Brown)
Ringot, John Wayne, d. Mar. 5, 2009
Schenk, Jacob
Schweizer, Pauline
Schweizer, Pearl
Singleton, Charlotte J. (Goben), died Jan. 7, 2011
Stanislaus, Lawrence
Steeby, Ruth M. (Miller)
Stuckey, Samuel
Stucki, David
Turner, Thelma MaryJane (Burgess), d. Sep 2 2016
Urwyler, Marie A.
Yackie, Theodore Joseph, III, died Jan. 21, 2014