I looking for information on Samuel Richard Seay of Ameila Co., Virginia. Thanks.
Greg Harber on 8/3/2001, 12:02 pm
Reply: Seay
I have been researching the Butler lines in Virginia for years and currently have a professional researcher assisting. From Amelia County Deed Book 8, pg. 148 1 Oct. 1765 orig. DB 8- pg. 702, she found a sale of 200 acres on Hut's Creek to one James Seay from Shem Cooke adjoining the land of William Foster, John Butler, Thomas Wingo, and witnessed by Edmund Booker, William Ford and William Hurt. We know Butler and Wingo were closely related and Ford was also probably related. I had come across a Saies name of a woman who jointly bought land with a Sarah Butler in Gloucester County in 1719; I figured they might be sisters and Saies was the married name of this Alice Saies. It might be an earlier variant of spelling for Seay. Try the Virginia Library site on the web, then click on the index on the left column, then look at Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys, then look for Seay, then click on individual entries, and on from there. It will probably be very useful to you. There were a number of Quaker families in Amelia County. You might try pursuing records through them. Good luck to you. John Butler
John Butler on 8/11/2001, 10:57 am